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Friday, February 25, 2022


Happy Weekend! Here are my Five Friday Favorites for this week-

Five Friday Favorites | Acrylic Pet Food Dish | Pink Striped Sweatshirt | Shadow Letter Monograms | Candle Warmer | Affordable Gold Hoop Earrings
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1) Chunky Hoop Earrings- For over a year probably I've had an eye out for some affordable chunky gold hoop earrings.  I have some matte gold ones, but wanted a brighter shiny gold too.  Before Christmas as I was compiling a wish list for our extended family gift exchange, I decided to search Amazon to see if they had anything I liked.  I found these and they looked perfect!  I added them to my list and did receive them from my "Santa", and they are way better than I had even hoped they would be!

They come in a variety of metal colors and sizes, these are the largest 50mm which I think are a generous size without being too big to get caught on a collar or be cumbersome.  I've been wearing them regularly since Christmas and they are light as a feather, and haven't turned one bit!  Such a steal for less than $15!  

You can get a better idea of the size here with me wearing them, definitely one of my favorite Christmas gifts!

chunky gold earrings

Here are some other styles from the same company, all way more expensive looking than their price tag and they have stellar reviews!  Most come in a choice of metal colors.  Click on picture for more details or see the entire selection here.

2) Vinyl Monograms- I got a new phone last month, which called for a new phone case!  I've been wanting to try a Loopy cases (I love it!!) and liked the leopard style, but thought it needed a little something more.  😉  I remembered a cute phone case I had seen somewhere with large block initials on it, and I wanted to try to replicate the look and thought vinyl letters might work well.  I have purchased from this seller in the past and loved these shadow block monogram letters that she has available, you can choose tons of different color combinations.  

vinyl monogram letters for phone case and earbuds case

I measured the available space on my phone case and asked her to suggest a size that would fill the space best based on my specific initials, and they were a perfect fit.  (If you have a Loopy case too, one of my letters covered one of the band holes.  I just made a tiny slit in the vinyl with an exacto knife over the hole, then threaded my loop through.  It worked great! Depending on your letter configuration you might miss the holes altogether, but thought I'd mention that in case a portion of your vinyl covers one of the holes.)

I also ordered some monogram letters for my earbuds case and for the front of my planner.  Highly recommend them and the seller! 

 3) Large Jar Candle Warmer-  For years I've used a mug warmer to use up the last bit of wax in my good candles once the wick has burned out, but it's too small for many of my candles that have a wider base.  I've had a volcano candle that had SO much wax left in it after the wick basically burned straight down the center, I hated to waste all of that pricey good smelling wax!  So, I started the hunt for a warmer for larger candles and found this one to try. 

I measured when I ordered and thought that the metal plate surface area would fit this candle, but it ended up being slightly smaller.  I decided to try it anyway even though the jar was really resting on the plastic rim rather than directly on the metal plate, and it still worked great!  After a while the wax in the jar had all melted and I could enjoy that yummy scent instead of tossing it.  

I sent my smaller one with my daughter to use in her dorm room with some small candles since they aren't allowed to have anything with an open flame and she was thrilled! 

Candle warmer for large candles

4) Acrylic Cat Food Dish-  I have some updates on the horizon planned for our Laundry Room, aka cat headquarters where all of Chief's stuff is located.  I've been sourcing some things for a makeover and came across this chic acrylic food and water set!  Quite the upgrade from the two random bowls we usually use.  😉  The quality is great for an affordable price (currently there's a coupon available!), and it comes with two sets of bowls- glass and stainless steel.  Nice design and kitty approved!

Acrylic pet food dishes on stand with glass and stainless steel bowls

5) Pink Striped Sweatshirt-  I've mentioned that we don't have a local Belk but there is one in my daughter's college town, so I try to pop in when we're there for a visit.  This time I had a return to make and some of the new arrivals caught my eye!  I left with this darling striped sweatshirt with contrast pocket and cuffs.  It's not too thick so will be a nice weight all through the Spring and even into early Summer. The sleeves can be worn straight, I like the little notch at the cuff, or the cuff can be turned up to match the contrast color of the pocket.  This comes in several different colors and patterns.

Striped Sweatshirt  ||  Pink Pom Beanie or Similar here, here, or here   ||  Bead Bracelets  ||  Pink Gingham Tennis Shoes sold out but similar Navy Gingham here  ||  Master Bathroom Tour

I also picked up this top while I was there on clearance and I'm liking it as a pj top.  I'm linking a few other newer arrivals that I liked when I spotted them too.  I saw the colorful striped sequin top in store and to me it feels like it should have been in a holiday collection rather than with the Spring stuff, but it's really fun and might be worth considering saving for the holidays if you love color as much as I do!

Deal Alert Bonus!  Just wanted to share a heads up... the fleece lined leggings that I shared a few weeks ago are a great deal today!  With an extra 30% off lower prices, several colors including that "Wishbone" color I got come in at $12.60!  I got a second pair as well and think they'll be great for an upcoming ski trip, not to mention or frigid weather at home lately.  Snag a pair to try if you didn't already! 

Five Friday Favorites | Acrylic Pet Food Dish | Pink Striped Sweatshirt | Shadow Letter Monograms | Candle Warmer | Affordable Gold Hoop Earrings

Have a nice weekend, although that seems strange to say in light of current world events.  If you are following along and praying for the situation like we are, you might find this prayer guide helpful to guide you in specific prayers for the people of Ukraine, just download and print.   This is also the organization we support that helps in crisis situations like this all over the world.  Jesus be near. 💔

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  1. Love your mail color in the leggings pic - do you remember what it is? Your blog is a joy that I devour!


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