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Thursday, July 28, 2022


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It's that time of year for allllll the back-to-college prep!  With two college students in our family, we've been busy making lists and checking them twice and rounding up what they'll need to be prepared to move back to campus.  They will both have full kitchens this year so that adds another layer of things we'll need.  Stocking 2 kitchens is no small feat, but you can get everything you need for college kitchen spaces for less with Walmart's low prices.

We recently made a shopping trip to pick up some of the things they'll need.  (If you want to see our fun shopping video, click here!  They did such a good job!)  Caleb was most excited about the coffee... always!  It's so nice to be able to find everything in one stop, Walmart has all of the kitchen essentials at their every day low prices!  We got them all stocked up, now we just need to spend a few weeks before they head back to school on some cooking lesson refreshers- ha!

Here are our kitchen essentials picks that we are making sure are covered this year. Shop this interactive collage by clicking on the item photo for more details, or see the links and description below.

Knife and Kitchen Tool Set- The block for countertop knife storage saves on drawer space, all of these pieces are such a good value for $20! 

Plastic Dinner PlatesTumblers, Bowls, and Small Cups- love the $0.50 price(!) and that these are safe for microwave and dishwasher.  Both of my kids have already been using these and they're great, several colors available.

Serving/Storage Bowls with Lids- A bigger bowl or two does come in handy, especially for late night cookie making!

30 pc. Kitchen Gadget Set- everything they'll need to whip up something yummy!  I love that this set is all-in-one for less than $20, no need to round up lots of individual pieces.  

$20 12 pc. Dinnerware Set- Several colors available, eco-friendly and BPA safe.  Shatterproof is definitely the way to go for college students! 

Command Hooks-  A definite must in all shapes and sizes for college! We like them in the kitchen for hanging a dish towel, utensils or hot pads inside cabinet doors, etc. 

3 Drawer Storage Cart-  This comes in SO handy at college, both of my kids have one.  The $16 price makes this a perfect solution for extra food or snack storage when cabinet space is lacking. 

Flatware Set in Tray- Both of my kids also have one of these sets, they get the job done! And $11 for 49 pieces?? Crazy good deal!

Countertop Microwave- can't beat this rollback $59 price, great reviews!

Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker- perfect for a quick cup any time they need a boost, and at less than $60 it will pay for itself quickly in money saved making their own!

Stoneware Mugs- Start their day with a smile! 

Non-stick Cookware Set- Let's face it, college cookware is not something you really want to make a large investment in, for $17 this set will meet all of their basic cooking needs.  My son used this set last year and it served him well! 

3-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum-  Easy to store, great for kitchen crumbs and rugs, under $30 rollback price!

$20 2 Slice Toaster- My daughter missed avocado toast last year because toasters weren't allowed in her dorm room, she's so excited to have one in her kitchen this year. 

Ninja Fit Personal Blender- I think my daughter could almost live on smoothies and she's learning how much money she saves if she makes her own.  Love my Ninja Blender at home and this is a great size for college at an affordable $49 price.

Brita Space Saver Pitcher- Another college must have even for a standard dorm room with no kitchen, both of my kids have and use them, $15 rollback price!

Be sure to check out Walmart's College Checklist, it's such a helpful resource especially if you have a first time college student and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed about what you'll need! 

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