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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I did it!

Well, almost!


They've come together well so far, but the back is the part I've been the most nervous about.  It will be a panel that will cover edge to edge, with cording around it.  I'm working away, and off to find a few tutorials to help me with this part.  Anyone reading have any advice?

(If you need a reminder, here is the plan for the dining room.  I'll update you on where I am as soon as the chairs are finished!)

And, I wanted to wish a very Happy Birthday to my Dad today!

Almost everything I've learned about anything DIY related I've learned from him.  He is the perfect example of a life lived with kindness, discipline, patience, a calm spirit, hard work, and a solid devotion to the Lord. 

Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.  We're ready to party tonight!

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  1. Oh those are looking gooood! And such sweet words about your dad!

  2. what you did so far is killin me.... LOOOVE

  3. Wow! Looking good! Happy Birthday to your Dad.

  4. I always know when it's quiet over here you are busy working away on something fabulous!! I wouldn't have guessed a neutral! The back was the part of my chairs that intimidated me and made me send them to the upholsterer, it had a metal strip against the frame with spikes to grab the fabric. Sorry, no help here!

  5. You did it. That chair looks like its fit for a queen. Its perfect and ain't messy. It looks like it was made by a professional.
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  6. Awww Happy Birthday to your dad! Enjoy celebrating with him - he sounds wonderful!

    Your host chairs - I'm speechless!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! This one looks fabulous already - you are so talented!!

  7. The idea of this project is too scary until I read this tutorial the other day;

    Hope it helps!

    1. Thanks Laurie. Thanks one of my favorite blogs and I LOVE that chair. The wood frame will be completely covered on the back of my chair, so this method won't quite work. I'm itching to find a chair and try something fun like that one, though!

  8. Looks great so far! I've always been petrified of trying to do upholstery. I'm impressed!

  9. So far so good. They have already come a long way!

  10. Advice?? You bet,...drop your tools and get out while you can!!

  11. Umm no advice....bu I really want to marry your house!!!!!!!

  12. Cool! The front looks awesome! And I know you will get the back figured out too!

  13. Great job!! I have no clue about upholstery...wish I did. I know this chair will look as though it were professionally done when you finish.

    Hope you had a wonderful celebration with your Dad! I didn't have that type relationship with mine so I always think it's awesome when someone does.


  14. That chair is stunning. I really have to start looking a bit harder at some of the chairs I see in thrift shops. Yours has great bones, which make it look so great with its new look.


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