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Saturday, September 9, 2017


I know we're all holding our breath and nervous for our friends in Florida and along the Atlantic coast as Hurricane Irma blows in.   I'm sure you feel the same way, I just can't get over the magnitude of this storm.  We continue to pray for our family and friends in the Houston area, and now Florida and up the coast through the weekend and for the days ahead.

Again, I can 100% confidently recommend Southern Baptist Disaster Relief if you'd like to join our family and donate to relief efforts.  There are teams on the ground for almost every national natural disaster.  In additional to spiritual support, they provide hot meals and fresh showers for victims as well as helping with mud out and chainsaw teams during clean up efforts.   There are also opportunities to serve as a volunteer with Disaster Relief through the link above.  They're in Houston and will be in Florida for months and months to come as our neighbors rebuild.

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All of this color?  I'm on board!  See the rest of the room here.

File this under "Why didn't I think of that?".  Camila's DIY pom pom placemats take about 3 seconds to make and are just too cute! I can imagine lots of different color combinations to fit in with different seasons... fun!

If you're a blue and white lover, you'll want to see the rest of this vacation home.

Several weeks ago for the first time I heard about Nickel & Suede earrings from the sweet receptionist at our dentist's office.  She went on and on about how much she loved their earrings. Then, for the next few weeks somehow I noticed N&S everywhere I turned! They are made out of leather so there is virtually no weight to them at all, and they come in lots of colors and several different sizes and styles.   I helped my husband and did my own shopping for my birthday ;)   Here's a photo of the ones I ordered:  Lip Gloss in large (neutral with a tiny hint of blush, I really think it's a chameleon and takes on whatever color you're wearing) and the Matte Gold in medium (shiny gold and look completely like metal!).  I love them so much and I'm dying to get these and these next!  Finally, it's been fun to see promos for their new Fall line because the photo shoot for it was done at The Makerista's beautiful home.  (This isn't sponsored and these aren't affiliate links, just sharing a good thing with you!)

Finally, this pretty dining room makeover proves that even a small space can have big style (and on a budget, too!).

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  1. Jennifer, please keep those prayers coming. I live in Daytona Beach. My husband, son, and I, as many of our neighbors, have decided to stay. Sunday night into Monday a.m. will be the worst for us. We are Southern Baptists and know first hand about their relief. They are wonderful!! Thank you for your continued prayers. Preparation for these storms is exhausting and post storm damage and clean up is mentally and physically more exhausting. Floridians are very resilient folks, but we also believe in the power of prayer. We "praise Him in the storm". We are truly in His hands. Thanks again!!
    Beverly Troup

    1. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers through these days! Please stay safe!

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  3. I ask for prayers as well. We live in Naples. .a piece of Heaven.
    Thank you!

    1. I've heard such great things about Naples! Praying for safety!


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