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Thursday, November 17, 2022


One week and counting!  I can't believe Thanksgiving is just a week away.  We will not be gathering at our house but my kids will be home from college tomorrow so I wanted to set a nice Fall table for us to enjoy through next week anyway.  Who says you can't just have waffles or tacos with your table set for Thanksgiving?!? 😆  

Butterfly Wall Prints- blue and pink  ||  Black and White Striped Chair Fabric

This was actually one of the quickest tables I've put together, I used things I already had on hand for the whole thing.  I wanted my table this year to have a super classic, warm, traditional but not boring Thanksgiving feel.  

I started the centerpiece with a picnic basket that I picked up from a vintage mall several months ago and a grapevine pumpkin (it's kind of hard to tell what it is in the photos!).  Then I spread some faux long needle pine branches, I would have used real ones if I had a long needle pine tree to cut from. 

A former next door neighbor gave me this pheasant pelt years ago and I love having it displayed in the Fall, the colors and details in the feathers are magnificent.  It fit right in.

Lastly, I mixed in some large acorns that I've had for a few years (I think I got them from At Home and did paint them) and some large sugar pine cones.  If you don't have a spot to find those for free I pick up a bag at Hobby Lobby every year.  They are with Christmas- usually on the aisle with all of the Christmas candles and you can't beat the price.  There's also a good selection available here

For my dishes, I chose to use my green chargers, spotted dinner plates, and Friendly Village salad plates in the mix- it doesn't seem like Fall without them! Enjoying the new darker color of this faux bamboo flatware that I got recently, it's a bargain for 4 place settings.

I'm convinced that these cute spotted dishes go with pretty much anything!  I've mixed them with everything from solids to bright colors to a variety of other patterns.  They're great quality, so affordable, and come in blue now too!  

I layered everything on my Bordallo Pinheiro chargers that I found years and years ago at Ross.  I'm so glad I rounded those up way back then, these chargers are hard if not impossible to find anywhere now.  There are a few beautiful Bordallo styles available such as these and these but they are pricey- would be investment pieces for sure!  You could get a similar look with these more affordable chargers, or even round placemats would work! 

I finished things off by tying the napkins with a velvet ribbon bow (Hobby Lobby Fall ribbon).

I shared those great LED taper candles with you recently and I'm definitely using those this season, but there's just something about real candlelight on a dinner table!  I just made sure that the candles were totally clear of any surrounding parts and pieces of the wild centerpiece. 

I hope you all have a meaningful Thanksgiving next week as we all reflect and focus on all we have to be grateful for, excited to have some of my blessings sitting around this table soon! 

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  1. Absolutely darling, as always! Two random off-topic questions: do you have any recommendations for everyday dishes? I need to replace mine that have chipped over the years and adore the spotted dishes in this post but need something without gilding I could throw in the dishwasher. Also, can you share the source for the greenery in your blue & white ginger jars on your mantle a few posts ago? So chic & dramatic! Also, I bought the WM pink velvet pantsuit based on your recommendation and LOVE it. Thanks so much for our all of your beautiful and relatable posts! Nicole

    1. Hi! Thanks so much. The greenery was from a tree in my yard... ha! And I'm so happy that you love the pantsuit. I've enjoyed wearing mine too!

      On the dishes, the spotted ones ARE actually dishwasher and microwave safe! I don't know how they did it but I've had mine in the DW and microwave a lot and they are perfect! But if you're looking for something different, I really use our Blue Willow plates and my white dishes from when I got married more than anything else. I don't have anything else I've used over time to recommend but I'll keep my eyes open to see if anything good pops up!

  2. Perfection! love the layering. happy holidays!

  3. Beautiful as always Jen!! Happy Thanksgiving to you/your family as well!

  4. I love your table setting. It is beautiful! I was particularly drawn to your bamboo picnic basket. I bought a bamboo planter this summer from a flea market, Miss Mustard Seed has also posted today about a bamboo shelf. Happy Thanksgiving to your family and thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. You've done it yet again!! You've created such a timeless look with modern purchases. Thank you for being a woman who encourages other women to their best! Also, would you please check the links for the Friendly Village Dishes....the link goes to the cloth napkins on Amazon. As always, I look forward to the next email you send me with great ideas! - Cruz

    1. Thank you so much, Cruz! Sorry about the links, I think they're fixed now! I appreciate you reading!

  6. Beautiful table scape as always!

  7. I have fallen in love with your entire home and today's table setting is gorgeous! I haven't seen that wonderful hot pink boho sort of rug lately? It inspired me to find some for my own too blah and beige home- actually going all out color in my living and dining rooms. Thanks so much for sharing your home and design genius with us.

  8. Your table is so gorgeous and festive! I am ordering the taper candles today. Thank you for all of your inspiration, Jennifer. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Your table is beautiful! I love the pheasant addition, I am trying to figure out an arrangement using pheasant feathers at the moment but I don’t have a pelt. Do you have a link for the chandelier?

  10. Your tablescapes never disappoint!!!!


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