Saturday, March 25, 2017


I absolutely love this home tour.  

Can you believe that Easter is only 3 weeks away?  These painted carrots are adorable, and you won't believe where they're from and what they started out as! (They were only $1 if that gives you a hint!)

If you don't have this cleaner, you absolutely must get some!  I've had my bottle for a long time, and while it technically says it's a carpet cleaner, it is fabulous for upholstery too.

To prove my point... these white tufted chairs.  I'm actually stunned that we've had them for about 4 years and haven't had any major spills on them.  Until last week.  On the last night before both kids headed off for Spring Break, I fixed a big dinner of roast, carrots, potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls... Just as we sat down and were fixing our plates, I picked up the full gravy bowl and for some reason it totally slipped out of my hands.  It fell on the table, but not before sloshing out all over my plate, the table, down my arm, leg, chair seat, and floor.  Yikes!  It was hot but thankfully my skin only got a little red and my clothes caught the brunt of it on my body, but it was all over one side of the chair.  It was one of those spills that was so bad I didn't really know where to start cleaning it up.  We got everything wiped up and I wiped the chair seat off with wet rag, and then sprayed it down with Folex and dabbed it a little more.  I was too flustered to even think about taking a photo with gravy all over the chair, but this is how it looked after I had cleaned it off (still wet, but you can see how big of an area was spilled on, a few spots on the back too). The next morning after it dried, I couldn't believe that the chair looked perfect!  I've used it on Cheetos smudges on the sofa, dirt spots, several mystery small spots on both sets of dining chairs, and my husband recently used it on some difficult carpet stains.  It's our favorite by far!

This is a charming garden patio makeover.  I live vicariously through Kimberly in her lovely London home!

I have one more favorite product for you today.  Spring Break has come and gone for most of us, and warm days with shorts and flip flops are right around the corner!  Are your feet ready?  I tried Baby Foot a few months ago, and let me tell you, it is fantastic and makes your feet so soft and smooth, well, just like a baby's foot!

As wonderful as the results are, the process is a little creepy, but worth it!  Here's my experience with it.  The package comes with two plastic booties that are filled with a chemical gel treatment.  Full instructions are included, but basically after soaking your feet to soften them up, you slip your feet inside the booties for an hour.  I put them on after a long bath, so my feet were ready, just be really careful moving around after the booties are on because they are slippery!  After the hour is up, slip them off and discard, and wash your feet off.  FYI, my feet started feeling a little tingly about half way through, and periodically through the next few days, but nothing uncomfortable at all, just a slight tingling sensation.  Then, you're supposed to soak your feet for a bit each day for about 2 weeks.  I used a plastic tub and just soaked them for a while while I was watching tv or sitting down each day, and honestly some days I forgot.  And after several days the magic starts to happen... all of the tough dead skin starts to peel off of your feet over the course of the next week or so.  You're supposed to leave it alone and let the skin peel off naturally, and the process only took a little over one week for me before my feet stopped peeling.  Not to be gross, but you might want to wear socks while you're sleeping to avoid the skin sloughing off in your sheets.  But afterwards, it honestly was amazing how soft and smooth they were.  Anyway, now is the time to think about using it if you want to try it, you don't want freaky (and they WILL look weird!) peeling feet for 2 weeks when you're already wearing flip flops and sandals every day.  You can read lots of reviews and see in process photos, but I'll spare you from posting those here. #yourewelcome  There are also a few warnings for the product that you'll want to check out, mainly just not using it if you have a cut or wound on your foot.  I'm probably the only girl alive who doesn't particularly enjoy getting a pedicure, but I didn't mind this at all and I think the results were a lot better, at least for me.   Let me know if you try it, I'd love to know what you think!

Since I can't leave with talk about peeling feet, I share an older post with you.  I actually had two questions on this subject in the last two days, so it probably deserves a repeat.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Hello friends, and welcome to my 2017 Spring Home Tour!  I've been a busy bee preparing for this day and I can't wait to show you around.  Let me begin with a big thank you to Marty of A Stroll Thru Life for organizing this tour, she always sends the nicest readers my way!  If you're visiting from Decorating Delirium, I'm so glad you stopped by.  Apparently Jennifer loves color and pattern just as much as I do!

