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Friday, March 31, 2017


My botanical gallery wall has been one of the best DIY decor investments I've made over the years.  It fills a large space, and with it's classic, timeless appeal I've had it in place for over 5 years now and have never grown tired of it yet.  And, coming in with a total price of around $100, it was pretty affordable for the high impact it gives.

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Here are a few botanical books with pages suitable for framing if you'd like to create your own botanical wall.  There are so many pretty options, I think I could do a different wall in each room!  I've linked to each book underneath it's photo.  Most of them have a preview of the pages inside if you click on the link.

This is the book that I used for my wall.  I did my gallery wall and a slightly smaller one for my sister-in-law, and there are still plenty of pictures left in the book.  One thing to note with this book, it has a crazy fluctuation in the price.  I paid around $35 for it, it's currently around $70, and I've seen it for as high as $200!  I have no idea why that is (if you do I'd love to know!), but if you're interested in it I'd recommend just checking on it frequently and striking when the price is low.

I really want to purchase this next one soon.  All of the botanicals are on a black background and the colors are so vibrant!

These selections are in a series with 6 available editions.  They unfortunately don't show previews of any of the content pages, but just from the covers I think I'd risk taking a chance on one.  Plus, if they've published 6 in the series, they must be good!  These as well as the last two books specifically state that the pages are blank on the back so that they are geared more specifically towards selecting the ones you like, removing the pages, and framing them.

I'd really like to have this fern prints book too... see, I told you I could do a botanical wall in every room!

How fun would this one be if you live in a warm climate/desert area?

There's more information in the original tutorial post if you want to know about the frames or the assembly process.

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  1. The reason for the high prices on the first book is that Assouline is considered a publisher of high end books, so their work is usually really nice quality. Some of their books retail for thousdands and they're truly spectacular!

  2. Ever since I first saw your wall, I've wanted to try it in my home. After seeing the botanicals on a black background, I will be looking to purchase the book. I absolutely love it!

  3. I love your botanicals and your bird prints. I have an awesome botanical plate book tht I got several years ago that I am going to use for my botanical gallery wall, will be on the hunt for frames now. I just found a Florida large bird print book that I will be making into a wall gallery also. I have posted it on my blog

  4. I love your creativity with the botanical gallery wall, it's a great idea. My wife has painted several natural landscape settings and they are hung throughout our home. She loves plants and I think this could be a natural pivot to her talent, love of plants and interior decoration for our home. I have two questions:
    -Roughly, what is the area size of the wall that you put your prints on?
    -Since we're in Oklahoma, are you aware of any native prints in your recommended booklist that has the Gaillardia or Black Swallowtail butterfly or anything unique to Oklahoma? I didn't see anything when I looked.


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