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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Welcome to My Five Favorites today!  Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor and I are all so excited to share our favorite kid's room ideas with you today.

We're so happy to welcome our guest Julie Blanner this month.  Julie has a simple, clean, polished style and I always think of one word when I see any of her work... dreamy.  Everything she does is just gorgeous!

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A child's room is the perfect spot to experiment with a focal wall.  Generally, a statement wall makes a good backdrop for the wall that the bed goes against, but doesn't always have to be that wall.  In my daughter's room I painted wide black and white stripes, and in my son's room we planked a wall with old boards.

Red Pillow Shams  ||  Striped Fabric and Red Duvet Cover- Ikea  ||  Similar Sconces
Similar Upholstered Headboard ($79 for full/queen!)


My son likes his "stuff," and he likes to have it all out where he can see it.  I've found if I can find a clever way to display his things and still give him easy access to them, we're both happy.  Several of his collections are stored in large apothecary jars and out on display. 

 We've also turned some of his special mementos, like these souvenir patches he's collected, into artwork for the wall.  They have velcro on the back so he can take them down and rearrange them however he likes.

Don't forget to frame children's artwork too!


When we moved into this house and began making cosmetic updates, I really wanted the ceiling fans in the kids' rooms to go.  However, pretty wasn't practical since we use them every night regardless of the season.  Even though their "before" state of shiny brass and white was dated, they were in great condition and at the time I couldn't find an attractive fan that I liked to replace them with.  So, I decided to keep them in place and dress them up a bit.

For the fan in my son's room, I removed the blades and painted them.  We also removed the base and I spray-painted over the white and shiny brass components, then replaced the cut glass globes with more modern ones.

I followed the same process on my daughter's fan but kept her clear globes.  For her blades, I removed them and traced them on a piece of fabric to coordinate with her room.  Then, I cut out that pattern and used a thin layer of Mod Podge to adhere them to the blade.  I followed that up with several layers of Mod Podge on top of the entire thing to make sure the edges were sealed up well and to make them easier to wipe clean.   It's been a great, inexpensive fix to update the fans and make them a little bit prettier to look at.


We all know that kids don't tend to clean up after themselves if there's not an organized system in place.  For us, the key is having a home for everything, or at least a bin that smaller items can be tossed in to.  

Back to my "collect all the things" son's room... storage is key.  For the keeper of all of the sports programs and lego magazines, these simple magazine boxes from Ikea contain them all and blend in with the shelving unit in his room.

And, in his room that is not very big at all, these bins with DIY labels are invaluable for stashing a variety of things out of sight and out of the way.  

Black Bins- Ikea or similar here  ||  Similar Tan Storage Bins


When furnishing a child's room, I think it's a good idea to go ahead and invest in full size, quality pieces of furniture.  And by "invest," I don't mean you have to spend a lot!  Much of the furniture I buy is second hand, like this Bassett dresser and mirror that I found for less than $100 at an estate sale, then refinished the top and painted the body to bring a more youthful look to the traditional piece.  This piece will last for years and years, even if our color scheme changes and it gets a makeover some day.  And, if she ever wants to take it with her some day it would make a great buffet or Entry piece too.

Nightstands with storage are especially helpful as they grow, too.  They can stash toys and games when they're younger, and are great for journals, notebooks, treasures, and books as they get older.  This was a set that I found on Craigslist and sprayed with my favorite red spray paint.

Although my son's room is quite small, we used a large Ikea shelving unit on one wall.  When he was younger it was great for toy storage, and now that he's older it's perfect for more schoolbooks, and some of the bins have transitioned to clothes and accessories storage.

Shelving Unit available online  ||  DIY Initial Wall Art  ||  Black and White Rug

Be sure to head over to to check out these talented gals' great kid's room ideas too!

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  1. You always have the funnest and most unique details. Love what you did to your kids rooms over the years

  2. Jennifer you are so creative!! Those fans, who would have thought they could be so fun! So many good little morsels of things to do in kids' rooms. That wall in Caleb's room is so amazing, I've got to do that somewhere!!

  3. You have great ideas for kids rooms! I love your mix of colors and patterns. So refreshing in todays white on white on beige on cream look! You have such a wonderful eye and your blog is my role model.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I follow your blog and I follow you on instagram. :)
    I love your style and the way you incorporate color. You definitely aren't afraid of color. I love that. I wish I had a flair like you.

    Here's a question for you. We have a spare bedroom in our house ... and I'm wanting to update my bed and dresser in that room with paint. Do you have to sand these items before painting them? And do you use spray paint for them or paint by hand?

    Thanks so much!

    1. There are so many variables.... it depends on what kind of finish is on the furniture, but yes, I would recommend at least a light sanding to rough up the surface a bit so the paint will adhere well. If it is a small piece spray paint is ok, but on larger pieces I used a foam roller and brush for the corners.

  5. I wish there was blogging when my kids were little. We/I made their rooms really neat and with almost NO money! My hubby also converted a bedroom downstairs into a playroom and put shelves in the closet to store their toys. They LOVED that room. Your ideas are all fabulous, I especially love how you changed the ceiling fans! Never thought of that!


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