Let's begin the tour today with my Entry at the front door.  I actually shared this space a few weeks ago with a new look for Spring, so here's just a little peek.  If you missed it earlier and want to see more, click over to see all of the details and more photos, including the 3 different ways that I styled it.

rugs USA Chroma Medallion Rug, spring entry, foyer decor, gold mirror, blue and white, french provincial dresser

Now that you're in the front door, come on in to the Living Room!  If you're new to Dimples and Tangles, you'll quickly see that I love loads of color and mixing and matching lots of patterns.

black and white striped curtains, brass trunk, spring living room decor, black and white betwixt, kate spade leokat, chaiag mai dragon, neutral sofa

Hands down, switching out pillows is the easiest change you can make in your space each season.  I've been busy making some new pillow covers, and as soon as I saw this new green leokat Kate Spade fabric, how could I pass it up?  I mean it IS my color and everything...

black and white striped curtains, neutral sofa, malakos malachite fabric, upholstered ottomans, brass trunk, cowhide rug, kate spade leokat pillow, schumacher betwixt, chiang mai dragon, botanical gallery wall

Fabrics Unlimited is a located in Oklahoma City, and I love stopping by and browsing their aisles... I always find beautiful designs there that I haven't seen anywhere else, like their new selection of Kate Spade fabrics.  You all sure do love some of the fabrics I've purchased there in the past, too, like the blue ikat I used on the Euro shams in my bedroom, the black and white buffalo check on my bamboo stools, and the pink and orange geometric in the lumbar pillows on my sofa today.

Kate Spade Leokat Fabric, Schumacher Betwixt Fabric, P Kaufmann Amazed fabric, Chiang Mai Dragon fabric, black and white striped drapes, chinoiserie lamp, head planter

This Kate Spade print is such a lovely designer fabric and Fabrics Unlimited has the best price on it that I've seen anywhere.  It's 100% linen so it's nice and thick and sturdy, perfect for pillows or it would make an amazing upholstered headboard!   Even though it's local for me, you can visit the Fabrics Unlimited website for contact information, and they would be happy to take phone orders and ship to you (tell them I sent you! :).

mulit color tassel trim, Kate Spade Leokat Pillow, Chiang Mai Dragon Pillow, P Kaufmann Amazed Pillow

brass trunk coffee table, blue and white porcelain, easter decor, spring living room, kate spade leokat, betwixt, chaing mai dragon, vintage handkerchief bunnies

If you're a regular reader here, did you notice something else new in the room too?

brass peacock fireplace screen, chalkboard art, striped drapes, upholstered ottomans, urbane bronze bookshelves, brass trunk, neutral sofa

My sewing machine has been working overtime this past week, I've been working on these new striped curtains too.  I've been wanting to make a change from the previous curtains (which I still love, and I know you do too, I'm not getting rid of them for good...) and even though they are both a black and white/cream color palette, these feel so much lighter and more crisp.  I'm going to post more about them next week and give you a tutorial if you want to try your hand at making your own drapes (it's really not that hard!).

scout and nimble neutral sofa, betwixt, kate spade leokat, colorful pillows, striped curtains, black and white decor, blue and white garden stool

We trimmed some trees over the weekend, and I saved the curly willow branches for the mantel.  They're more wild and dramatic in real life than they look in the photograph, so I kept the rest of the mantel simple.

blue and white, spring branches, chalkboard art, scripture verse, Micah 6:8, laurel wreath, urbane bronze mantel

blue and white urns, spring branches, malachite malakos upholstered ottomans, brass trunk, urbane bronze trim, ballard designs julian lamp, betwixt, chiang mai dragon, brass peacock fireplace screen

bookshelf styling, urbane bronze, leather recliner, ikea pillow, brass fireplace screen, blue and white, readers digest books
Leather Recliners  ||  Black and White Pillows here or here

I don't show this table very often, but the generous square size works nicely between the sofa and loveseat.  I am always drawn to vignettes styled with loads of stacked books, and the bottom level is just right for piling them on.  Tip: the bottom level is made of cane, so I spread some old books out underneath it (on the carpet) to alleviate the weight of the stacks of books on top of the cane.  I don't want it to tear!

coffee table styling, chinoiserie lamp, spring living room, shelf styling

vintage china, dominoes, black and white, blue and white garden stool, styling, spring home decor

