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Monday, February 15, 2021


This is a sponsored post on behalf of SSM Health Medical Group. The opinions and photos shared are my own.

I'm so excited to share something a little different with you today!  If you've been a long time reader, you know that I love my home state of Oklahoma and since I have a good number of local friends reading I always enjoy sharing places to visit and good things going on here with you!  Recently, I was invited to tour the brand new SSM Health Medical Group Facility in northeast Edmond.  So today, I'm sharing a PSA primarily for my readers who live near me in Edmond or Guthrie about the grand opening in hopes that this will be a valuable new local resource for you!  

SSM Health Medical Group Facility, new northeast Edmond facility

This brand new northeast Edmond facility is comprised of urgent care, family medicine and pediatrics—all in one location!  It's perfectly located to serve the growing corridor along I-35 and Covell conveniently serving Edmond as well as Guthrie residents.  

I learned so much on my tour guided by one of the doctors and the Administrative Director of Operations.  They have both been a part of the building process for this facility from the very beginning, so they were able to dream and have input in the design, layout, equipment, and atmosphere down to the smallest details to create the best patient experience possible.   

They describe the facility as the "Apple Store meets Chick-fil-A meets Healthcare."  Personal, concierge style top notch service!  From the moment one enters, they immediately notice a difference with the bright, cheerful open waiting room filled with natural light.  

One major change in the set up here is that there is no traditional receptionist and registration area.  Upon arrival, the patient is welcomed and simply visits a state of the art check-in kiosk, with assistance available from a friendly clinic representative if needed.  That liaison will help to provide the best patient experience taking care of you through the arrival process until you are taken directly to your exam room. An exit check out desk has also been eliminated as you can swipe your card and pay directly at the kiosk when you check in.  Yay for a quicker in and out process! 

There's even the cutest little coffee station in the waiting area that will be up and running once restrictions are lifted. 

The facility serves both urgent care and family care patients and has its own on site x-ray equipment and lab, so any scans or labs needed can all be taken care of in one spot!  

Each patient room is equipped for full service directly in that room including weigh in, height checks, vitals, etc... no more stopping in the hall to use scales in the common area.  Even the layout of the furniture in each room is highly intentional.  Rather than your doctor having their head down typing into their computer as they talk to you and gather information, their keyboard is mobile and displays on a large screen monitor in the room so they are able to fully engage with their patient as they are talking to them and recording information at the same time.  I never really thought about that until they pointed it out to me, but it's so true that you're usually talking to the back of your doctor's head most of the time in conventional settings as they input information on their computer.  As your health information is recorded electronically, they are able to share that with a close team within the facility as well as other SSM Health locations if needed.  

The technology in each room also provides the opportunity for patients and doctors to virtually connect with family members to discuss treatment if needed.  That's a huge plus for long distance family members who might want to be involved, or how nice would that have been in recent times where access for anyone but the patient was limited or prohibited?  Service is available for all ages, the family care practice is even fully equipped to handle baby exams and well baby check-ups.  

There is such a feeling of personal, concierge type healthcare for each patient in how this new facility operates focused on thoughtful attention and service while implementing the latest advances in medicine.  After touring, my husband noted that it's like a small home town doctor mixed with all of the latest technology- the best of both worlds! 

Let me know if the comments if you're a local Oklahoma friend and would like to see more posts related to our great state!  Click here to learn more information about the new SSM Health Medical Group Facility located in northeast Edmond at 2749 Progressive Drive, Edmond, OK 73034

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  1. Thank you! I really think this will be a model for future improvement to healthcare everywhere!


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