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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


A few weeks ago a friend and I toured a Designer Showhouse that was open here in Oklahoma City.  I took plenty of photos and thought you might like to see the tour as well.  I believe that designers from a variety of local decor stores were responsible for decorating each room, and to my understanding this was a pre-existing home that was used for the Showhouse while on the market.  The design throughout the home varies greatly, some things I really liked and some things I did not.  To each his own, right?  I'll show you at least a look from each room, and highlight some of the things I thought were good ideas and things that inspired me for future projects.   There were so many rooms that I'll share a portion of the house today and will do a second post with the rest of the home at a later time.

The covered porch was all decked out, that tassel garland caught our eye and we want to make one of our own! Also, how about that rug...look familiar?   ;)

The super glossy black planked ceiling in the Entry was impressive, and the picture doesn't do justice to how large that chandelier was.

This sleek office just off of the Entry was completely black and white, full of detailed trim, molding, and super glossy finishes and surfaces.  I spotted the Dunes & Duchess chandelier, floor lamp, and sconces right off the bat.  I've always admired their products and even followed a friend's tutorial to make my own DIY version of their candelabras.

The other side of the Entry opened into the Formal Dining Room, and does it make a statement or what?  Again, a lot of glossy finishes and I'm impressed at how well done they were.  Gloss is SO tricky, especially in large spaces.  What do you think about the hot pink ceiling? (I'm a fan-the room had the prettiest glow!)  It's hard to tell but the walls were a light shade of pink.  I really like the chandelier and the dining chairs were pretty and sleek.

You can see a peek of the butler's pantry off to the side.

They hallway from the entry to this wing of the house was papered in this dramatic oversized floral... LOVED that.

Open Kitchen/Breakfast Nook, and Living Room-

Living Room-

My favorite parts of this room were the planked ceiling, the rich wall color, and the chandelier.

Breakfast Nook-

The star shaped beaded chandelier was so pretty, the rich blue curtains added some lovely color, and I thought the mural was an eye-catching touch.

 My friend and I agreed that the Powder Bath was probably our favorite room in the house.  The wallpaper and chandelier make such a statement, and all of the black trim added lots of drama.  Looking at the photo now, though, I'm not sure why they didn't paint the crown molding black as well.

Check out those bamboo sconces and the mirror... yes please!

I'm dying over this candelabra!

Master Bedroom- I did not love this room, but I did like the artwork behind the bed and the light fixture was unusual.  Sorry, but the trio of pillows with none of them matching on the bed would drive me crazy! 

However, there was a stunning flower arrangement in there.

In the Laundry Room we liked the light fixture and those butterfly prints,

and how nice would it be to have this little nook out of the way?  The agate slice wall art pieces were also pretty, and I just noticed the bunny and duck head vases- those are fun too!

This small craft room adjacent to the laundry room would come in handy!  Of course, I thought the ceiling was perfect and I've been wanting to use that fabric that the Roman shades are made of for the longest time.

Another Family Room/Game Room was off of the Living Room.  We thought the light fixture was cool and I liked the game table and chairs set up in the corner.

This was a gigantic Monopoly Wall Game!  If I remember correctly all of the pieces are magnetic.  We visited with the design student who made it from scratch and she said it was her big summer project for one of her classes.  It was amazing, so fun for a game room.

So, what do you think so far?  Is there one thing that really caught your eye?  I'll share the rest of the house next week.

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  1. Gosh: this is not going to be a sweet comment. For the most part - Um... just NO. The kitchen is the only room I could endure - but the rest? I know you are a fan of the shiny hot colors (red, pink, black)- but I'm just too old for all that. I'm no decorator - but in my eyes it's all such a hodge podge.

  2. I don't disagree with you. :) There's a lot going on and the house is not cohesive from room to room, although I think the point was each designer showing off their style in their room. They'll definitely have some work to do before the house sells!

    1. LOL... yes we have 'decorator show houses' here my home city - and likewise, they show a sampling of design options - but I believe this one is the winner of the 'variety is the spice of life' award. It should come with motion sickness medications. :)

    2. Each one definitely went all out!! I see lots of paint in the future for whoever buys the home... ;)

    3. Usually like a nod to the past, but this one hardens back to my least favorite era - disco. Lots and lots of paint.

  3. I like many aspects of it, but it just doesn't flow together. Some rooms are bright, bold and modern, others are tradition, more muted and almost coastal feeling.

    1. You're so right, each room definitely has it's own thing going on!

  4. the outside entry is my favorite part- love the tassel garland on the door- looks so fun!

    1. I think I actually thought of you when I saw that, it's SO you! I think you and Emmy need a new projects, my friend and I want to make one too.

  5. I can honestly say it is one of the most hideous homes I have seen in terms of "showhouses". There is way too much going on, and the rooms do not flow well at all. To each their own, I guess!

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with Ron's comment, " is one of the most hideous homes I have seen..."
    Only room I semi-liked was the laundry room.
    Thank you Jennifer for sharing the tour. It was an eye-ful! Guess I am too traditional.

  7. Nothing except the front porch feels warm and inviting. I see those shiny painted ceilings being as dated as popcorn ceilings. If the people troweling those ceilings makes any mistake, it would be so obvious. This magazine house might be all the rage but it’s not warm or homey. I’ll have to pass on anything inside the front door.

  8. I'm considering that oversized floral wallpaper for my bathroom (in a much smaller dose)...interesting to see it used in this home. There are many things to like in this house but I agree with you and the a whole, it's a bit much. Thanks for the tour (part 1)!

    1. My parents have a very similar black floral (smaller scale too) in their bathroom, and it's fantastic! They've had it for years...ahead of the trend. ;)

  9. Hola buenos dias a todos , me encanta su pagina jenifer desde varios aƱos la sigo y me da nuevas ideas Dios te bendiga un saludos a todos y especialmente a ti desde Colombia . abrazos

  10. As a whole I join the consensus, but I'm always distilling the parts so I can integrate them into my own spaces. There were pieces like the monopoly game that my engineer/builder son will HAVE to make! I loved the possibilities of the black and white study! Many light fixtures were to die for!

  11. I think the 1st part of the tour was better than the 2nd......why were walls not fixed before painting and/over wallpapering over, especially when all that $$ was spent lacquering looks like it just threw up 2 different had no designer feel at all.


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