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I shared this year's Christmas Gift Guide earlier this week, but today wanted to share some additional ideas with you.  Everything I selected for this list would make a great stocking stuffer or smaller gift since all of the items I picked are less than $20!  I organized my choices into 5 different categories... For Her, For Him, For Teens, For the Home, and Books.

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For Her

Acrylic and Rattan Earring Set- Each pair of these earrings is incredibly on trend, and you get 9 PAIRS for less than $18, with great reviews!  Make someone really happy with the whole set or split them up for all of the girls in your extended family.

Hallmark Socks- for the Hallmark movie lover in your family.

Shower Cap- Terry cloth lined, generously sized- I've had one for a few years and use it every day... I even pack it for trips!

Leopard Striped Scarf- leopard anything for the win, but the designer inspired stripe on the edge takes it over the top!

Maybelline Super Stay Lipcolor-  The first time I tried this was when my Mom slipped a tube in my stocking last year, and now it's become a favorite!  I wear this type of lipstick (stays on all day) almost exclusively, and I really like this brand, maybe more than the Cover Girl version I've worn for years. The colors I currently have are 005, 025, 145, 200, and 220.  I mix and match two different colors every day depending on my mood and what I'm wearing.

Burt's Bees Original Lip Balm- I've tried a lot of lip balms, but keep coming back to this one as my fave.  In fact, it's time for me to restock!

Sunless Tanning Mousse- Right here in the dead of winter, who couldn't use a little glow?  This one is my favorite and works really well with no yucky smell.

For Him

Magnetic Stud Finder- Our stud finder works well when it decides it wants to- ha!  I think a new one is in order. This one is totally magnetic so doesn't rely on any electronic parts or batteries, and will actually stay on the wall by itself while you mark your spot or drill a hole.

Grill Smoker Box- We recently got one of these have enjoyed using it on the grill.

Meguiar's Ultimate Quick Wax- My husband was telling his friends about this yesterday, he loves it and says it works really well.

Mug Warmer- Keep that beverage warm all morning! 

O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream- On my husband's list every year, a necessity for dry winter hands.

Metal Collar Stays- A nice alternative for the flimsy plastic ones that can so easily break or get lost.  Comes in a variety of sizes to fit any dress shirt collar.

For Teens

Mechanical Pencils- Practical but a restock is necessary half way through the school year!

14K Gold Filled Initial Necklace- Under $12 with great reviews!

Extra Long Phone Charging Cables- Not sure what took me so long but we bought these a few months ago.  SO nice to plug in on the other side of my nightstand and the phone will actually reach to my bed!

Headlamp Flashlights- My guys love using these for any number of things and son has requested his own this year.

Disposable Eyebrow/Facial Razors- We've been using these for a while and love them!  They're great for a quick upper lip or stray eyebrow clean up. 

Fast Dry Nail Polish Top Coat- seriously, works so well!

Bracelet Keychain- My daughter has one very similar to this (that was almost twice the price!) and loves it. It stretches to slip on her wrist, and it's easy to keep up with since she rarely carries a purse.

Retro Handheld Electronic Football Game- A classic!  Give them something to hold in their hands besides a phone!  ;)

For the Home

Air Purifying Charcoal Bags- Works wonders!  Throw one in the car, fridge, smelly teen's room, gym bag, closet... anywhere that could use some help to get rid of the stink!

Rainbow Stripe Turkish Tea Towels- This is a set that is actually more than $20, but it's for a dozen towels. Break up the set for multiple people and each one is only around $3!  Great for hostess or teacher gifts too.

PB plaid mug- So pretty and festive, another great option for teachers or hostess gifts as well as your favorite coffee or hot tea drinker.

Label Maker- This is the updated version of my own. Easy to use... just in time for January organizing!

Clothes Shaver/Lint Remover- I have one of these that's on it's last leg.  What I love about this one is that it plugs in so you never have to rely on batteries.  Makes pilled, fuzzy sweaters look new again!


Magnolia Table Cookbook- Gift the original before Volume 2 comes out in the Spring.

Live in Grace, Walk in Love by Bob Goff- I just gave this at a book exchange party, but skimmed it a bit first and it looks so good!  Made up of 365 daily encouraging, inspirational readings with a scripture verse to go along with them each day.

Elements of Family Style- A follow-up to the first super popular book, Elements of Style.  Erin shares great tips for creating a practical yet stylish home for your family.

HGTV Magazine Subscription- One of my top 3 favorite magazines, a subscription is always a lovely gift that keeps on giving.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks- The New Frontier- The newest from our favorite Oklahoma accidental country girl!

Need a few more ideas? Check out this previous Stocking Stuffer post! 

