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Friday, May 10, 2024


Happy Friday, friends, I'm excited to share this week's Five Friday Favorites with you today! Goodness this week flew by.  It's been absolutely beautiful here so I've been working in the yard some, and more of that is on the agenda today and tomorrow.  We're in the stage of celebrating holidays whenever we can right now... Emily won't be home from school yet and Caleb is working all day Sunday so we're going to have Mother's Day later during the week.  😊  If you're celebrating this weekend I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends (if you need a last minute gift several things on my Mother's Day Gift Guide will still make it in time if you hurry)!  Here are this week's faves-

Striped Clutch, Striped Straws, Cape Style Dress, Long Heating Pad for Back, Colorful Cooler Tote Bag

A few weeks ago we celebrated with our long time friends as he was inaugurated as the President at one of our local universities.  One event was a cocktail attire dinner and I wore this cape style dress (also available here).  I absolutely loved it and it will definitely be a classic and timeless staple in my closet suitable for so many different occasions.  (If it's not on sale when you see this, it has been!  Keep an eye out if you're interested.)  It's a pretty slim fit, I actually went up a couple of sizes from my normal so it would be more of a drapey fit, I didn't want it to cling at all.  It also comes in a few other colors here.   I found a few left of my friend's darling party dress here and here

elegant cocktail dress, wedding guest dress, special occasion dress, cream color cape style dress
Similar Pearl Necklace here, here, or here  ||  Handbag- vintage

I quick rinse and use my Stanley cups for a couple of days before I give it a soapy wash, but I always get a new straw every day.  These striped straws have been super handy to have as extras, and they are way too cute!  I get more joy than I should picking out what color I want to use every day.  😂 (Sorry- pic isn't great!)

I've had this cooler tote bag for a couple of years and use the fire out of it!  It's with me on every trip to the grocery store, especially if I'm not going straight home.  And, it's the perfect size to use in the car on day trips- just right for an ice block, several water and drink bottles, and even some refrigerated snacks.  Someday I'll tell you about how I packed it full of cold food and carried it on a flight for a trip to California a few summers ago!  😂  It doesn't hurt that it's so stinking cute, too! 

This is probably the most granny thing I've ever shared, but I'm ok with that!  It's AWESOME!  Boy does this full back and shoulders heating pad feel good!  I love that it is so long and covers my entire back.  There are belt like straps on the waist so you can secure it and keep it snug against your back too, but putting it on and just leaning back in a chair or in your bed is just about the best thing ever for an aching back (or even if you're just cold, but it covers a lot of area if you need it elsewhere on your body too!).  Highly recommend!

I don't think I need to say one thing about this pink and green striped clutch, you can see for yourself how adorable it is!  It's lightweight and actually very roomy too, and comes in several color combo options.  This will be such a fun one for Spring and Summer.  I'm also thinking there just might be a way to monogram it too... 💖

OK, that's it for today! Enjoy your weekend!  

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  1. Jennifer, Would love to know a source for your cute green bead and green bangle bracelets. Thank you!

  2. Where did you get the green check dress? So cute!

  3. I am trying my best to not use straws as they are as bad as smoking for making lines around your lips, sadly.

  4. That bag is perfect for summer and works for everyone!

  5. I too would love to know about your dress - the green and white gingham. Love it!

  6. YES! That ring!


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