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Thursday, December 1, 2016


When I shifted to using jewel tones on my tree this year, I knew I would continue that through the rest of my Christmas decor this year too.  Along with the tree, I feel like the mantel is the other major player in holiday decor.  If you have a tree and you're mantel is decorated, you don't need much more!  Once again, I found everything that I needed to spruce up my mantel from At Home Stores!

I started with my favorite chalkboard that I've had for years over the mantel.  In past years I've used a mirror there, but I'm liking this change this year.  Then,  I used a lighted star (how I added power to my mantel) and some paper decorations in my color palette that I already had to add some height, color, and fun to the top.  A few ornament clusters mixed in filled in empty spaces and added even more color, sparkle, and interest.

Then, I started working on the mantel shelf itself.  I found the best faux long needled pine stems I've ever seen at At Home and used those as a base.  Then, I filled it in a little more by taking a basic mixed garland and cutting it up into smaller pieces (about 1 foot long each), then tucking those here and there.

Decorating tip:  Cut apart a large garland and use smaller sections to make it easier to work with and more manageable.   

When I saw these wire deer (actually labeled moose on the website, but I think they look like bucks!) at the store, I knew right away I had to use them!  Reindeer have always been one of my favorite accessories to use at Christmas, and I loved the modern take on these.  And of course they needed a bow around their necks.  :)

Lastly, I scooped up a bunch of these cute colored metallic tinsel trees, and I think they're my favorite new thing that I've added into the mix this year (I couldn't find them on the website, but there are tons in store).  I put a few of them on clear candlesticks hidden in the greenery to vary the height a little bit, and added a few more ornament clusters.   If you've never done that, I use a pipe cleaner and just thread 3-4 ornaments together on it, moving all of their tops really close together, then twisting the wire closed.  You can adjust them around a little until the cluster looks the way you want it to, and then use the remainder of the pipe cleaner to wire it onto your greenery.  Just be careful not to pull on them too tightly when you're twisting them together, or the tops of the ornaments will pop off.  #trustme

  After adding our family stockings, that's all there was to it!

Star Pillow || Greek Key Pillow- At Home in store

Variety of ornaments used:
Jewel Tone Vintage Look set || Jewel Tone with Silver Glitter set || Turquoise Matte || Turquoise Shiny & Matte Mix || Purple Mix || Silver Mirrored Balls- Mini or  Set of 3 || Lime Green Shiny or Glitter || Red Shiny or Matte || Mini Multi-Color 

I've been working on another area that got a little Christmas cheer that I wanted to share with you today, too.  After a good, long run, I've done away with the wall of mirrors in my back hallway.  It was fun while it lasted and resulted in my first magazine feature, but after years of having it up I was ready to simplify that area.  However, my original purpose for the mirrors in that spot was to bounce some light around in a dark hallway, so I still wanted to have one, large mirror there.  I found this mirror among the one million that they carry :) and it was a perfect fit.   Of course, it wasn't green and I liked that pop of color from the previous mirrors, so a quick coat of spray paint fixed that.

I love the look of sconces flanking a mirror or artwork, but we didn't have the electrical capabilities for that, so I came up with this DIY version of a faux sconce!

I started with a pair of vintage candelabra sconces that I already had and knew that the shades that I painted and used on various chandeliers off and on would be a cute touch with the green.  I contemplated several options for the shaft of the light, but when I ran across these LED Taper Candles I hit the jackpot!  They are wax so they fit nice and securely in the candle base, and the frame of the shade clips around the top of the candle.

And... bonus... they actually DO light up, making the "faux" sconce even more convincing!  They're not super bright, just enough to give a warm flickering glow.  Here's a little tip that I stumbled on... they turn on and off by pulling the flame tip out of the top, which is attached to a cylinder housing the battery and a push button on the bottom for the power.  Well, I had been removing the shade, pulling out the center, turning the button on, and then putting it all back together to turn them off and on.  But yesterday I had a happy accident when I was putting the shade back on and pushed it down a little too hard, the candle turned on by itself!  Duh!  Now I discovered that I don't have to remove the shade and cylinder to turn them off and on, I can just tap on them from the top.  Even better!

Here's the view from the other way toward the door leading into the garage.  I've desperately needed a new rug there, but couldn't find one I liked that was the right size.  At Home to the rescue!  This was available in store but here's a similar rug online.

The sconces and antlers over the door got a little festive touch with another sprig of garland and an ornament cluster, too!

I'll be sharing my mantel and the rest of the living room, along with the rest of my Christmas decor in a couple of different home tours next week, hope to see you back then!

I have partnered with At Home as a member of the At Home Inspiration Team for this sponsored post and am happy to share some of my favorite products provided for me with you!  All opinions are mine alone.

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  1. it's all so fun and festive and i really love that green mirror!

  2. I LOVE your mantel! The colors and the paper fans are such an unexpected choice but it looks so festive and fun. I love the star pillow too!

  3. So cute Jennifer!! Love that sconce idea! I saw some battery taper candles at dollar tree the other day, curious as to how long they might last, but I may have to give them a try - so many possibilities! Love your colorful home friend!

  4. Love the mirror and the sconces are such a clever idea. Your Fireplace looks fabulous too. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Your decor is so inspiring. I check your blog every day just to make sure I don't miss a post. I love it when you post new ones. I appreciate the heads-up to At Home. We don't live close to one but I saw several items I'd love on their blog and pages. I couldn't figure out if they ship or not. Do you know?

    1. Hi Jayne, they don't offer online shopping just yet, but i believe they're working on it! I'll be sure to let everyone know if they can shop online at some point.

  6. So colorful and pretty Jennifer! How did you attach the star and fans to your mirror? I am using some paper lanterns etc. and have been hanging them with fishing line but would love to know what you do :)

    1. The cord is pretty long, so I drape it over the top and then down the back, and it stays put. A piece of duct tape across the cord against the back of the frame helps too. Then, I do a little of everything... some of them just balance on the frame, some I use a thumbtack and stick it into the frame, some of the lighter ones I use a little piece of masking tape on the back and just stick it on where ever. I've occasionally even used a tiny drop of hot glue to fasten one to another that's already secured if there's no good way to do it... trial and error! :)

  7. Love the faux pine needles, stockings and chalk board. The hallway looks lovely too. The paper ornament and little foils tree look more like decorations for a New Years party and cheapen the rest.

    1. I appreciate your opinion. Isn't it great that we can all do what we like in our own homes?

  8. I've loved your many mantel decorations but this one is soooooo clever!!! It's a celebration on a wall! Please ask your At Home friends to come to Cape Cod! Merry Christmas Jennifer!🎄❤️

  9. Jennifer, You never fail to put a smile on my face and spark a wonderful idea in my mind! Can't wait to have an At Home store in my area. And congratulations on being part of their Inspiration Team.

  10. Jennifer, you are just so beyond creative and talented. I love everything you do, the little tinsel trees are just too adorable, wish I could find some, I did find a couple of little bottle brush trees for my mantel but love, love, love everything you do. You must have a BIG storage shed somewhere to put all the things you use for all the different seasons, don't know how you keep up with them all though, lol. Merry Christmas to you and your family God Bless...


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