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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Today I'm joining a group of super talented decorators and bloggers to share our best Fall decor tips that you can try in your home as you start thinking about decorating this year.

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I'm grateful to Randi of Randi Garrett Designs and Jen of Decor Gold Designs for putting this tour together.  All of these posts today will be such a nice resource for new Fall decorating ideas.  If you're visiting from Maison de Pax, welcome!  Rachel's fresh, clean style is just flawless and I'm anxious to put some of her tips to good use.  If you're new here, my style is fairly traditional with a huge dose of color and pattern added in.  We've been in this home for 10 years, working all along the way to update it and make it our own.  Welcome, come on in and take a look around for Fall!

Alright, let's get on with the tour!  Here are my top 8 tips to consider as you decorate for Fall.

Fall is the absolute best time to bring the outdoors in!  If you do nothing more than snip a few branches and scatter some pinecones in your home, your home can still be festive for Fall.  If you keep your eyes open outside there are so many interesting things that would be beautiful Fall decor. And, it's all freeeeeee!!  

I live in Oklahoma, and usually when it's time to decorate for Fall the beds are still looking decent and my pots are still going strong.  Rather than ripping all of those healthy plants out while the weather is still nice, I just add some Fall plants in with them.  It's nice to keep the added bulk of the lush greenery while adding in some seasonal color.

Sweet potato vine clippings paired with Osage apples add a nice punch of color to more rustic seasonal decor.  I also like to clip my purple heart before it dies back and keep some stems in a vase.  It will last months and months with occasional water changes, and will eventually root and be ready to transplant in the Spring when the weather is warm again.

Fiddle leaf figs are really happy outdoors in the summer, but planting them in a seasonally appropriate pot takes them right into Fall until it's cool enough that they need to be moved indoors.

White lights add a nice cozy warm glow to a Fall front porch.  Just a string or two of clear round globe lights sends a nice welcome from our porch. 

A remote control battery operated pillar candle in a lantern has the same effect.

Even an extra set of simple Christmas lights will do the trick!

There are a few walls in my home that have bright and cheery artwork that feels more geared towards Spring and Summer than Fall.  Doing a simple switch of wall art completely changes the feeling of the space and lends itself more to the season.

A simple lightweight covered sheet of foam board covered with fabric opens up a variety of seasonal possibilities for this mantel decor.  There's actually a tv behind there but this is a nice option to cover it for special occasions or to have a pretty focal point for parties.

Metals like brass, copper, oil rubbed bronze, and even silver (tarnished? That's perfect for Fall!) add warmth to a space, and it's even better if those finishes are mixed together!

Just like bringing nature inside for Fall, there's not much better than a simple bowl or fruit used as decoration.  There are so many different options so you can choose the color you'd like to highlight, and it generally lasts much longer than fresh flowers.  

Did you know that Kale makes a wonderful, cheap filler for arrangements?  Just keep it's water fresh and it has pretty good staying power.  I can't get enough of the ruffly texture it adds and how nicely it fills out a bouquet.

Ahhh, shelled peanuts.  Snack or decoration?  Buy extra and let them be both!  :)

Aren't all of the best aromas, flavors and dishes just perfect for crisp, Fall days?  Get to cooking!  

Molasses Cookies- bet you can't eat just one!!

Just because the calendar says Autumn doesn't mean there still can't be bold color in your decor.  I think the key is mixing in some warmer colors, textures, and patterns with that bold color to give a nod to the season.

That's the end of today's tour, I hope you got a few ideas and saw some things you like! I'll be doing my Fall decorating for this year in a few weeks, I'd love for you to check back in then to see what's new.

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  1. you have me ready to go buy all the pumpkins and eat all the cookies! such great ideas!

  2. Gorgeous photos Jennifer. I love your use of nature and vibrant colors.

  3. I love that fall front porch! Amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was reluctant to let go of summer but your Fall Decorating has inspired me! Thanks for the nudge!

  5. Fall perfection! Love all of your tips!

  6. Love all your tips Jennifer! If only I could find a pumpkin or acorn around our neck of the woods this time of year! LOL!

  7. Lovley ideas! I found few very good ones to include in my fall decoration.I always add flowers to the fall decor,no matter fresh or dried they lookbeautifuland change the whole athmosphere. Thank you for sharing this inspiration!

  8. where did you find that antler above the door? love it!


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