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Friday, October 7, 2022


Happy Friday!  I have so many good things to share with you, it was hard to stop with 5 favorites today.  Some will have to wait for next week's FFF!

Pink Buffalo Check Pillows, Camel Poncho Sweater, Hoodie Sweater, Leather Cropped Pants, Pink Velvet Pumpkins, Lululemon Dupe Belt Bag

I've got a bunch of colorful spray painted mini pumpkins but wanted to try some velvet ones this year.  This cute set of multi-colored pink ones arrived and I'm smitten!  There are a few other color combos available as well, including blue and white, leopard, and some neutrals or jewel tones.

Pink multi colored velvet pumpkins

I shared a while back that I'm doing a little accessory makeover on the patio.  I waited for months for some pillow fabric to arrive that had been backordered, and when it did I liked it so much that I'm going to use it indoors instead.  However, I've been trying out lots of pillow covers from Amazon in the mean time.  You all know that I make most of my own pillows, so I also wanted to find some good ones to recommend if you'd rather not make them yourself.  

This is a great indoor cover, I think they look and feel so much more expensive than they are.  They have a Serena & Lily vibe and the fabric is really nice.  It's double sided with a hidden zipper, these are winners!  

I tried these blue and white pillows for my patio and ultimately decided not to keep them just because I decided I wanted a bit different mix for design, but I would recommend them for outdoor pillows.  Also double sided with a hidden zipper and well made with a variety of other colors, patterns and sizes.  And they're super affordable!  The pink buffalo check are also new, I love them out here!  They're a good, sturdy fabric probably more suited for outdoors but could also be used inside.  They would be so cute for the holidays if you like pink in the mix (other colors also available if you don't!).  These are the 20" (I'd use a 22" insert) and come in a set of four (or set of 2 here). The price comes out at less than $7 per cover, you can not beat that deal!  (Mine shipped a little faster than stated but still took a few weeks.)

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I was in NYC last week, I'll share about that trip on here soon.  I did a bit of shopping before the trip and loved everything I got so I wanted to tell you about them today.  My friend that went with me and I decided we'd go comfy but cute and packed in a carry-on, so we had to create outfits with some pieces that did double duty.  These will take up the last three spots on my list today, ha!

I visited our Banana Republic Factory store recently.  I've never been a big shopper there but I really liked what I got and will definitely be checking it out more often now!  I picked up these pieces for my trip- (they're all on sale!)

I loved this long camel colored sweater poncho, and have already worn it in NYC and twice since I've been home.  I've worn it with a button up underneath (it has a mock collar but a popped button up collar will just peek out if you scrunch the neck a little) and the new white blouse with the puffy sleeves.   Sizing note- the XS/S was a trim fit on me so I sized up to the M/L for more of a flowy poncho fit. 

One note- I made an alteration to mine.  If you see the website photo the sides are just held closed with a short belt like strip of the sweater fabric.  I wanted a little more closure so I laid the sweater completely flat and made about a 10-12 inch flat seam on the side (I did about 1/2" seam allowance).  It's cute either way but this is more of the look I wanted.  Note- that will affect the sizing a bit too so I'm glad I sized up.  

I also love the hoodie sweater that I got in black and tan (shown a little further below). It was great for layering and I wore it with both a button up shirt with popped collar and a longer t-shirt underneath shown here.  I sized up for a roomier fit.  Also, I shared this last season but it's available again... this vest is worth the money! 

I don't have a photo but also wore these cropped faux leather pants one evening when we went to a show.  They are very comfortable (true to size) with a bit of stretch and I love the cut.  An affordable piece for a super hot trend this Fall!

I knew we would be walking miles and miles and have been having a bit of foot pain lately if I'm not wearing good shoes, so I was on the hunt for something a little more stylish than straight up athletic shoes for the trip.  I noticed my Bible Study teacher wearing the cutest sneakers one night and she pointed me toward Madewell sneakers, and I discovered these when browsing their site (they're on a really good sale right now!).  I knew I'd be packing mostly mix and match neutral-ish outfits so I fell in love with this design with a hint of leopard trim and decided to give them a try. (They also have some without leopard trim if you'd rather not have that.  But WHY??? 😆)

They are a substantial shoe, I was surprised at how heavy they felt in my hand but once you're wearing them they don't feel heavy or clunky at all.  I wore them around the house for a while before committing to packing them.  I was really pleased with the comfort and support, and ended up wearing them all 3 of our 20,000+ steps walking days!  Other than being understandably tired from that much walking, my feet didn't hurt at all. (I wore these socks with them that have a bit of cushion, they were great.)  

Hoodie Sweater  || Striped Shirt (sized down)  || Joggers (LOVE!)  ||  Sneakers  ||  Vest  ||  Belt Bag

The ones I bought are real leather, but if you'd like a more affordable version these are a near perfect match using synthetic materials.  I've seen rave reviews about how comfortable these dupes are and for under $20 it's a no-brainer!  Here's a link for a few different colors that are available as well, I'm totally going to try those blush or green and blue ones as soon as I can decide which ones I want!

This belt bag is a dupe for the Lululemon version that's more than twice the price.  My daughter has the real thing and loves it, but she approved of this one too!  We texted our girls this pic one morning to show them how cool their Moms were... ha!  

Belt Bags- lots of colors!  ||  Her Darling Sweatshirt

I like it worn best with the belt extended as far as it can so it hangs a little further down, but you could definitely wear it around your waist as well.  I resisted this trend hard and know most of us my age don't want to revisit the fanny packs from the 90's, but you can't deny the practicality!  It holds so much more than it seems.and comes in a ton of colors, my friend got the darling light pink.   When mine arrived I kept texting her saying "I'm not sure I got the right one, this is tiny!" but once I got my things in it I was surprised at how much it held.  And really, we didn't need much more than our phone, credit card and cash, and glasses so it was perfect.  I used my small crossbody purse the first day and really liked carrying the belt bag so much more while walking around the city, especially when trying to be safety conscious.  

Alright, that's it for this week.  Hope you find some goodies and have a great weekend.  We got a taste of in in NYC but it finally feels like Fall in OKC... YAY!!!

Hot Pink Buffalo Check Pillow, Madewell Sneakers, Camel Sweater poncho, Hoodie Sweater, Faux Leather Cropped Pants, Pink Velvet Pumpkins

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  1. Very cute outfits! You did great mixing and matching, I'm trying to get better at that myself! Love the Camel sweater and MW tennis shoes.

  2. Hi! I did get my normal size and they were great. I don’t have a wide foot though so maybe if you do you would need to size up. I feel like the shoe is pretty wide anyway, but maybe that’s just me.

  3. Awesome finds. You are always so put together. I love the mock poncho. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

  4. Ordered the jogger pants & love the shoes but am afraid I can’t wear them after the foot surgery I had earlier this year. I hate not being able to wear many shoes any more. I love what you did w/the camel sweater! Carol


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