Friday, December 2, 2016


Goodness, did this week fly by or what?  I don't know why, but no matter how hard I try it still takes me at least a full week to decorate for Christmas.  That's a whole week of the house being a wreck (or more of a wreck than normal)!  Remember that mantel I showed you yesterday?  Well, if we had done a 180 with the camera you would have been shocked at the state of things around here.  Real life...  But, I'll get it wrapped up by tomorrow and be ready to share with you next week!

Today I'm excited to join in with some blogging pals as we each share an ornament with you.  Some are DIY projects, some are treasured vintage favorites, some are style statements.  I love how everyone's choices are so varied!

I chose to share a quick DIY ornament that my daughter and I put together in just a few minutes, they were so easy and fun!

I think when I made my snowman centerpieces it started the ball rolling on all things snowmen!  I found all of the parts at Hobby Lobby.  The "head" is actually a fake snowball that was in a pack of 4 in the Christmas section with the snowy batting and other snow accessories.  The top hats were with the Christmas crafts.  The eyes are small pom poms and the nose is a piece of pipe cleaner.  Hot glue held everything together, then we added a hanging loop to the back and tied ribbon around his neck for a scarf.

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to check out everyone else's ornament picks!  Here's a few more of my favorite DIY ornaments that I've made over the years.   Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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  2. I normally don't go for snowman but these are so cute and look so glamorous on your tree. You may have turned me into a snowman believer !! Xoxo

  3. So many cute ornament DIYs her. Now if onl I could ass a few extra hours to my day to sit down and make some. LOve how easy these are.

  4. you are on a snowman roll! these are sooo cute!

  5. I love that you made it with your daughter! You've got a great collection of DIY ornaments, I've gotta catch up!

  6. So cute! Now I totally have "Do you wanna build a snow man?" stuck in my head... Although in this case, maybe I should be singing, "Do you wanna craft a snow man?" :D

  7. What a fun activity with your daughter. My boys love crafts but most of them are a bit on the gaudy side!

  8. That idea decorating with scrabble letters is awesome! I've never thought that I can use my old game again. They can be personalised in so many different ways, it is just awesome. Wait for my pics, I will be more than happy to share my results with your blog.

  9. A ton of FUN ideas here that my kids would enjoy!!!!!!


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