I switched the places of the leather recliners and the loveseat , so the bamboo console table moved behind the loveseat.  I'm a little sad that it can't be seen when you walk in the front door anymore, but we really like this arrangement so much better.  I bought this scalloped bowl around Christmas and have the neatest story to tell you about it soon.

scalloped wood bowl, succulents, blue and white, spring home tour, bamboo console table, black and white buffalo check

The Dining Room just got a bit of fluffing since the last time you saw it.

green china cabinet, kate spade leokat fabric, blue glass lanterns, dining room centerpiece, hydrangeas, kate spade brush strokes table runner, blue and white, vintage crystal chandelier, blue willow, black and white houndstooth drapes, vintage cane wingback chairs

I picked up these nice sized potted hydrangeas at Aldi and hope to plant them outside when I'm sure we're past the possibility of a frost.  I also recently found this awesome Kate Spade table runner, I love that it has every single color I could want in it.

green china cabinet, blue and white pottery, blue willow, china hutch styling, vintage crystal chandelier, Lamps Plus Uttermost Petrizzi Mirror, blue glass lanterns, kate spade brush stroke table runner

kate spade brush strokes table runner, blue and white foot bath, blue glass bamboo lantern, dining room centerpiece, dining room spring decor
Table Runner (extra 25% off with code VIP)

And it's perfect paired with the Leokat pillows!

antique dining table with turned legs, vintage cane wingback chair, kate spade leokat fabric, blue glass lanterns, blue willow, green china cabinet, houndstooth drapes

I also added these fabulous bamboo lattice pillows from Shelby Dillon Studio flanking the china cabinet.  

Shelby Dillow Studio bamboo lattice pillow, green china cabinet, china hutch styling, louis dining chairs, uttermost petrizzi wall mirror

There are SO many good designs available, and although I usually sew my own pillows, can I just say how wonderful it is to open a box and pull out a beautiful pillow... down insert already stuffed inside and all? #fantastic!  These are definitely more neutral than I usually get, but I l branched out on purpose because I love the pattern and they will be perfect to mix in with so many different things.  I think they'll eventually land in our office, but things don't stay in one place for long around here.

Dining room styling, bamboo lattice pillow, Shelby Dillon Studio, blue glass bamboo lantern

blue willow, dining room styling, dining room centerpiece, hydrangea centerpiece, shelby dillon bamboo pillow, louis dining room side chairs

The black and white stripes made their way into the Kitchen Breakfast Nook too, it feels so much brighter now!

gingham settee at table, buffalo check bench, kitchen eating area, antique dining table, wicker elephant side table, cat studio pillow, botanical gallery wall, black and white striped drapes, cowhide rug
Tufted Upholstered Chairs  ||  Cowhide Rug  ||  Botanical Gallery Wall Tutorial and Prints

milk glass punch bowl, kitchen table styling, monogram pagoda napkins, blue willow, hobnail glasses, acrylic tray, botanical gallery wall

blue willow, west elm acrylic tray, kitchen table styling, cupcake pedestal, lboriginals, preppy paper girl, monogrammed pagoda napkins

black and white striped curtains, striped drapes, tufted upholstered dining chairs, wicker elephant side table, togo spotted pillows, cat studio state Oklahoma pillow, botanical gallery wall

striped drapes, black and white striped curtains, bamboo shades, vintage chandelier, gingham settee, buffalo check bench, plaid loveseat, cat studio pillow, kitchen eating area, togo pillow, dalmatian print pillow, cowhide rug

In the past few weeks I've shared a fresh look at our  Office and Master Bedroom with you too.  I'll give you a peek here and you can click the link under the photo for the full post and all of the details if you missed them the first time.

green upholstered headboard, blue ikat kalah curtains, bamboo bench, brass chandelier, bedroom styling, bamboo mirror, juju hat, chiang mai dragon, xu garden pillow

master bedroom fireplace, gallery wall, greek key sconces, neutral wingback chairs, skin tight ebony leopard pillow, brass tray table, mounted tv gallery wall

bamboo chippendale chair, blue and white garden stool, gold peacock mirror, office styling, blue and white lamp

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Now head over to Doreen's charming home at Hymns and Verses to see the next tour for today, and be sure to stop by and check out these other lovely homes this week, too. 

