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Wednesday, February 17, 2021


One of my friends is redecorating her home little by little, and was telling me about trying to get some ideas for what fabrics to mix with one that she already bought for her Dining Room.  I told her it would be fun to do some pattern play and come up with several options, then share them with you all as well!  Here's the blue and white floral fabric she bought, it's called Batik Indigo by P Kaufmann (thanks to my IG friends for helping me discover the pattern name!). As far as I can tell, this fabric is discontinued, my friend got hers at a local shop that tends to carry closeout fabrics.  But, it's a familiar pattern, so even if you don't have this exact fabric I think the selections I mix it with would still work with other similar blue and white fabrics.  And, if you happen to be looking for a pattern like this, I listed some good similar options at the end of the post.  

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I'm frequently asked for tips on mixing and matching patterns, and honestly I can't give any tips or guidelines as to how I do it.  I generally have a color palette in mind and totally just eyeball different combos until there is one I like.  I envision this fabric as gorgeous drapes but it would work for anything (I think my friend plans to cover her dining room chairs with hers).  

I'm making combos with three different fabrics today, some are a little more traditional and some a little more modern, with a variety of color in the mix according to what I thought paired nicely.  In my opinion these would all make a great pillow mix!  Obviously you could always throw some solids in with these, but that's not how I roll, ha!  And even though I just used 3 in each mix, if I wanted more than 3 fabrics there are several I would pull from the other possible combinations that would also work well layered in with the base 3.  Although I think a great investment designer fabric can totally make a design plan, I tried to focus on mostly budget-friendly fabrics here.  

I'm going to add this here before I share the combos so you won't miss it at the end of the post... 

Let me know what you think about this type of post! (If you can't find it, at the very end of the post there's a SHARE category with some icons underneath- the last one is a speech bubble you can click to comment.  I know that's tricky and can be hard to find, it's one thing I'll make more user friendly on my next blog re-design!)   I'm thinking about making this a semi-regular series where I take one fabric and make several different combos with it.  If you have a fabric you'd like for me mix some patterns with, email the name or a link for it to me at, and please put "Pattern Play" in the subject line.  I can't promise that you're fabric will be selected but I'll try to do as many as I can.  Also, if chosen your selection might not be posted until months in the future. These posts take quite a while to compile so I plan to do one every 3-4 weeks.  Thanks, I think this might be fun! 

Since our sample fabric isn't readily available, I thought I'd share a few others with you that are in stock. I tried to stick with very similar patterns, I think any of these could be substituted in the combos above.  There's a link with more information under each picture.   



Lastly,  look what I found in my search!  This fabric is an exact match to the wallpaper in my bathroom!  This would make the most gorgeous drapes or pillows! 

So which combo is your favorite?  Don't forget to let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this! 

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  1. That blue and white fabric has always been one of my favorites! When I was choosing curtain panels for my kitchen slider, I had wanted to use that one but ended up with premade drapes in a similar pattern instead. (I'm not skilled with sewing). Your friend is lucky to have you helping her. I hope she lets you share her finished project with us! Thanks for the inspiration and have a great week!

  2. You are the master of pattern mixing. I am in awe.

  3. Love seeing the combos! You are a master mixer.

  4. Love the blue and white, always have. Love the Malachite || Navy Dot.
    I am doing a guest room in my home, peach colors/pink, I think I am using the red stripe (it looks more pink) but I am putting it on an indoor awning!
    Love everything you do and your colors you use!

  5. I believe I like the malachite and navy dot the most. They are all great combinations though. Yes, I hope we get to see your friend's finished room.

  6. I love the idea of this series showing fabric coordination. You do it so well and aren't afraid of combining unusual prints together. I do enjoy your style.

  7. I love this post! I feel my tastes are “creative or whimsical,” but don’t have the intuition to mix and match quite so well. The only was it could be improved upon is a couple of “real life” photos for a few in front or back, etc.

  8. Love this post! My favorite was the textured stripe with the red.
    But I also would sun the tiger strip for the textured stripe too maybe .

  9. Yes, please more posts like this.

  10. I love this feature! Please repeat. My favorite combos are the first two.

  11. This is a fun idea for a series! Please do again when you have a chance. love the herringbone and red diamond

  12. I love the textured stripe and red. I love red with blue and white. I love these kinds of posts because you have an eye for mixing patterns. You are my mentor!! One other thing, would the patterns and colors I like be considered the traditional selections and the ones with animal prints and geometric be considered modern? I don't know what I am.


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