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Monday, October 31, 2016


Hey friends!  I took a little un-intended break for a while, so I'm so glad you're here today.  We took a few days off for Fall Break last weekend, and this past week I just needed a bit of space away from the online world.  But, I'm back in gear and ready to share some good things with you this week (come back tomorrow for this month's My Five Favorites!).

The kids were out of school for a few days a week and a half ago, so we took a quick road trip to the Ozarks and spent some time at Silver Dollar City and around Branson.  It's SUCH a good trip to do in the Fall, everything is beautiful and the weather is so nice.

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The park is nestled among bountiful gorgeous trees and is all decked out for Fall.  These life size horses made out of straw (or corn husks?  I'm not sure) were a work of art!

What a difference a few years makes!  The photo on the left was from 4 or 5 years ago.

Caleb and I took the time to tour Marvel Cave, which SDC was built around.  The others weren't thrilled about being cramped down in a hole in the ground so they skipped it, but we enjoyed the tour and thought it was well worth the time away from the park.

For the first time, we turned the kids loose to do their own thing in the park a few times and it was really nice to just leisurely roam!

 If you're in the Branson area, stopping to eat a Lambert's is a must.  The rest of the family had been at various times, but it was actually my first.  You must stay alert, though... when you want a hot roll they toss it across the room to you!!  And, this is the first place when they didn't have to re-fill my husband's cup 542 times, they serve your drink in a huge mug.  He's a heavy (water) drinker!

My son plays percussion in band (see a short clip of him in action here), so we were also busy this past week wrapping up marching season with our last home game and a state marching contest in the Tulsa area (Broken Arrow).

I'm amazed at how hard band kids work during marching season, and am so proud of him and the entire group.  These are GREAT kids and I'm so glad that he's flourishing in something he loves so much.

While we were in Broken Arrow we had some free time so I visited a few local antique/vintage malls (more on those stops coming soon).  I picked up a few random odds and ends, and then I came across these handsome vintage fellows!  I simply could not leave without them.

It was almost dark before I remembered to take a photo, but you get the idea.

After looking for similar ones online, they appear to be missing their tusks, but that's ok with me.  They've apparently had a hard life, but I'm going to try to remedy the sagging tray tops.  The paint is chipping off badly, so I think a new paint job will also be in store.  At least one of them will go out on the patio and I really can't decide yet on a color, but how cute is this guy in hot pink?  Any suggestions?

Thanks for hanging in there with me, we'll be back to normal this week!

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  1. that park looks awesome! you guys are adorable. too. :)

  2. Looks like y'all had a fabulous time away! The elephants are so cute.

  3. Looks like you had a great time away! The park looks like so much fun! I love the elephants!

  4. So much fun! We've never been to that part of the country, and always heard so many great things about it, another one on the bucket list for me for sure! Love your wicker elephants! I would love them in pink, but, I would also love them in Yellow!

  5. Thank you so much for the travel tips! We're headed there right after Thanksgiving and will check out Lambert's!

  6. i have followed your blog for a long time and always wanted to comment about your beautiful home but didn't take the time...but today, when I saw the pic of pure joy on your son's face as he played teh just spoke to my heart~beautiful family supporting one another! Really, so awesome to reminded me of my daughters when they were younger and the look on their faces when they were acting or dancing..pure delight. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Those wicker elephants are adorable! What a great find! :)

  8. I Was wondering if something was going on since you had not posted in several days. Glad to know you were taking a well deserved break and looks like you had some wonderful family time, but just know you were missed!

  9. I think the wicker elephant in your signature green would be AWESOME!

  10. Cute elephants! I had a pink elephant once, so I whole-heartedly support the pink. You have a beautiful family.


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