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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hello friends, it's time for another round of My Five Favorites with Pam from Simple Details and Lisa from Shine Your Light.  Kris from Driven by Decor is hard at work finishing up her family room for the One Room Challenge, she'll be back with us next month.

Today we're sharing our favorite recipes for the holidays.  I focused on the recipes that are my go-to, tried and true winners to take to parties or to serve when hosting a gathering in our home.

We're so happy to welcome our guest Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home. She truly does have a classic, casual style that is evidenced in her home and the homes she works on for her clients.  I love how she helped one client freshen up her dining room and entry without spending a lot of money or replacing key pieces.  You must see the before and after, truly a remarkable transformation with not much more than paint and hard work!

But, as pretty as her decorating is, Mary Ann is here to share her favorite holiday recipes with us. I can't wait to see what she, Pam, and Lisa have to share with us, I'm ready to try something new!

Favorite recipes for the Holidays  ||  Holiday Party Recipe Ideas

As I shared in the post for this recipe, it's a staple at every holiday gathering for our family.  It's a good side to accompany your holiday meal, can also be a dessert, and may or may not even stand in for breakfast if there's any left the day after the holiday (not that I would know...).

Favorite recipes for the Holidays  ||  Holiday Party Recipe Ideas  ||  easy cheeseball recipe

This is actually a year-round favorite recipe, but it's an especially good appetizer for parties.  It uses four simple ingredients, comes together in just a few minutes, and couldn't be easier.  The flavors are a good mix of savory, tangy, and creamy.

Favorite recipes for the Holidays  ||  Holiday Party Recipe Ideas  ||  easy punch recipe

This recipe sounds strange, but TRUST ME and try it!  It really tastes nothing like lemon or iced tea.  I can't put my finger on what it does taste like, all I know is I want to guzzle it by the tumbler full when I make it.  A great non-alcoholic option for your parties that kids and adults will both love.

Favorite recipes for the Holidays  ||  Holiday Party Recipe Ideas  ||  Chocolate covered bon bons  ||  holiday desserts and sweet treats

This is an old family recipe, and was always a favorite when I was growing up to make with my Mom.  I was the chocolate dipper.  :)  These can be made in advance and kept in the freezer, so you can pull out just as many as you need, let them thaw a bit, and they're ready to go (but they're SO good almost frozen, just soft enough to eat, too!).  I like to have these on hand for entertaining, but a bag full also makes a great little gift for a friend or neighbor.  If you like butter and sugar, these are for you!

Favorite recipes for the Holidays  ||  Holiday Party Recipe Ideas  ||  crockpot meatballs recipe

I almost didn't include this one because the photos aren't very good, but these meatballs are seriously the best.  The traditional meatball is better than the turkey meatball in my opinion, but the sauce is really the key here.  I make these throughout the year, actually- they're a huge hit when I make them for our Vacation Bible School teachers every year, and I always have a pot of them at our Christmas Eve party every year, too.  Honestly, RAVE REVIEWS on these every time!


Favorite recipes for the Holidays  ||  Holiday Party Recipe Ideas  ||  candied almonds  ||  treats

This one is too good not to include, too!  How addicting are candied almonds?  Yum!  I make a big batch of these in the crock pot and keep them on hand to use at holiday parties, or divide them up into treat bags for party guests to take home.  They're also good to stick in someone's stocking!

What's your favorite go-to recipe for the holidays?  Be sure to head over to Simple Details, Shine Your Lightand Classic Casual Home to check out their favorite recipes, too.  

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  1. Great round up of yummy recipes! I have made that punch using a couple different flavors of crystal light drink mix - yummy - peach tea is my fav!

  2. Oh yum! Definitely trying your almonds, I like using them in salads, too. Having a bunch around to snack on could be dangerous at my house! :)

  3. What what what with the crock pot almonds???? I need to try those!! These all sound fantastic Jennifer, can't wait to make your meatballs!

  4. wonder you are the perfect hostess! I will make that punch, for sure! And the almonds are a great gift to put at each place setting.

  5. I made your punch and it was loved by everyone! In fact it is now requested when I have parties or gatherings. So. Good.


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