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Saturday, March 25, 2017


I absolutely love this home tour.  

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Can you believe that Easter is only 3 weeks away?  These painted carrots are adorable, and you won't believe where they're from and what they started out as! (They were only $1 if that gives you a hint!)

If you don't have this cleaner, you absolutely must get some!  I've had my bottle for a long time, and while it technically says it's a carpet cleaner, it is fabulous for upholstery too.

To prove my point... these white tufted chairs.  I'm actually stunned that we've had them for about 4 years and haven't had any major spills on them.  Until last week.  On the last night before both kids headed off for Spring Break, I fixed a big dinner of roast, carrots, potatoes, gravy, green beans, rolls... Just as we sat down and were fixing our plates, I picked up the full gravy bowl and for some reason it totally slipped out of my hands.  It fell on the table, but not before sloshing out all over my plate, the table, down my arm, leg, chair seat, and floor.  Yikes!  It was hot but thankfully my skin only got a little red and my clothes caught the brunt of it on my body, but it was all over one side of the chair.  It was one of those spills that was so bad I didn't really know where to start cleaning it up.  We got everything wiped up and I wiped the chair seat off with wet rag, and then sprayed it down with Folex and dabbed it a little more.  I was too flustered to even think about taking a photo with gravy all over the chair, but this is how it looked after I had cleaned it off (still wet, but you can see how big of an area was spilled on, a few spots on the back too). The next morning after it dried, I couldn't believe that the chair looked perfect!  I've used it on Cheetos smudges on the sofa, dirt spots, several mystery small spots on both sets of dining chairs, and my husband recently used it on some difficult carpet stains.  It's our favorite by far!

This is a charming garden patio makeover.  I live vicariously through Kimberly in her lovely London home!

I have one more favorite product for you today.  Spring Break has come and gone for most of us, and warm days with shorts and flip flops are right around the corner!  Are your feet ready?  I tried Baby Foot a few months ago, and let me tell you, it is fantastic and makes your feet so soft and smooth, well, just like a baby's foot!

As wonderful as the results are, the process is a little creepy, but worth it!  Here's my experience with it.  The package comes with two plastic booties that are filled with a chemical gel treatment.  Full instructions are included, but basically after soaking your feet to soften them up, you slip your feet inside the booties for an hour.  I put them on after a long bath, so my feet were ready, just be really careful moving around after the booties are on because they are slippery!  After the hour is up, slip them off and discard, and wash your feet off.  FYI, my feet started feeling a little tingly about half way through, and periodically through the next few days, but nothing uncomfortable at all, just a slight tingling sensation.  Then, you're supposed to soak your feet for a bit each day for about 2 weeks.  I used a plastic tub and just soaked them for a while while I was watching tv or sitting down each day, and honestly some days I forgot.  And after several days the magic starts to happen... all of the tough dead skin starts to peel off of your feet over the course of the next week or so.  You're supposed to leave it alone and let the skin peel off naturally, and the process only took a little over one week for me before my feet stopped peeling.  Not to be gross, but you might want to wear socks while you're sleeping to avoid the skin sloughing off in your sheets.  But afterwards, it honestly was amazing how soft and smooth they were.  Anyway, now is the time to think about using it if you want to try it, you don't want freaky (and they WILL look weird!) peeling feet for 2 weeks when you're already wearing flip flops and sandals every day.  You can read lots of reviews and see in process photos, but I'll spare you from posting those here. #yourewelcome  There are also a few warnings for the product that you'll want to check out, mainly just not using it if you have a cut or wound on your foot.  I'm probably the only girl alive who doesn't particularly enjoy getting a pedicure, but I didn't mind this at all and I think the results were a lot better, at least for me.   Let me know if you try it, I'd love to know what you think!

Since I can't leave with talk about peeling feet, I share an older post with you.  I actually had two questions on this subject in the last two days, so it probably deserves a repeat.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. What a treat to see your post this morning. I love the carrots tip. Thanks for the tip for the upholstery/carpet cleaner also. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. I will go get that upholstery cleaner as I have several make up stains under my dressing table that I haven't been able to get out. The foot thing sounds pretty good, I don't like pedicures either. I am VERY ticklish so can't stand anyone touching my feet:) Happy Saturday!

  3. Wanted to let you know, I found the carpet cleaner at Lowes for $5.98! About half as much as Amazon!

    1. Oh, good to know. Thanks! I found some at Bed Bath and Beyond, too.

  4. I am a Folex fanatic as well. I have used it on everything from basic carpet stains to red wines stains on upholstery. It is remarkable and a great value too. I buy it at Ace now because Target stopped carrying it years ago. Truly a great product.

    1. I wish I had known about it sooner! Glad to know they have it at Ace too.

  5. Oh big yes to that cleaner. I used to buy one out of their line-up for red wine stains and it worked so so well. But they stopped selling it at that store

  6. Love the home tour, chiangmai heaven! LOL! And thanks for the tip on the cleaner, must try it!


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