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Wednesday, July 27, 2022


We always do a Spring Clean of our patio each year where we remove all the furniture, hose down the concrete and the rugs, wipe everything down and touch up paint as needed, etc.  We did that earlier this year but I never fully finished "fluffing" like I normally do.  Then, we were out of town for a good chunk of the summer so when we returned from our travels the patio was in need of some attention and another cleaning since we hadn't been here to maintain it day by day.  

I spent a (really hot!) day cleaning everything off again and finishing up some maintenance that I hadn't done earlier in the year, like giving the garden stools a new coat of paint.  (I bought random clearance stools years ago and painted them to match using this process.  It's a good method especially for pieces that will be indoors but understandably after being out in the elements all the time the paint usually chips off here and there after a year.  I sand the chipped spots where paint has peeled to try to smooth out the edges of the layered paint, then hit those spots with primer again and give the whole thing a new coat of paint.  The things I've painted outdoors usually take yearly touch-ups to keep them looking good, but I'm ok with that to get the look and colors I want. OK, that info. is more than you asked for but thought I'd share!)

As I was working I got the itch to switch some things up on the patio.  I've had the same general look and accessories out there since we completed the patio almost 7 years ago, so I'm ready for some small changes. I still love love love the black and white rugs but am wanting something a bit different, still keeping those in case I want to switch them back in the future, though! 

Here's a reminder of how it's looked.  Like I said, still love it, just ready for a little change!  (See details from these photos in this post.)

I bought some outdoor fabric last year that I intended to use this year for new pillows but never got around to making those yet.  With that in mind I started the search for a new rug.  I knew the big pieces like furniture were staying put, but I did already make one little change to the dining table and I love the way that's broken up some of the brown furniture and lightened up that spot. 

So... here's what I've been playing with!  

I've included the big pieces that are staying, this is mainly a rug and pillow change.  I think those small changes make it feel totally different, though!  I've already ordered the rugs and have the green geometric, pink leopard, and striped fabrics for pillows.  I'm still finalizing pillow choices though, some of those might change.  I'm keeping the black rattan chairs- honestly those need the most work every year since I painted them several years ago and they aren't in the best shape anyway, they always need a lot of touch ups every year. So someday if i find a good alternative I'll replace those.  I think the bit of black helps keep everything from being too "sweet" though.  The pillows shown in those chairs are actually a dark navy that almost reads black so I thought that might help tie them in, but I'm a bit unsure on that fabric and will just have to decide when I start seeing it all together in real life.  Trial and error!  

I'm waiting for some fabric that has a short backorder and restock date, so as soon as that arrives I'll finish up and share the completed space with you!  

If you're interested, here are sources to the new things that I've ordered so far, and links to pieces I already have or similar alternatives-

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Outdoor Sofas  ||  Outdoor Rug  ||  Green Garden Stools  ||  Green Geometric Fabric and Pink Leopard Fabric- Outdoor Fabric purchased at JoAnn last year  ||  Navy and Light Blue Stripe Fabric- JoAnn or similar here  ||  Blue and White Line Fabric  ||   Elephant Stool- vintage, similar here  ||  Outdoor String Lights  ||  Similar Green Tray
Paint Colors Used:  Meadow Green, Gloss NavyGloss Poppy

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  1. What will you do with the old black & white rug? I LOVE blue and white! You are going to feel like you are in someone else's porch! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thank you! I'll keep it in case I want to switch back and forth sometimes, or my kids are getting really close to living on their own so I'm at the point where I'm thinking they could use that at their place... :) I like it too much to get rid of it!

  2. You have great taste! I love everything you do. Your house and yard feel happy.💙❤️💚

  3. I can't believe it's been 7 years since you did the patio renovation! Love the refresh, can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Can't wait for the final reveal. You could always tie the black and white rugs in for a Halloween patio


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