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Monday, October 29, 2012


Two years ago I realized I had never had a silhouette of my kids made.  I admired Nester's and followed her link to the silhouette artist that she used and recommended.  

After visiting with her through her website (she's not local for me), I sent  Lena Bengtson a couple of profile photos of my kids with a few special instructions that I wanted included in the silhouette.  A short time later I received my silhouettes, framed them, and have enjoyed them every day since.  They are not super cheap, but I think are a very fair investment considering the effort and artistry that go into making them, and I'm considering mine an heirloom!

Her precision cuts and attention to detail are remarkable.  I love the eyelashes and details with the hair.

Maybe if you had an eagle eye you've noticed them in my home:

I wish I had done this when my kids were little bitty, those baby silhouettes are precious!

I'm working to finish up a project for the Pinterest Challenge Link Party tomorrow, and I've had silhouettes on my mind.  Here are some fun images of silhouettes incorporated into the decor:

Nesting Place

Holly Mathis Interiors

Holly Mathis Interiors

                                                                                    Source: via Limor on Pinterest

Gibson Lane Studio

Country Living

Traditional Home

And, appropriate for the season-


Alright, I'm off to the dentist and then finishing up my project!

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  1. All those projects are so beautiful. Megan

  2. Great idea to have them done, they'll only be more special as time passes. Her detailing is amazing, thanks for the source ~ I think I need one, too!

  3. They turned out beautiful. She does great work! Must get these...x4!

  4. Beautiful! I have thought this would be a fun thing to do too :)

  5. Really beautiful! She does amazing detail work. I adore the silhouettes with babies, toddlers, etc. Just adorable!



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