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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Welcome to My Five Favorites today!  Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor and I are all so excited to share our favorite purchases from Ikea with you today.

We're so happy to have Rhoda from Southern Hospitality as our guest this month.  I've been blessed to get to know Rhoda personally this past year, and she is one neat lady!  Her love for what she does and for her family is always an encouragement to me.  And, it's so fun to follow along with the fixer upper that she's been working on for the past 5 years or so (it's almost unrecognizable from where she started!).  I'm anxious to see Rhoda's favorites today and am wondering if there are any Ikea goodies in this darling corner of her den...

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Hands down, Ikea has the best price on down pillow inserts.  They only have a few sizes, but if they have what you need the deal can't be beat!  I have them everywhere in my house, and out on the patio too.  Did you know you can throw down inserts in your washer?  I don't worry about having them outside, if they get a little musty I can wash and dry them on hot and they're as good as new. 


I fell in love with this rug the first time I saw it, and finally found a place to use it when we decorated our patio.  In fact, I actually bought 2, one for the living and one for the dining area of the patio.  I've had a lot of questions about this rug lately.  I don't know that it's marketed as an outdoor rug, but it's made of the same material (polypropylene) that other indoor/outdoor rugs are, so we haven't had one single problem with them being outside (other than muddy critter and human tracks occasionally!).  Yes, ours are covered, but they do still get wet when there is a big storm with blowing rain.  They've been out for over a year and still look absolutely perfect condition wise.  Usually twice a year, we move everything off of the patio and scrub things down.  We take that opportunity to spot treat any dirty marks on the rug, use a pressure nozzle on the hose to wash them off, and hang them over the fence to dry (lay them flat again when they're almost dry to avoid rippling).  They always look as good as new when we're finished.  


I stumbled on this basket last year, and could hardly believe my eyes!  It was an identical match to a pricey designer basket and I had been searching for something similar so I could make my own, and there it was at Ikea!  I made my own pom poms to tie on and saved lots of money while getting the same look as the more expensive version.  I have a couple of these, and one that's a little larger with black mixed in (see it in the corner of my patio photo above), and they're great for plants, throw blankets, toys... whatever.  I also like that the top folds down inside itself, so if they're not in use they're easier to store.  


These black and white striped plates have been so fun and versatile to use!  They are large, so they work as either a charger or a dinner plate (especially good for holiday dinners! 😉  ).  I couldn't find them on the Ikea website, so I'm not sure if they're still current in store or not.


I only get to Ikea a few times per year since we don't have one locally, but when I do I never leave without a new plant!  They seem to always have different selections, but the orchids and tropical plants are always good.  The selection of faux plants is pretty good too, I have one of those to show you coming up soon.

See even more of my Ikea favorites here, and I've got a new round of favorites ready to share with you in the next few weeks.

What are your favorite things in your home that came from Ikea?  Be sure to head over to Simple Details, Shine Your LightDriven by Decor, and Southern Hospitality to check out their favorites from Ikea, too!

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  1. i 100% agree about their pillow inserts- love them so much! great picks all around!

  2. Down pillow inserts, yesssssss!!!! I have them everywhere too and they are so affordable! The black and white plates, what??? I need those. You make Ikea look amazing and I am not surprised one bit. Loved reading your list of faves!

  3. Jennifer, I love all your Ikea finds too! Especially that black and white rug, I can see why you fell in love with it. I need another room to use that in! Also those striped plates, who knew?! You are my fellow black and white lover! So happy to join you ladies today.

  4. I am not an IKEA fan at all (seems cheaply made), but I do like the striped plates. I have been to the one in Atlanta a couple times. I do n't miss it at all.

    1. It's definitely a "pick and choose" kind of place, but I think their selection gets better all the time, and there are some great staples to be found.

  5. LOVE all your great choices, Jennifer, and your styling is spot on! I forgot all about the inserts, they're the only ones I use! That rug looks SO perfect on your patio, too! And, the plants are fabulous too, I've seen fiddle leaf figs for a great price.

  6. OK I am absolutely grabbing one of those baskets next time I'm there - love! And that rug has always been one of my favorites - looks so good on your patio!

  7. Can you believe I've never got to go to an IKEA? We don't have any near our home. Love the rug on your patio! What a great outdoor space you have!

    1. Thank you Jan! Oh, the first few times I went it was SO overwhelming... wore me out! Now I always keep a running list of what I want to check when I'm there, I don't get to go very often.

  8. I love all the colors in your home and how welcoming it looks. Where did you purchase the pagoda pillow on your patio? Do you purchase outdoor pillow inserts?

    1. Thank you Christa. The pagoda pillows are from At Home. I don't use specific outdoor inserts, just wash them occasionally as I mentioned in the post.

  9. I too love feather inserts but the closest Ikea is 2 hours away. Now everytime I go to a thrift store I check all the throw pillows for feather inserts. They always have a zipper cover so I donate that back. When I get home I throw the insert into washer with hot water and a little disinfectant and then into the dryer with a dryer ball. If I need an insert size I don't have then I sew up a pillow form and transfer feathers. Very economical for making euro size feather inserts. Just make sure the insert doesn't have a rip in the seam. Feathers everywhere!

  10. Your home is so much fun! All the color and patterns - it's so lively and unique!! Ps I adore your pom pom napkin rings, how adorable!

  11. Wow! The way you use the items from Ikea! Crushing on the striped blak & white striped plates.


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