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Thursday, October 27, 2022


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We are just around the corner from allllll of the holiday dinners, parties, and events, it's not too early to get ahead with your planning!  Even if you're not hosting a holiday meal at your home this year, keep this fun idea in mind the next time you're entertaining friends...  why not offer a "Top Your Own Cheesecake" Bar where your guests can choose their favorite flavors?  From a casual dinner with friends to all of your holiday cooking, baking, and entertaining needs... Wayfair has everything you need at unbeatable prices!

Cheesecake is such a luscious dessert and I've always had the preconception that it's difficult to make, but it's really not so bad!  Years ago I had a friend share a recipe with me that is really quite simple.  She used to make loads of these cheesecakes and donate them for auctions and raffles at our school, or share one with us in the break room, I remember it being so delicious! This recipe keeps nicely in the fridge and can be made a day or two in advance for convenience.

Here's the recipe, and just a tip- you'll need a 10" springform pan  or the ingredients will overflow if you try to use a smaller pan. 

Cheese Cake 
via Dimples and Tangles

1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
5 T. butter, melted
2 T. sugar

24 oz. softened, room temperature cream cheese
5 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 t. vanilla

3 cups sour cream
1 1/2 t. vanilla
1/2 cup sugar

Various candy, fruit, or nut toppings and sauces (see below for ideas)


Preheat oven to 300 degrees and allow all ingredients to come to room temperature.  Using a food processor, pulse graham crackers until you have 1 1/2 c. crumbs. Combine with melted butter and sugar and mix well.  Press mixture firmly into the bottom of a 10" nonstick springform pan. To make filling, use a mixer to thoroughly beat the room temperature softened cream cheese until creamy and smooth.  Add eggs one at a time and mix in between each addition (but don't overmix).  Stir sugar and vanilla in slowly and mix.  Pour mixture over graham cracker crust and bake for 1 hour.  Don't over bake- it should be a little wobbly but not liquid and not browning on top.  While it's baking, mix the topping by combining the sour cream, vanilla, and sugar.  Spread topping mixture over baked cheesecake and let stand for 3 minutes, then bake again at 350 degrees for 5 minutes.  Let cool and then chill cheesecake overnight.  

This is such an easy recipe to make in advance of your holiday meal or dinner party, it needs plenty of time to chill so it's actually best to make it a day or two ahead.  

Here are some topping ideas, these cute little glass bowls are the perfect size for all of the options!

* S'mores- Crushed Graham Cracker Pieces, Marshmallows, Chocolate Chips
* Chocolates/Candy- Heath, Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Chips, Crushed Oreo Pieces
* Chopped Nuts, Fresh Fruit or Berries
* Don't forget the Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Sauce, and any other flavors you might be able to find.

Tip: Wipe your knife clean or run it under hot water after each cut to avoid messy slices. 

Another thing I love about this Top Your Own Cheesecake idea is that with a great cake stand, it naturally creates a centerpiece for the table!

I found some charming new pieces from Wayfair to combine with what I already had to create a table mix that is versatile for any Fall gathering or Thanksgiving Dinner, on into the Christmas holidays.  So I turned this selection...

into this tablescape! 

I'm nuts about this wood grain dinnerware set

it mixes in with so many different styles (like my Friendly Village dishes) and is perfect for the season!  It's actually melamine so no worries with it being breakable and it's a well appointed set that includes dinner and salad/dessert plates, bowls, and cups.  Wouldn't it be fun for a mountain cabin or weekend home too?  And, I love my honey colored faux bamboo flatware so much that I ordered some of the darker color faux bamboo flatware as well- it's a steal at $26 for 20 pieces! 

I love this tabletop mix so much, you'll likely see something similar again for another tablescape idea later this season (some green Bordallo pieces would be so good added in as well!).

Be sure to shop Wayfair for all of your cooking, baking, and tabletop needs this holiday season, you can stress less and celebrate more!  And don't miss the last day of the big WAY DAYS sale today with site wide bargains up to 80% off! 

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  1. Jen, this cheesecake, with assorted toppings, looks delish........and I just ate breakfast!! Will make this soon - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, I hope you love it! And no judging here if you want to eat it for breakfast when you make it. Plenty of dairy, just put fruit on it! Ha!

  2. Hi Jenn! Do you cool the cheesecake before adding the topping and baking again?
    Thank you,

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