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Friday, March 3, 2017


I took this photo a few days ago, planning to share it on Instagram and talk about the ginger jars, but the thought occurred to me that I needed to share about the head planter with you also.

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I get questions about it often, and although I found mine at Homegoods several years ago, I finally found an online source for the exact one.

I thought I'd share it with you today, as well as several others if you've had an eye out for one.  I don't care for the "tuscan" finish and color on some of these- if you like it as is that's great- but I've spray painted all of my busts (some several times!) and they've turned out great.

Shop the identical planter to mine here, or scroll through the photos below for some other options.

(The Easter Island one just made me laugh! "You give me gum gum dumb dumb!" #namethatmovie)

One thing to note, these do not have a long vase type opening (at least mine doesn't), so long stems or branches would not work well with it.  It truly is a planter, mine accomodates a 4-5" pot nicely.

P.S., I was going to tell my IG friends that I'm starting to see several blue and white pieces show up at Ross for Spring, it's time to keep an eye out!  That's where I get most of mine, you can't beat the prices!  I found those in the top photo earlier this week, and I can't NOT buy a pair when they have one.  ;)  Here are a few of my favorites available online, though, if you don't have a Ross in your area.

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  1. Love the blue and white! Makes me want to change ALL the colors in my house!

    The answer is "What is Night at the Museum??"


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