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Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Once Christmas is over, Valentine's Day is such a fun opportunity for a bit of color, enjoying yummy treats, and celebrating those we love in the midst of the remaining dreary, cold winter months.  Today I've rounded up some cute Valentine's Day finds for your home, for your style, and for your table to help make the next few weeks a little more festive!

Valentine's Day Outfits, Valentine's Day Decorations, Valentine's Day Tablescape
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For Your Home

I don't go overboard for this holiday but like to decorate one main focal point for Valentine's Day, usually the mantel.  Drape a garland, frame a printable and layer it in, add some lanterns or pretty candlesticks and greenery or flowers.  I also pull out some pillows to scatter on the sofa and chairs... they don't have to have hearts and lips all over them, but if the colors complement the mantel decor the "Valentine's" message still comes through.  A simple wreath on the  front door makes your porch festive too!  

For Your Style

Love a little wardrobe fun for Valentine's Day, it's a fun opportunity to dress a little more chic and feminine.  Leopard is the perfect complement to red, white, and pink, try mixing in one piece with your outfit with a shoe, jacket, bracelet, or earrings.  Also, take the chance to try a bold red or pink lipstick!

For Your Table

Finally, you now I don't need an excuse to set a festive holiday table! Just one or two red or pink accessories mixed in white white dinnerware is all you need to set a LOVEly table for your family.  

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  1. Hi, Jennifer! Did I miss the before-&-after photos of your Jack & Jill bathroom? I can't find them anywhere. I'd love to see the finishing touches & what you decided to do with the wall above the vanity. Have you completed it yet, or did the holidays interfere with your timeline?

    1. HI! Totally stalled for the holidays and stuck on a few last detail decisions. You didn't miss it, I'm just slow! ;) Final plans are all in place now though, just working to finish everything up! Really hoping to share reveal in the next week or two!


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