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Friday, November 11, 2022


Happy Friday, and Happy Veterans Day!  I'm so grateful for those who serve and have served for our freedom and the welfare of our country, and their families who make such a sacrifice as well.  Thank you if that's you!  💙  Here are my Five Friday Favorites for the week-

I mentioned these in my Fall Tour post earlier this week, but wanted to highlight these LED Taper Candles specifically for one of this week's favorites!  So pleased with the look of them and all of the features- remote control, various timers, steady or flickering flame, and brightness control.  These are so great for peace of mind if you want to use candles for holiday decorating this year but would normally worry about them being too close to potentially flammable decorations.  

There are a few new things I've bought lately that I'm really pleased with and thought you might like them too!  This is my first faux leather dress purchase.  We went to see Carrie Underwood in concert last week and it was the perfect occasion to wear it!  I paired it with tall boots and lots of sparkly jewelry (which you can't quite see) since it was the "Denim and Rhinestones" tour, but I also think it would be really cute with booties and a faux fur vest or even dressed down with sneakers!  It runs small through the hips and rear, so unless you're really small there (lucky!) I'd recommend sizing up, and I'm also in a Tall for a little extra length.  (Other outfit pieces linked here.)

Also, these mock neck fleece pullovers are a hit this year!  They have a similar feel to this much pricier version. I passed them along last week to one of my friends who I knew would like them, and she confirmed that she's a fan too.  Your normal size will be just the right amount of oversized as they are intended to be.  So many cute colors to choose from! 

I love the fit of Pixie Pants and combined with the super hot split hem trend, these are fantastic. I also am enjoying the classic relaxed fit turtleneck sweater, it's soft and warm and I like the little bit shorter length as an option when so many of my other sweaters are longer.  Click the photo for more details-

They've been around for a little while, but I just picked up a pair of these Black and White Spotted Sneakers. My old ones were worn out and I thought these would be such a cute pop of pattern- most of the athleisure/workout gear I wear is solid colors so these are perfect to add some fun!  They're lightweight and super comfortable, too.  

Stanley Tumbler Mugs.  I'm sure you've seen all of the hype and I've been such a fan of my Bubba insulated tumblers that I refused to pay $40 for a tumbler.  However, I noticed how often I was refilling (yay!) and when I'm out running errands I would always run out of my water before I returned home, so the idea of a larger tumbler was appealing.  I originally tried one that had great reviews and was about 1/2 the price of a Stanley, but I wasn't super happy with a few things about it and it didn't quite fit in my cup holder.  And, so many friends on IG said just bite the bullet and get the Stanley... they loved theirs!  So, when some new colors were released I caved and got the Stanley mug.  I'm taking back my hesitation about paying the money for it- yes it's pricey but worth it in my opinion!  The slim, streamlined design can't be beat and I haven't run out yet when I'm out running around.  And, when I happen to leave it on the counter overnight there's still plenty of ice the next day so it really insulates well.  I love not having to go to the kitchen so often throughout the day to refill it.  The stock changes quickly, but I got a gold color and the cutest hot pink one here, and there is a different set of colors available here.

Goodness there are so many things catching my eye for the upcoming holiday season!  From apparel to decorations... 'tis the season!  This plaid duster coat is SO cute.  It's pretty oversized- if you want a more tailored fit I'd recommend sizing down.  I'm in a Small here (normally a M), and there's the turtleneck sweater I mentioned above too.  

I own the red plaid flats below and so enjoyed wearing them last year but I love the pretty navy also.  I also have the "Merry" tee and think it will be so cute under cardigans or a blazer.  And don't be surprised when you see the darling little houses and reindeer in my Christmas tour in a few weeks!

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer, for another week of fabulous finds. I love all of the plaids. Have a great weekend.

    1. Glad you enjoy the Favorites posts! Thanks Miche, hope you had a nice weekend!


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