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Friday, October 19, 2012


Yesterday I finally got around to making our porch a bit more ready for Fall. 

A few nights ago my sister came over and we had a pumpkin painting party.  Are you surprised that mine are black and white?

I kept one pumpkin orange for a shot of color, and added a fun monogram.


Using the same method I showed you last year, I used woodens skewers and crab apples to ring a pot of mums.


My side porch got a few mums and painted pumpkins, also.  The kids made the small ones at Kids' Safety Day at Home Depot a few weeks ago.

This pumpkin was super quick...spray painted gold then I used straight pins to stick on large paillette sequins.

So that's it!  Simple this year, but enough to feel festive!  I hope you have such a happy weekend.  We don't have many definite plans, but I'm working on a big project I can't wait to finish.  Here's hoping it's smooth sailing!

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  1. so cute! I'm a big fan of black and white too!

  2. Black, white and and gold...who would have predicted? :) Love your unique and festive look!

  3. Oh so pretty Jennifer! Love the touch of fun you bring to a space with those monogrammed pumpkins in gold, black & white!

  4. Love all the painted pumpkins! They are so fun. Your home looks so welcoming!

  5. Super cute - I love the black and white striped one! Take care, Laura

  6. How cute! I wouldn't have ever thought to paint the stripes on the pumpkin. Looks great. Your ferns still looks so pretty. Ours do too and I'm half way wondering if they might make it through the winter here. We'll see...I'm learning a whole new gardening life here in Dallas.

  7. Hey Jennifer!
    Are those ferns that you have by your front door? I am terrible at keep plants alive and was wondering if they are pretty hardy? LOVE reading your blog, took me several nap times but I read the whole thing and have loved following you!!

  8. Very cute! I should have a pumpkin painting party - that sounds like fun. I will put it on my to-do list for NEXT fall!

  9. Your porch looks fabulous!! LOVE your painted pumpkins!!

  10. Jennifer, your pumpkins turned out so cute! I'm just sitting here in awe of those gorgeous ferns and the fact you kept them alive through our awfully hot summer! I threw mine out weeks ago! :) You Fall porch-scape is beautiful!

  11. You've done a great job with those pumpkins. They all are so big and can be a great canvass to paint on. What a fantastic idea.
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  12. Beautiful! Of course I love the black & white but that gold with the bling is calling my name too. :)



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