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Tuesday, May 21, 2024


I have admired this hat for several years but just couldn't quite stomach the price tag.  I definitely splurge on some things occasionally, but I'm pretty frugal at heart!  I just knew that I could put together something similar at a fraction of the cost if I found the right supplies.  I searched, found some things, and made my own look for less Sunshine Tienda Rosita hat. 

This is my inspiration photo of the original hat-

Here are the supplies I gathered to use to make my version-
*Hat close in style to the inspiration photo (more info. below)
*Colorful striped belt/strap to use for hatband (more info. below)
*Glue Gun
*Nail head (could also use a paper brad or any little embellishment you like)

Now, some specifics on the hat.  You can obviously use any hat you like or might already have, but I wanted to try to get as close to the original as I could.  I found this hat new on eBay and am very pleased with it!  I'll link all of the listings I could find of what I believe is the same hat here- just scroll through and click on the product photos for more info.  

Here are a few other options that would give a similar look too. (Some of them might have trim or ribbon that needs to be removed, but that's usually easy to pull or clip off.)

The other key component needed is the striped hatband detail.  I did some searching and finally decided on this striped woven strap, it's the closest I could find to the original inspiration hat.  The seller is great- just make sure if there's a certain color that you want for sure in the belt you get that you request that when you purchase.  (They sell a lot and they're not all exactly the same.  I specifically wanted pink in mine for sure so I requested that.  If you're not picky about colors just be surprised! 😃)

OK, this is so simple I almost don't need to explain, but here's what I did.  First, I wrapped the strap around the hat to measure and see where I needed to cut it.  Pay attention to what colors you want in the front and wrap your band accordingly.  

Pull taught, you want it to be a snug fit.  Trim strap so there is about an inch or so overlap.  This woven strap unravels very easily, so I used a little fray stop on the cut edges to deter that.  

Using the original hat as inspiration, I also cut a short strip to wrap around the cut edges in the back to finish it off. 

With the band wrapped tightly around the hat, I hot glued the strap only to secure the ends together, then wrapped the small cut piece-seam to the back- and glued it closed over the hatband seam.  

Another little detail that the original hat has is a little gold tack with their logo.  I rummaged through my craft supplies and found a nail head.  I used some wire cutters to trim it (you don't want it sticking too far in and poking your head!), you want just enough post left to stick down in the hatband just a little bit.  I marked the center of the finishing piece, applied a bit of hot glue to the post, then stuck it down into the hatband.  This part is totally optional if you want a little embellishment or not- you could use whatever little piece you like! 

You could glue the strap to the hat, but I opted to keep mine separate in case I want to switch it out and use a different strap or scarf sometime.  That's why I wanted it a little snug when I measured the circumference, so it would stay nicely without being attached.  I just worked it over the crown and slid it down into place.  

Here it is all finished, front and back.  Easy peasy! 

Heart Necklace  ||  Earrings  ||  Bracelets  ||  Pink Sweater (similar here)

I'm loving this natural hat with colorful trim, it goes with just about everything.  Let me know what you think and if you try making one yourself! 

Sunshine Tienda Rosita Hat look for less, straw hat with colorful striped hatband

On a side note, I love Sunshine Tienda earrings too!  I've picked up several pairs on sale- just last week I bought these that I've admired for a long time and I also threw these in my order too.  Can't wait until they arrive!  I already owned this green gingham pair you know how I feel about green gingham!💚  These are all super light weight and the company was started by twin sisters in Texas, love that! Here are some of the sale earrings (sale section here, but biggest discounts in a different section here!) that caught my eye, thought you might enjoy a pair too!  This collage is interactive, click on the one you like for more info.

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  1. That is the cutest hat! Better than the original 🩷. Also, I would love to know your lip color. I am always obsessed with your lipstick choices 💋

    1. Thanks Denise! I always mix colors! But I have a million of the same kind, I need to post about that! This color is probably primarily this one

    2. Not sure if you can copy and paste that, but Maybelline SuperStay 24 Fuchsia

    3. Yes, the link worked. Thank you🩷

  2. I Love your hat! I wish I was talented and creative like you

  3. Better than the original and darling on you!

    1. Aww thanks! The original is so cute too though!

    2. Oh my gosh. I love it. I have several old gardening straw hats that could use some pizzaz. I love your creativity and all things pink.

  4. I am so impressed with your ingenuity. The hat with the finishing brad, is perfect!

    1. Thank you! I enjoy figuring out how to get the look for less! :)

  5. Darling!!!
    I have the belt and hat I bought last year to do this very project 💚

  6. Looks great Jennifer.


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