Monday – March 20

Tuesday – March 21

Wednesday – March 22

Thursday – March 23

Friday – March 24

*Thank you to Fabrics Unlimited for partnering with me for this post.  
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Monday, March 13, 2017


My kids are on Spring Break this week, but they left us!

Caleb is in San Francisco this week with about 40 high school students and adult leaders partnering with First Baptist Church there on some mission projects.  They are serving at a local elementary school sprucing up the playground and doing some Spring Cleaning inside the school, visiting with homeless people in the area that the church ministers to, and generally just building relationships and serving in the community to share Jesus' love.

Emily is in Texas with another group of students and adults working at Mission Arlington for the week, spending their days in Vacation Bible School type settings at local apartment complexes and churches working with elementary age children during their Spring Break.

So.... Ray and I are on our own this week!  We're planning to do a few fun things later in the week, but for now he's working and I have big plans at home.  I desperately need to clean out every cabinet, closet, nook, and cranny!  I'm ready to be ruthless!  #hugegaragesalecoming Oh, and I need to finish up getting our taxes ready to send in.  Doesn't that sound like so. much. FUN????  #notreally

I've been drowning in "stuff" for a while that I need to stop and address, so I'm actually looking forward to these few days with some uninterrupted time to put my head down and just work.  So, this will be my only post for the week so I can put all of my time and efforts into one focused area.

On top of that, I also have a few projects to do this week in preparation for my Spring Home Tour that you'll get to see next week, so if someone could add a few more days to Spring Break, I'd appreciate it!  ;)

See ya next week (maybe Saturday for a Sweet Saturday)!  

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Thursday, March 9, 2017


It's hard for me to believe, but it's been almost 2 years since I completed my Master Bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge.  There was a lot of work accomplished in 6 weeks, but a few of the things I did were just "for now", and I knew there were still some small changes I'd want to make in the future that didn't allow for such a rushed deadline at the time, or I hadn't found quite the right piece.  I made a few choices based on what was readily available and what I could finish quickly.  I was still very happy with the finished room, but over these few years I've been changing small things here and there, so here's the refresh as of yesterday!

Although it's nothing really major, there are two main changes I made:  the bedskirt and the accessories on the headboard wall.  With all of the color I previously used white for the bedding and skirt, but it was a little too stark for me.  I ended up ordering more of the same fabric I used on the headboard to make a new bedskirt.  I love it SO much more than the white (see the before here).  It really grounds the bed now, and makes the bed appear like one custom piece.


Would you believe that the skirt is virtually no-sew?  I did have to put one seam in the side pieces to make them long enough. Technically I could have used hem tape for that seam like I did on the rest of it, so you truly could make this with no sewing.  I used the same process that I did for the bedskirt in my son's room, see the full DIY here.  I love this method because you can make the skirt exactly the size you want, and there's no shifting or sliding once it's in place.  I found the trim at Hobby Lobby (discontinued now but they have others that are similar) and used fabric glue to attach it.   

One other change that we recently made was a new set of sheets!  Serena & Lily sent me their Cut Circle Sheet Set to try out.  Talk about nice packaging, look at this adorable bag that the sheets were wrapped up in.  I'm fairly sure that I'll never get the sheets folded that nicely again to store them in the bag, but it will be handy to have when traveling to stash small things in my suitcase.

Can you believe that I've NEVER had patterned sheets on this bed?!? #shocker  They really are just the finishing touch that the bed needed, and these sheets are gorgeous.  They're 100% cotton so they stay cool but cozy, and with a nice 300 thread count they look crisp while being so soft!  I'll confess, I've never been a "fold back the top sheet" bed maker before, but these are just too pretty to hide away!

One other tiny change... I originally made the pink and orange pillows to fit a king size pillow, but it was a little too much, so I cut them down into throw pillows.  With some extra fabric I made a few smaller lumbar pillows to match that I'll add to the living room for Spring (tour coming in 2 weeks!).

Housekeeping Tip: All of my throw pillows have down inserts.  Occasionally, I'll throw the whole thing in the dryer for about 15 minutes.  It fluffs them up beautifully, and also helps to remove the dust that builds up inside the cover.  Try at your own risk, but I've even done it with my pricey designer fabrics and they came out perfectly.

