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Friday, June 7, 2024


Happy Friday! I'm loaded up with this week's Five Friday Favorites to share, I think my list is actually packed with a few extras I wanted you to know about! 

We had the best time last week in Branson with Emily to celebrate her 21st birthday!   We spent most of our time at the theme park, but one evening we put on these cute summer dresses and went to a show! I loved this white linen dress (you will need a half slip with the white) and she loved the green and white.  Both have pockets, come in several colors, and the quality is fantastic!  In her degree program at school (Accounting) she is starting to have more professional meetings and events to dress for, so this is a great piece to start building her “work” wardrobe too.  Both of our shoes were super comfy for the evening, my chambray espadrilles are darling and a great closed toe but still summery alternative to a sandal that will be perfect for so many outfits.  Her slides come in several colors including a cute multicolor The biggest bonus, each of our outfits- dress + shoes- total $50 or less! 

My Dress (3 colors)  ||  My Shoes (2 colors)  ||  My Bracelets  ||  Emily's Dress (2 colors)  ||  Emily's Shoes  

And PS- If you like to visit Branson and haven't see Esther, GO!!  It was so good, it's playing through October and then David is up next.  

I also got this set for our road trip travel day.  

Top  ||  Pants  ||  Our Favorite Suitcases here or here

I know it's summer but my family tends to freeze me out with the a/c in the car, so this long sleeve top and cropped pants made the perfect travel outfit for me.  The "scuba" fabric is the softest knit fabric that is substantial but still lightweight (if that makes sense!).  I think it's a great more affordable alternative to the pricey Spanx Air Essentials line.  It's hard to see in my photo due to the lighting but I love the ribbed wide collar on the top and the exaggerated cuffs.  The pants were super comfy with an elastic drawstring waist and pockets.  I took my regular size M in the pants but sized up to a large for a slightly oversized fit in the top. I liked this set so much that I ordered the top in another color too and combined it with this different style of pant- I'm a sucker for a pintuck seam down the front! (I'll probably cut these off to a cropped ankle length too- I can't leave well enough alone, ha!)

We recently had a widespread power outage for several hours in our area.  It was the night before we were leaving on our trip and I hadn't packed clothes yet, so trying to do that in a pitch black closet was a challenge!  We were reminded how much we like this battery operated light/camping lantern.  It has 3 light levels so it was so helpful to light up my whole closet, and it folds in a variety of positions to make it easy to use a lot of different ways.  Super handy to have around, it's a great gift idea for Father's Day too! 

I received a recent order from Old Navy and there were several things that Emily and I really loved!  This flag sweater sold out once, they restocked and there are a few mid range sizes left.  It's such a good one- 100% cotton so it won't pill and a nice slightly lighter weight.  It comes in this color and a gray/blue that Emily got.  

She also loved this athletic dress that she wore on our trip and has since ordered another color and a few another styles.

My top and shoes are sold out, but I really like these cropped jeans!  Soft and lightweight. 

And, this crinkle gauze dress was a win!  True to size but I'm 5'7" and preferred the tall for a few extra inches in length.  I got the white as well and Emily got the orange- super breezy for hot summer days!

A few other things from our order that we really liked-

If you're enjoying some extra family time this Summer, this game has been one of our faves lately.  The best thing about it is we've been playing with our extended family at various gatherings, and it's simple for any age or stage to play right away- there's no learning curve to it. Accommodates up to 10 players so it's nice for large groups. 

I bought these pink bracelets last year and I'm sorry they aren't available now, but I'm sharing them to tell you about the other colors available that are now an extra 60% off clearance, making them $8 for a set of 2!  I ordered a new color, love stacking these with other bracelets for a nice pop of color. 

Gold Bead Bracelets  || Bargain version of the large size here (I have both high and low and not much difference IMO!)

There is also an accompanying necklace that also comes to $8.  I bought 2 of the same color and plan to wear them at slightly different lengths for a layered look.  They DO have the necklace in pink... I'm wondering if you could wrap it around your wrist a few times if you really like the pink bracelets?? 

Here are a few other things that caught my eye-  I got the striped lightweight "beach" sweater for Emily (hoping she'll share!), and couldn't resist the cute $8 yellow and white heart earrings too. and the darling colored rhinestone earring set is just $16 for all 6 pairs!  Of course there are many extra 60% off clearance selections not only for women but for men, girls and boys too.  If you know anyone who turned 40 last year they need this shirt!  Use code SAVE60 for the discount, and you can also stack code SOGOOD for another 15% off-  woo hoo!  

Collage is interactive, click on product photo for more details-

Just a reminder, Father's Day is next Sunday!  Check out our favorites that any Dad would love here. Hope you all have a nice weekend! 

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  1. Adding to cart…!! 😃 would you mind sharing the rug that your clothes/shows/jewelry are laid out on in your first photo? I’ve been on the hunt and it caught my eye. Thank you!!

  2. I love your blog, and hot pink dress! I hope I can still find one my size. Anything 100% cotton/ linen. In Texas heat summers, I only wear short sleeve dresses. The tips for fathers day is great too and I'm going to buy the game Hues and clues. Thanks

  3. Oh yes bought that light through your link! Wonderful tip to stock our tornado closet


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