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Friday, October 21, 2022


Friday rolled around quickly this week!  We are headed out this afternoon to celebrate "America's Greatest Homecoming" with my daughter at OSU.  We have heard about the incredible displays for years but last year was our first time to see them in person, truly amazing!  I'll share some on Instagram later if you follow along there. Here are my five Friday favorites for this week.  Yes, you see a bit of Christmas there... don't be mad! 🎄

Last weekend was Homecoming at our University where my son now attends.  We had several days of activities, wrapping up with a football game where our Homecoming "Harvest Court" nominees were recognized at half time.  The student body nominates Seniors in 3 categories- Most Servant-Like Male and Female, Best All-Around Male and Female, and Harvest King and Queen.  Our sweet boy was nominated for most Servant-Like Male, and he won!!  We had such a good evening the night before spending time with all of the nominees on the court, they are all such fine young men and women.  But this little bit of history made the honor extra special for our son and the extended family... My husband and his older brother both went to the same University and were Harvest Court winners.  Then, 4 of the grandkids on that side of the family attended the same school, and all 4 of them were winners!  Such a sweet honor! 💚

Anyway- long story to explain why I'm wearing a dress at a football game- ha!  I was actually in the process of getting dressed in a totally different outfit (jeans/collared shirt/sweater) before we left for the game, but it was HOT that day and I knew I'd be miserable so last minute I grabbed this dress.  You all know I'm a bargain shopper (for the most part 😉), but this dress was a splurge that I treated myself to for my big birthday a couple of months ago and I hadn't worn it yet.  Since it was so warm, this was a special night for our boy, and it was our school colors I thought this was the perfect occasion to break it out!  When I shared this photo on Instagram several asked about the dress, so I thought some of you might be interested as well.  I'm wearing my normal sz. M and I think it's true to size.  


Here are a few other pieces from the line that are equally as gorgeous- I need a lot more big birthdays to splurge for! 😂

My sister has a lot of pets and she asked for this pet hair remover roller a few years ago for Christmas.  I've been happy with my cordless Dyson to vacuum cat hair off of the furniture in the past, but as silly as this sounds sometimes it's hassel to get it to do a quick vacuum of a cushion!  So, I thought I'd try the roller too.  I was truly amazed at how quick and easy it is to use, and how well it works!  It honestly put my vacuum to shame.  You just do a few rolls back and forth with it over the pet hair, and it picks it up in a flash!  The hair is stored in a compartment inside which pops open so you can empty the hair out into the trash.  I honestly didn't expect to like this as much as I do but it works so, so well.  And, it's super convenient to keep tucked in a cabinet in the living room so it's right there to grab and use when needed.  If you have a pet and don't have one of these, trust me and make life soooo much easier with one of these! 

I wanted a good lounge set to wear in the hotel room for my girls' trip to NYC last month.  I came across this set and decided to give it a try, and loved it so much that after the trip I ordered another color!   The fabric has some texture that's hard to describe but reminds me of a really small scale waffle type weave, yet it's very soft.  It almost feels a little silky to the touch but textured if that makes sense.  I ended up wearing them as pjs on the trip too and have just worn them around the house back home.  However, when I was writing this post I saw another friend on IG wearing the same beige set out and about as loungewear, which totally works too if you're comfortable with that!  Word on the street is that this is a dupe for a similar Free People set (that's more than double the price). I showed them to my future daughter in law and she immediately thought it looked like FP, and ordered her own set which she loves too!  We both agree that it seems to run a bit small, we both sized up and are happy with the fit. 

Last year I added a set of these black and white spotted dishes to my collection, and I have used them so much!  They can mix and match so easily to lean toward a casual or more formal table depending on what you put with them.  Just wanted to let you know that they're currently on sale, perfect timing for the upcoming holidays!  

And guess what?  The same pattern is now available in BLUE!!!  How cute are these?  

Since we're flashing back to that post from last year, it reminded me that I wanted to share all of the fun Christmas pieces by Packed Party for Walmart that are available this year!  The glass trees that we all loved from last year are back along with a new color, and I'm totally crushing on these new decorations I've already picked up from the line.  And I didn't see it when I ordered these pieces, but they have another darling nutcracker this year- this time light pink!  #addtocart   I know it's early but a lot of these things sold out last year so I wanted to give you all a heads up so you can snag yours now! 

Here are a few more holiday items available in the line this year, just use the arrows to scroll through more items, then click the picture for more information. 

That's it for this week, I hope you all enjoy your weekend! 

Printfresh Dress, Free People Dupe Lounge Set, Black Spotted Dishes, Chom Chom Roller, Packed Party for Walmart Christmas

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  1. I've been admiring those plates for a couple years now and almost pull the trigger every time I see you set a table with them! Well last week I finally did it and ordered them. I love them so much and they are such nice quality!! Question on the lounge set - I know you are tall - how is the length on the bottoms? I'm only 5'3" and think these will be way to long!

    1. Hi! Glad you love the dishes! I’m about 5’6” or so and the length is perfect for me. You might see if any of the reviews address sizing for your height.

  2. I have these dishes and love them! When I ordered mine last year there was a set of smaller bowls available and I had to have those too! So fun for snacks or dipping sauces. I also found tappas trays in the same dot as well as coordinating patterns in store. Enjoying every piece!


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