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Thursday, May 23, 2024


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and I’ve worked together with Ray to compile this Father's Day Gift Guide list full of many of the things that he already has, uses, and loves and would recommend for the Dad you're shopping for!  There’s a good variety of price points and options for whatever Dad might be interested in, so we hope this helps you find your perfect gift! 

Is Dad a golfer?  In the past, my husband has never been an avid golfer, but over the last few years he’s discovered how much even an hour at the driving range helps him relax and decompress.  He got his first driver and first set of clubs that weren’t hand me downs last year and has been pleased with the performance and value. We also just tried these new golf shirts and shorts that he said are very comfortable- he mentioned really liking the collar and the different patterns available. If your favorite golfer likes fun patterned and colored yet affordable shirts, this is the one for them!  A few more of his golf favorites are linked in the photo graphic below. 

Fly Rod Outfit-  Ray has also picked up fly fishing over the past few years.  He's really enjoyed using this kit that has everything he's needed, but he said this fly fishing combo kit is a great starter too and more readily available. 

Jackery Portable Power Station- He spends a lot of time outdoors and goes on the occasional camping trip, this portable generator is super handy to take along!  It's also very helpful in case of a power outage for charging or powering smaller items, and we use it in the woods behind our house to power some string lights occasionally.  

Columbia Fishing Flag Hat- My son and Ray have both had this hat for years and have about worn them out, we're fans of many of the hats from this brand! 

Wrangler Pants and Jeans-  Again, both of the guys in my family have these and wear them often.  The performance cargo pants have a touch of spandex, discreet side zipper cargo pockets, and are moisture wicking- perfect for outdoor activities!  These classic Wrangler jeans are what they wear most often with their boots, they never go out of style! 

Wireless Earbuds- I've probably mentioned these before, but after several years of use he finally wore out his old pair and got this new pair of wireless earbuds.  The sound quality is great and the noise canceling feature works well, he especially likes using them while he's mowing. 

In a recent power outage I was reminded how great this little battery operated folding lantern is.  It has several light level options and is super bright!  We were in the middle of packing for a trip when the power went out after dark- I propped it in my closet and it was so helpful!  Perfect for camping or outdoor activities, or as mentioned just to have on hand when extra light is needed.  

I've also recommended this hammock several times, but if we're talking favorites here this has to be included!  We have one for every member is our family at this point.  

He mentioned how much he likes a non-glare matte screen protector on his devices.  They're available for just about any brand or model, but here's an example for an iphone, an iPad, and a laptop.  

Car Cleaning Supplies- Youtube car videos have created a monster 😁 and I'm grateful!  Ray keeps our cars looking good and this Meguiar's Kit has many of his favorite products.  He also really likes this Plastx cleaner and polish as a final step to keep the headlights clear and looking new. 

There are a few more outdoor ideas like this collapsible insulated cooler and super popular Solo smokeless fire pit shown below, just click on a photo if you'd like to see more details. 

*Side note:  I wanted to mention... this blog post is not sponsored, but several of the affiliate products included are part of a sponsored post that is running on social media today.  I will always be transparent about that with you all and if you follow me on social I didn't want you to think anything sneaky was going on with this post without any kind of sponsored disclosure.  Most of these suggestions truly are things we already have and recommend- and they're all things we think you'd truly like too- sponsored or not!  We are always so happy to hear feedback when you try out and are pleased with the things we recommend!

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