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I've been a busy bee decorating for Christmas and it never fails that along with that I have a few crafty projects thrown into the mix!  This year I was inspired by a honeycomb ball wreath and DIY Christmas sign I saw in HGTV Magazine, and from a project I saw from a fellow blogger.  They got my creative juices flowing for a few key pieces to switch up my Christmas decor a little bit this year.  In the process of sharing these projects, I'll also show you a few sneak peeks of my Christmas tour.

honeycomb ball Christmas wreath
*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.

First, I caught a peek of some colorful houses on my friend Charlotte's Instagam feed and was immediately on the hunt for some inexpensive houses  to create a colorful Christmas village of my own! I scored at one of my favorite thrift stores and found a good variety of houses- and a house cookie jar thrown in the mix- for $2-5 each.  I had also picked up two metal houses in the Fall clearance section at Hobby Lobby.

Christmas village houses, rainbow painted houses

I simply sprayed them all with a coat of primer, then painted them in a rainbow of colors inspired by the colors of my bottlebrush trees.

I love how they turned out, here's a little peek of this year's mantle.  Still tweaking it a bit but this is so far!

Next, I found a few projects in this year's and last year's December issues of HGTV magazine.  You know of my love for using paper fans at Christmas, so when I saw this honeycomb ball wreath (slightly different design spotted in both issues) I knew I had to make one too!

I picked up an inexpensive 24" wreath, then found this garland with 3" balls locally at Five Below.  They also had a plain white option that I got a pack of too.

I cut it apart and hot glued the balls open, then just stuck them in the branches.  The magazine suggests wiring them in, but I didn't go to that trouble.  I did have a few fall off as I was moving it around and hanging it, but I just stuck them back in and it's been great since it's been hanging.  I had a few 6 inch balls on hand that I mixed in too.

 I would have liked to have a few more 4-6" ones but couldn't find those locally and didn't have time to order.  Here are some 3, 4, and 6 inch options online though.

I added a sting of lights to mine and I'm totally crushing on this little vignette this year!  By the way, I don't know why I've never used these before, I got some this year and they're life changing for a spot like this where the plug is behind furniture and hard to get to.  It's so easy to click those lights on and off each day!  My only suggestion is to use an extension cord with a slim profile head like this if you're using the outlet behind furniture, it really makes an inch or two difference in the amount of room you need to scoot your furniture out from the wall to accommodate the remote control outlet.

Pom Pom Trees- HL (sold out I think 😞)  ||  Striped Trees- At Home Stores  

I also spotted this sign in one of those HGTV issues- you know that red and pink caught my eye!

I had actually been looking online to download a Christmas typography print but couldn't find one I liked, so this got my wheels turning! 

Those marquee letters are pretty inexpensive here, but I had something different in mind.  I found just what I needed at Hobby Lobby- this premade sign piece and the perfect sized letters

The sign did not spray paint well (plus it was too cold outside), so I brushed it with red craft paint (didn't realized until I had started that I reversed the colors from the inspiration, but I like this better for my plan.).  Then, I taped off a wide strip in the middle.  Couldn't find my painter's tape so I just used masking, but first painted the original red along the inside tape line so any leaking under the tape would be red.  After that dried I proceeded with the pink paint for the stripe.  It took a few coats of each color to cover well.

Moment of truth... when the last pink coat was still wet I peeled the tape, whew!  Perfect lines!

For the letters, I spray painted them gold for a base color.  Then, I sprayed each with adhesive then glittered them.

After some careful measuring to get the letters just right and a bit of hot glue, it was done! And, here's another sneak peek of my Entry table with more painted houses. 

One final quick project- At the end of the season last year I bought this Advent Countdown Calendar.  We have one that we've always used but I never loved it and it was falling apart.  I loved the simplicity of this one but couldn't resist jazzing it up just a bit... it needed some color!  ;)

I simply added some of the multi-color pom pom trim that I had on hand to the bottom.  I actually cut the trim apart to I could space each pom pom right in the middle between the tassels, then hot glued each piece to the back.

Easy, and a little more fun!  (I tied a bow on the top corner after I took this photo, couldn't resist!)  And yes, my 16 and 18 year old children are still marking each day.  :)

What spurs your creativity to try a new project?  Tomorrow I'll share some Stocking Stuffer and under $20 gift ideas with you, and I'll be sharing the first part of my Christmas tour on Monday!

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Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving holiday.  Are you shopped out yet or have you even started?  I've purchased a very few things, but lists are made and I need to get on it!  Today I'm sharing my yearly Dimples and Tangles Gift Guide with you, and hopefully you can take advantage of a few extra good Cyber Monday deals on some of these items.  Most of these are things that our family has and loves, with a few things that might be on a wish list or two or I just thought they were cool.  :)  There's bound to be something for everyone on your list!

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