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Tuesday, July 2, 2024


Hello friends, Happy July 4th week! I worked over the weekend to get our porch and patio all decked out for July 4th.  I'm also working on a little spot in the Entry and had the idea to make some simple felt patriotic pennants.  I threw these together today and I think they turned out so cute!   

Blue and Red Felt USA Pennants with pom poms and stars

I had most of the supplies I needed already, I just picked up some pieces of felt from Hobby Lobby.  I got the squares that were stiffer so they would hold up well.  Other than that, I raided the craft closet and pulled out red, white and blue ribbon and pom poms.  I used some bamboo skewers, you could also use skinny dowel rods.  I also used some glittery foam sticker stars that aren't pictured, they were with the kids' crafts at HL.  Lastly, I created a rough "USA" template on the computer to print out to use as a pattern for my letters.  

This is a 9x12 piece of felt.  I marked the center of one end and then used a ruler to connect it to each corner on the other end... a simple triangle! I'll also use the smaller pieces that got trimmed off later.

I used the letter patterns I printed off and traced them onto white felt, then glued those on.  And since everything is better with pom poms, I added some of those too. 

I trimmed the scrap pieces into smaller pennants and stuck the foam stars on those.  Then, I glued some ribbon ties and the skewer to the back side and tied bows out of the ribbons.  

I stuck them in a wreath that's on our back gate, I'm so pleased with how they turned out!    

This was the simplest craft and they were so much fun to make.  If you have little ones around it would be a fun project to work on with them this week too!  

I'm checking my grocery list tonight to head to the store tomorrow.  Here are some of my favorite recipes that are great for July 4th celebrations if you need some ideas!  See you tomorrow with a little red white and blue patriotic home tour with more photos of the pennants on display!

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  1. Very nice -- quick and easy -- the best kind!! A brief picture of Caleb and Kenzie popped up, showing a picture from Instagram. I don't do Instagram -- will the wedding pictures also be on your blog? Hope so. Happy 4th!!


    1. Hi Patty, yes they will! Planning to post those this month!

  2. Very patriotic. I’m sure you have show how to make that particular bow, but would you mind doing a tutorial Thanks, I love your style

  3. Hi, I've got one! Here's a link if you can copy and paste, or if that doesn't work scroll up to the search bar almost at the top of the page, on the right hand side and enter "bow three ways"


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