On the wall, I changed everything that is hanging.  You all have seen bits and pieces of these changes in some seasonal tours, but I haven't really addressed them specifically yet.  When designing the room, I had always planned to have a pair of mirrors over the nightstands, but hadn't come across anything I loved yet.  For a while I had this pair or mirrors there, but when I found the bamboo mirrors I wanted them here instead and moved the other pair to the dining room.  The juju hat adds interest, height, and texture over the bed, while remaining neutral and allowing the headboard and pillows to be the focal point.

Here's the story on the mirrors (because there's always a story with second hand treasures, right?).  I found one as I was browsing Craigslist about a year ago.  It was about 45 minutes completely across town, but for FIVE dollars, I couldn't get there fast enough!  I have admired this style of mirror for so long, but hadn't come across one yet.  I also knew that I would want a pair of these mirrors.  I like them so much that I wanted two.  ;)

For the next several months, I put my family on the alert to keep their eyes open at the thrift store and at the vintage mall where my parents have a booth, and I kept scouring Craigslist and our local Facebook garage sale sites.  In desperation, I posted a "wanted" ad on a few of those Facebook sites.  I included a price limit that I would pay, a photo, and the measurements of the mirror, because I wanted an exact match and they can vary a little bit.  Surprisingly, a few months after my wanted post, someone contacted me and said they had a match!  Woo hoo!  It was filthy (like it was in a barn for 30 years) and a little faded, but I used some Rub & Buff to restore the frame and after lots of scrubbing it was good as new.

That pink tassel on the lamp has been in 3 of my spaces lately, I love it so much I keep moving it around.  I intended to use it clipped to a handbag, but it hasn't made it out of the house yet! I think it's time to buy another (it comes in blue and orange too, so cute!).  The green lamps moved in here a few weeks ago when I put the white ones in the Entry.

This room is full of secondhand pieces and DIY projects.  I think that's what I love about it the most.  I don't think anything has changed in the sitting area, I can't tell you how much I love lying in bed looking at these faces and memories every day!

My tricky disguise to hide the tv cords...

So, proof that a "finished" space is never really finished around here.  There's always room for improvement!   Although many of my items are vintage or made by me,  I'm including some products below to help you get a similar look.  I tried to list sources and related tutorials below, but let me know if you have questions.

Trellis Rug-Rugs USA  ||   Swing Arm Lamps- (Lamps Plus no longer available but recently seen here  ||  Nightstand Ring Pulls-D. Lawless Hardware  ||  Fireplace- Craigslist with DIY upgrade  ||  Wingbacks- vintage Ethan Allen, Craigslist  ||  Chair Fabric- Richloom "Olson"  ||  Chandelier- Craigslist Makeover  ||  Armoire- made by my Dad, re-stained in darker finish  ||  Brass Tray Table- Craigslist  ||  Bamboo Bench- Craigslist, makeover, Palm Fabric  ||  DIY Pom Pom Basket  (similar here) Pillow Fabric:  Xu GardenP Kaufmann "Amazed", Leopard-Hobby Lobby, Blue Ikat Dots-name unknown, Fabrics Unlimited in OKC, Chiang Mai Dragon  ||  Headboard and Bedskirt Fabric- Robert Allen "Malachite"  ||  Bedskirt Trim- Hobby Lobby  ||  Sheets   ||  White Coverlet Quilt and Duvet Cover- TJ Maxx  ||  Bamboo Mirrors- Craigslist  ||  Green Lamps  ||  Pink Lamp Tassel  ||  Curtains:  Duralee "Kalah", made by me (other fabric here or here)  ||  Curtain Rod-Home Depot wooden pole, finials were thrifted  ||  Bamboo Shades  ||  1994 plaque-Ramsign  ||  Juju Feather Hat  ||  Frames- mostly thrifted, thin ones from Michael's  ||  Blue and White Pieces- Ross  ||  Wall Color- Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray  ||  Spray Paint colors- Rustoleum Meadow Green and Metallic Gold



*Thank you Serena & Lily for providing product for this post.  Affiliate links used for your shopping convenience.  I may earn a small commission through these links at no extra cost to you.  Thanks for supporting Dimples and Tangles to keep great content coming!

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