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Friday, February 19, 2021


Happy Friday... what a week! We've been snowed in, more on that below.  I hope you're staying warm where you are!  Here are a few of my favorite things lately... 
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I found my large blue and white bowl years ago at Homegoods.  I'm often asked about it and am happy to say that I recently came across the exact one available online!  At 14" in diameter, it's perfect for so many different things. I've used mine for orchids, Christmas ornaments, a catch all for remotes and glasses on the coffee table... but it can stand on its own too and is just as beautiful empty in the center of a table.  

I don't know about where you live, but over the last week the weather has been unusually cold with multiple record breaking low temps and snowfall here in Oklahoma.  (And especially hard for our friends in TX, continuing to pray for them!)  In fact, my son is back home unexpectedly due to several city water main breaks in his college town, resulting in very low water pressure, or none at all on campus (no hot water, no flushing toilets, very limited functioning in cafeteria...) so they sent everyone that was close enough to do so safely home to continue with remote learning until it's repaired and they can return.  I haven't left the house in a week and have been living in layers and these fleece lined leggings since our house has been colder than normal, regular leggings just aren't cutting it!  I like the high waist and weight of them, the pockets on the legs, and the seam details down the legs are more flattering than a plain leg.  I like them so much I bought a second pair, they'll also be great as an under layer for ski trips!

I also ordered a pair of these fleece lined joggers and am anxiously awaiting their arrival to add more warm comfy pants to my wardrobe!

I haven't had to deal with too much gray hair yet (thanks for the good hair genes, Mom and Dad!), except for the underneath side of my bangs all across my forehead... exactly where I don't want it when my hair is pulled back almost every day!  I've been using this root spray for a while and like it.  I usually spray it on and let it dry a while before styling my hair, or if I've pulled my hair back I spot-spray it where needed.  One little caution speaking from experience- it has a tendency to spray a few drips while you're using it, so don't use it when you've already put on a white shirt like I did one day!  #oops

I ordered this initial necklace for my daughter for a little Valentine's Day gift but it didn't arrive in time because of our crazy weather so I picked up something locally instead. (I'm saving it for her birthday soon, so shhh! if you know her! 😁)  I am thoroughly impressed with the quality for the $13 price tag!  There are two individual chains, each adjustable in length.  These link style layered necklaces are super popular right now, I think this would be a great little gift for her friends on their birthdays, too!  

The initial pendant has a heart on the reverse side so she can wear it either way, and it even came packaged in a gift box with a cleaning cloth and gift card so it's ready to wrap up.  

We've had this game for a while but hadn't played it yet until a friend who was over recently taught us how, the best way to learn a new game in my opinion!  My daughter played with her teenage friends and it was a hit with them, and I'm looking forward to pulling it out at our next extended family get together.  It's probably best for older elementary age and up, anywhere from 2 up to 8 or more players, and there's not much skill involved other than some creative thinking at times!  

Here's an older post with some of our other family favorites-

I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you've been frozen like us start to thaw out.  Bring on the sun! 

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  1. Great Friday Finds, Jennifer. Thank you, and have a safe and warm weekend.


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