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Monday, August 1, 2016


So, my kids have officially started the countdown to school... just 19 more days for us! #booalarmclocks   I can't believe how the summer has flown by. We've enjoyed it and stayed busy for sure, and things have kept moving right along here on the blog as well.  So, here's a summer re-cap, just in case you've been on vacation or living at the pool or binging on too much Netflix!

We kicked things off in June with two big tours- the inside of our house for summer, and the reveal of our completed patio that's been in progress since last summer!

In anticipation of the Fourth of July, I shared some favorite red, white, and blue tabletop accessories from Target, and then used some similar things that I already owned to create my own red, white, and blue tablescape for the holiday.

I've had a blast as a member of At Home's Inspiration Team this summer and shared some ideas with you to make entertaining a little easier and more enjoyable.  With lots of kids over to play and several gatherings to host through the summer, we needed to make our driveway (aka basketball and ping pong hang-out) a little more welcoming and guest-friendly.  A new cart filled with entertaining pieces also made the perfect beverage station for outdoor (and later indoor!) parties.

Our My 5 Favorites series continued over the summer, where my co-hosts and I told you My 5 Favorite DIY Projects and My 5 Favorite Fabrics.  I also talked about my colorful toile pillows that you guys love, and gave you some options for other colorful toile fabric picks.

In a completely random Friday Favorites post, I spilled all the details about my lipstick, a fast, fantastic homemade pizza dough, and a fun meet-up!

With holidays and kids around to cook for and fresh veggies in abundance, I shared a few more of my favorite tried and true recipes.

After my real orchids lost their blooms, I spilled this little trick for a part faux/part real orchid arrangement while I wait for them to re-bloom (fingers crossed!).

We did slip away for our family vacation a few weeks ago, and a couple of blog friends were kind enough to fill in for me!  Mallory from Style Your Senses and Eliesa from Pinterest Addict each shared their all-time top 5 favorite projects from their homes.  These posts were packed with major eye candy and fantastic ideas, check them out if you missed them!

I finally got around to sharing the tutorial for how I painted the gingham walls in our Powder Bath, and I'm so crazy about the pattern that I rounded up some favorite gingham finds.

Whew!  I think I'M ready to hit the pool for a while!  Soaking up these last 19 days!  I'm actually headed to Atlanta later this week for the Haven blog conference.  We'll have a little extra time here and there, so if anyone has any must-do restaurant (Buckhead area) or shopping suggestions (thrift stores???), I'm all ears!

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  1. teach me your ways, oh beautiful blog! Everything is GORGEOUS!!! I loved catching up on all of your posts! xox

  2. Ok, I went out and bought 3 colors of the lipstick you use. I have a couple of questions beyond what you mentioned. Do you use a pencil liner? I find it a little hard to outline where I want the lipstick. My lips have thinned as I've gotten older, so I like to go just slightly beyond the lip line. Even with using the moisturizer stick a lot, do you find that the lipstick ends up looking a little "chapped" after awhile? Of course, you have younger lips than me, so it may work differently due to that. Great tip on applying with mouth held wide as it dries, BTW. Since you have been a continuous user for a long time, maybe you wouldn't mind sharing a few more details on using this lipstick? Thanks for all your tips, beauty-full!


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