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Friday, February 7, 2020


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and while I don't do full blown decorations for the holiday I like to focus on decorating just one or two spots around the house.  Last weekend I finished putting together my Valentine's Day porch and mantel decorations.  Some things are similar to what I did last year but I switched around and added in some new pieces too. 

Valentine's Day decorating ideas, heart garland, dollar tree crafts, easy holiday craft

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Before I show you a closer look, here's a little time lapse I recorded as I decorated just for fun!  You might notice that even after I "finished" in the video I ended up tweaking just a few things here and there before I photographed the spaces.

Dollar Tree Crafts, Valentine's Day Wreath,

Beginning with the porch, I stuck with a pink and red mix and added in some sparkles, too!  If you're a regular reader here some of these things look familiar from my Christmas decorations.  As I was packing those all up I laid aside the things that could seamlessly transition right into Valentine's Day to use them again.

wicker elephant garden stool, porch lanterns, pagoda lantern

After gathering a few lanterns I thought that I needed to add some height, so I moved around one of my elephant stools to prop a lantern on.  The cuteness that he adds to the mix doesn't hurt anything, either!  On the other side of the door, I just inverted a striped pot and used it to prop the lantern up.

After Christmas I stripped my flocked wreath and trees of their ornaments and the snowy look still works for another month or two.  I bought these hearts at Dollar Tree last year, glued on some pom poms, and just tied them on with strips of ribbon for a super simple Valentine's Day wreath.

Valentine's Day Front Door Decorations, Dollar Tree heart crafts, valentine's day heart wreath

I also picked up some pink and read foam hearts from Dollar Tree, punched a hole in the top of each one and threaded it with ribbon, then tied those on the trees in the urns.  I wrapped one of the branches securely around the ribbon so even in the wind the hearts stay put.

Gingham Rug here or here  ||  Black Urns  ||  Blue Door  ||  

I took these photos early this week, and then look what happened on Wednesday!  It's been several years since we've had a good snow in OKC so we sure did enjoy our snow day!

Moving inside where it's warmer, I enjoyed putting my Valentine's Day mantel together this year.

Pom pom tassel garland, DIY heart garland, pagoda mirror, paper fans, pagoda lantern

As previously mentioned, several pieces that I used for Christmas like the red and white tassel garland, lanterns, and white pom pom stems easily transitioned into Valentine's Day decor too.

painted brick fireplace, valentine's day decorations, valentine's day mantel decorating ideas
 Pagoda Mirror  ||  Similar Blue and White Garden Stool  ||  Similar Large Blue and White Ginger Jar   ||  Similar Vintage Fireplace Screens  ||  Pom Pom Stems (seasonal) and Pagoda Lanterns (past season)- At Home Stores  ||  Pom Tassel Garland- Hobby Lobby (seasonal Christmas)

I made the heart garland last year too with more Dollar Tree hearts and glued on pom poms, then a thin ribbon strung through the edges.   Several weeks ago another Minister's wife on our church staff (Denise @Frazzled Joy) invited the rest of the wives over for a craft night and we made these canvases.  She had a blank canvas for everyone, tape, paint, and a few decorative supplies and we could decorate however we wanted to.  It was so fun to see the creative designs that everyone came up with!  It's a fun, easy project if you want to have some friends over for a craft night too.

You know I'm partial to using paper fans at Christmas, but this is the first time I've picked out some pink and red ones for Valentine's Day.  I like how they add some color, bulk and height to the mantel decorations.  I'm often asked how I hang them, and it's simply with a loop or two of masking tape pressed to the back of the fan then pressed firmly to whatever flat surface I can find.  Sometimes that's not quite sufficient for whatever reason (two of these fell later that night) so I used a few small loops cut from this stronger tape and that did the trick.  I'm just going to be really careful removing it so it doesn't damage the paint on the brick.

For a holiday like Valentine's Day, focusing on one spot like the mantel is just enough!

Valentine's Day mantel ideas,  valentine's day mantle ideas
Sputnik Chandelier  ||  Curtain Details  ||  Leopard Pillow

But I do have just a few other little nods to the holiday around the house... this little vignette with the DIY XOXO sign I showed you last week-

and a darling hoop wreath that we also made at our Minister's Wives craft night.  It was super easy to make, just took a few supplies and a little paint and hot glue!

Wooden Hoop  ||  Wooden Hearts  ||  Round Sponge Paint Brushes (love these so much!)  

Be sure to stop by this post too if you missed it where I shared some of my favorite things for the holiday, for your home, your style, and your table!

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  1. So happy to see you online this morning. It is time for you to redo a room so we can enjoy your work again.

  2. Looks so great! Where can I get the leopard "planter" that is on your coffee table? I love me some pops of leopard!!

    1. It’s an ice bucket- ha! Found it at TJ Maxx around the holidays last year.

  3. Cute!~ Cute! Cute! Any Valentine decorating is in the kitchen and that's minimal so I'm very much enjoying what you've done. BTW have I missed seeing the kid's bathroom done? I was thinking about this the other night when I couldn't sleep! lol

  4. Your green lanterns in the you have small blue plates inside them? I would love to try this idea. Your house is beautiful! Lisa

    1. I sure do, they’re on small plate stands. Wanted something different than a candle inside!


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