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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Well, we're back in a routine from our whirlwind trip to NYC for the BHG Stylemaker event.  I'll be sharing more about that soon.  While we were gone, the remainder of my Fall tour was on the blog.   I stayed pretty unplugged last week other than sharing social media updates on our trip, but I wanted to thank you all so much for all of your nice comments on the tour, I'm so glad you enjoyed it and maybe got an idea or two!

Today it's time for another round of My Five Favorites with Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, and Kris from Driven by Decor.  This month, in light of the approaching holiday season, we are sharing our favorite tabletop and serving accessories.  I want to share those items with you that I go to over and over again as I set pretty tables, so that you might add a little to your collection each season and be well stocked with the staples when you're ready to entertain (or just make a special effort for your family!).  I've included some affiliate links to the same or similar products if you're interested in checking out some of the items pictured.

We are thrilled to have Kelley from Kelley Nan as our guest host today.  When we confirmed this month's theme, I knew right away that Kelley just had to be our guest host...she decks out a table like no one else (check out her entire section of tablescapes here)!   Kelley has such an elegant style, yet puts together tables that are completely attainable with a little bit of gathering and thought put into the process.

*Affiliate links used in this post.


I almost always use a charger as a base for a place setting on my tables.  They make the setting a little more substantial and provide an opportunity to add more color or pattern.  I have sets of basic plastic gold and silver, a set of green Bordallo chargers, and a set of black and white striped chargers.  Simple plastic chargers are available almost anywhere, and I like to especially keep an eye out for boxed sets after the holidays.  When they are a bargain, I snatch up a few to have on hand in case I want to spray paint a set a certain color like I did these yellow ones for this table-

Even though it's pictured here with a charger, many times I use these round, woven placemats in place of a charger too.

Woven Placemats- Ikea (similar here or here)  ||  Crystal Stemware  ||  Silver Chargers


I have a few basic table cloths that I use, sometimes as a traditional cloth covering the table, and sometimes I fold under the edges and use it as a runner down the middle, so one piece does double duty!  Another option that I do often is to use a piece of fabric as a runner.  I fold the edges under and secure with a bit of masking tape and it works like a charm!

Wide neck scarves can make perfect runners, too!

 Napkins  ||  Table Runner  ||  Woven Placemats- Ikea (similar here or here) ||  Bordallo Plate- similar  ||  Bamboo Shades  ||  Similar Chairs  ||  Similar Cowhide Rug

Similar Red Plaid Tablecloth- here or here  ||  Similar Blue and White Urn  ||  Similar Blue and White Canister  ||    Botanical Artwork Book  || Louis Style Side Chairs- TJ Maxx, similar hereDIY finish hereDIY spotted backs here


I have a few sets of staple dinner size plates that I use over and over again, and several sets of patterned salad plates to mix and match patterns and colors.  With just a few different patterns and colors, you can create many different combinations.

Similar Chargers  ||  Friendly Village Plates here or here   ||   Crystal Stemware

Black and White Striped Chargers- Ikea  ||  Napkins  ||  Similar White Plates  ||  Similar Plaid Scarf  ||  Copper Mugs


Occasionally I use a patterned paper napkin on my tablescapes, but usually I like to use cloth napkins.  I vary between folding or using a napkin ring (sometimes it's the perfect finishing touch!) and use my sewing machine to monogram some of my sets.  Homegoods and TJ Maxx are great places to get nice quality discounted solid colored napkins.


Almost every table I do includes some type of candlelight.  Not only are the holders and candles themselves a chance to add to the aesthetic of the table, but you can't beat the ambience that a few sparkling flames add to the setting.

Similar Polka Dot Plates  ||  Woven Placemats- Ikea (similar here or here)  ||  Striped fabric- Ikea  ||  Similar White Plates 

Crystal Stemware  ||  Leopard Fabric- Hobby Lobby  ||  Gold Flatware  ||  Gold Chargers

What are your favorite tabletop items that you use over and over?  Be sure to head over to Simple Details, Shine Your LightDriven by Decor, and Kelley Nan to check out their favorite kinds tabletop accessories, I'm looking forward to checking them out, too!

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  1. Jennifer, you SLAY pattern and color and your gorgeous tablescapes showcase that talent beautifully. I am so inspired to go create something new (with leopard... maybe red?) now. Thank you so very much for including me in this special group. I had a blast pulling together my favorites <3 AND, can't wait to hear more about NYC!

  2. You create such fun and lively table settings ~ love your bold bursts of color and your great eye for pattern mixing! Beautifully done, my friend!

  3. I need to add some more candlesticks to my stash.

  4. Your tables are seriously amazing! You know I love my neutrals but I seriously adore all of the color and pattern that you put into yours!!

  5. Jennifer you truly have a talent with tables - you need to start a tablescaping business!! The birdcage remains one of my favorite centerpieces of all time and your mix of patterns and color is always so fun!


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