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Wednesday, March 23, 2022


Today I've rounded up a group of the cutest Spring sandals for you, all at a bargain! I'm seeing a big trend of puffy styles this season, which is not only cute but the footbeds are super comfortable. I found some fun colors and patterns too!  Here are 18 stylish Spring sandals for under $25- 

Tan and Light Blue Padded Bow Flip Flop Thong Sandals
Padded Bow Flip Flops- 5 colors, $12.98!!!
I plan to wear these alllll through Spring and Summer!
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(Each shoe in image below is clickable for more details)

1. Padded Bow Flip Flops- I've had my eye on these at another store but sizes were very limited.  Stumbled on the exact ones at Walmart with more sizes and 5 pretty colors available, AND they're over $10 cheaper! Size up if you're a half size, maybe even regardless.  I'm a 10-10.5 sometimes, and I needed an 11.  

2. Target's Bow Flip Flops version- only 3 colors and less size availability, but might have your size is other site doesn't and these are still a deal if you want a warm white. 

3.  Gold Espadrille Ankle Strap Sandals- these dress up a simple outfit in a hurry!  I have similar black ones and they're great with dresses or shorts.  (2 colors)

4.  Padded Criss Cross Slides- these are a good mix of casual and sporty!  (3 colors)

5.  Strappy Studded Sandals- a little bit fancy! (4 colors)

6.  Braided Raffia Slide Sandals-  love the texture on these. (3 colors)

7.  Ruched Strap Sandals- simple slide but I loved the ruched detail.  I snagged these in black. (3 colors)

8. Black and White Woven Criss Cross Slides- another option to add some fun to even the simplest outfit, or this black and white pattern would mix well with bright colors! (2 colors)

9.  Textured Double Buckle Slides- this also comes in basic black and brown, but this textured almost tweedy looking option looks fantastic in person!  (3 colors)

10. Braided Strap Slide Sandals- another super popular style and color for the season. (multiple colors depending on size)

11. Braided Ankle Strap Sandals- cute!  My daughter would love these. (4 colors)

12. Double Strap Slide Sandals- I bought a pair of these in a different pattern last year and wore them so much!  They're handy to keep by the door to step outside and get the mail or water the flowers, comfortable for running errands, and great for the beach!  You can't hurt them! (11 colors and patterns)

13. Wedge Sandals- a pretty wedge! (2 colors)

14. Woven Criss Cross Slides- love the texture and style of these too, good to mix and match. (2 colors)

15. Simple Thin Strap Flip Flops- I buy a pair of these almost every year, and they are one of my most worn Summer shoes for sure!  Simple and inexpensive!  (5 colors)

Sportier Styles, my daughter would love these too! 

16. Bow Back Sport Sandals- I mean, the bow on the back? So cute!

17.  Rainbow Platform Sport Sandals-  My daughter got a different version of these a few years ago and still wears them a lot, the platform height is a fun twist! (5 colors)

18. Leopard Sport Sandals- leopard is always a good idea! (3 colors)

So do you have a favorite?  As mentioned, I snagged a couple of pairs of the bow flats and the ruched strappy slides.  I'm really debating the tweed-ish Birk dupes too! And the padded criss cross slides. And I love the espadrilles.  Ha!  

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