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Thursday, February 3, 2022


I don't go overboard but usually try to do a little something to decorate for Valentine's Day, mainly focusing on the mantel, front porch, and maybe the Entry.  This year I had fun changing things up a bit because many of my Valentine's Day decorations are the same as some of my Christmas decorations, just re-purposed for the different holiday.  So, it was a challenge to see what I could keep out after Christmas and keep using.  Since I love red and pink so much for Christmas, it wasn't too difficult! 

Valentine's Day Decorations- white brick fireplace with gold mirror and honeycomb ball garland
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Heart Sweater  ||  Bow Flats (similar here and here)  ||  Jeans (Comfy and affordable!  I removed the cuff stitches for a straight ankle fit)  ||  Gingham Shirt  ||  Lightweight Heart Earrings

The porch is super simple.  Since it's too early for my usual porch ferns I pulled out my faux boxwood topiaries to flank the front door and add some green.  

Valentine's Day decorations for front porch- faux boxwood topiaries and heart doormat rug with heart wreath
Topiaries- At Home, similar here or here  ||  Gingham Outdoor Rug (similar here)  ||  Heart Rug- Hobby Lobby or here  ||  Gingham Ribbon  ||  Satin Ribbon  ||   Similar Faux Wreath  

I bought these scalloped felt hearts at Dollar Tree several years ago and used hot glue to add the pom poms.  In the past I've kept my flocked wreath on the front door but this time I used a faux boxwood wreath and just tied the hearts around it, then added a simple bow to the top. Easy!

Moving inside to the Entry-

Entry Valentine's Day decorations- black dresser with candy in apothecary jars and heart garland over mirror
Dresser- Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black  ||  Thrifted Lamps Info. 

I strung a garland with more of the Dollar Tree hearts and hung it on the Entry mirror.  The Christmas candy bar that was on my console table in the Living Room is now the Valentine's candy bar on the Entry table!  🤣 I put away the ribbon candy but thought the rest was still appropriate for 💕 Day.  The pink pagoda lantern was on the mantel at Christmas, but I switched out the mini ornaments inside for mini hearts and mixed it in with the apothecary jars.  

Similar Faux Topiaries  ||  Pagoda Lantern- At Home past season  || 

In the Living Room, the mantel is making the big statement!  As I was removing all of the honeycomb balls from my Christmas tree this year, I had all of the pinks and reds together and thought, "I should use these for Valentine's Day somehow!" 

Honeycomb Ball Garland on Mantel with Valentine's Day Decorations

I've never assembled one of these garlands before and truthfully didn't know what I was doing.  I just started stringing the honeycomb balls together, alternating the colors and sizes randomly.  Here you can kind of see how the honeycomb balls are strung up.  I just used some leftover plastic Christmas bead garland, then started looping the string hangers on the balls all along it.  I think the beads helped hold the strings in place where I wanted them rather than them sliding back and forth had I used a ribbon or rope. Sometimes I knotted the hanging loops so they would be shorter, and paperclips helped hold some of them in place or secure them where I wanted them. Ha... most of it is held together with paperclips, a little tape here and there, and a prayer!  My bows have pipe cleaners on the back so I just attached those to the nails on the ends of the mantel that are also holding up the bead garland.

This sign was a DIY project that does double duty... turn it over and it's my FALALA sign that I use at Christmas!  The "winter pine" trees for Valentine's Day were Little Christmas trees last month. 😉

The coffee table stayed similar to Christmas too with a few switches- more hearts scattered in the lantern instead of ornaments, fresh flowers instead of poinsettias, a heart bowl holding remotes and my glasses, and Sweetarts Conversations hearts in the candy dish- the very best Valentine candy!!!

Hand Carved Heart Wood Bowl- a gift from sweet friends that they got at Gathering Thyme Co., the cutest little kitchen shop in Texas!  She just got more in recently, contact her through her IG page for details or to order 

Hearts- Hobby Lobby or similar here

Last week my husband and I made a quick road trip to Ikea.  Sadly, they were out of about 1/2 of the things I had on my list (supply issues), but I scooped up these darling pillows as soon as I saw them!  Well, they weren't this darling when I bought them.  The filling was lumpy but they were only $4.99, so I zhushed them up, and added some pom poms of course!  

Ikea red and pink striped pillow with pom poms

Are you interested in seeing a post of how they went from this "before"-

to the "after?"  Let me know! 

The Dining Room is so, so simple.  I picked up these cute little tabletop trees on clearance after Christmas.  But, dropped in some blue and white planters, now they're perfect little centerpiece pine trees until Spring! 

Dining Room with small pine trees in blue and white pots and blue and white vase with gold metal heart tied on with bow

Sometime last year I found a set of three metal hearts, I thought they would be great for Valentine's Day.  This is the smallest one, tied around a large vase it's the perfect little touch.  I'm using the other two hearts in other places around the house.  I think they're so cute! 

Metal Heart Set here, here, or here

Other than assembling the honeycomb ball garland, I don't think decorating for Valentine's Day has ever been easier!  I've never kept out this many pieces from Christmas to keep using, but I'm a fan!

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  1. I love all of your decor. Would definitely want to see how you embellished that pillow, it looks so high end!

  2. Where did you get your dining chairs? I love them!

    1. Thanks! The frames were from TJ Maxx but I reupholstered them myself. Search "Dimples Dining Room Refresh Reveal" for a little more info. and I have a story highlight saved about them if you follow me on Instagram.

  3. Yes, please, on the pillow plumping!

  4. Yes please on the Pom poms and fluffing! I just love reading your blog and your style

  5. Love the Val. Day decorations. I would love to see how you did the IKEA pillow redo.

  6. I love the Valentine Decor and how easily you switched your Christmas to Valentine's Day. :) I love your style and you always inspire me for decorating and DIY's. Quick question - your hot pink lamps in the entry, didn't those used to be green? I love how you change paint colors on a lot of your items.


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