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Tuesday, February 22, 2022


Well Happy TWOSDAY... 2-22-22!  What a fun day! I got on offer from a store in my email today for a 22% discount to commemorate the day, and it gave me the idea to compile 22 of my most beloved Favorite Things.  It was hard to narrow down to 22 but here's what made the cut! 

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If you've been a reader for a while you've probably seen some of these before but there should be some new to you things on the list too.  What can I say? My faves are my faves!😆  (Hover over item picture in the collage and click for link with more details, or items are linked below.)

Tie Scrunchie Set (click here for more cute, colorful hair accessories!)- I have my hair pulled up in one every night for bed, and I'm loving these with the little tie.  Makes them so much cuter! 

Gingham Napkins- These come in several colors.  I have several polyester sets like these and I find myself reaching for them for everyday use more than any other of my cloth napkins- super easy care and no ironing! 

Blue Willow Dishes- My everyday, go with everything for any occasion dishes! 

Hot Pink Pom Beanie- In my opinion, the silver lining to cold winter days is that I can wear a beanie so I don't have to fix my hair... ha!  The majority of mine are this brand, and of course they have to have a pom!  

Neck and Back Massager- We bought this several years ago and it's a hit with anyone who uses it.  It has a heat mode, various speeds and directions, and you control the depth of massage depending on how much pressure you put on it.  It works so well your muscles will probably be sore the next day, but they won't be stiff or cricked up anymore!  

Mechanical Pencils- Probably the most random thing on my list but I've loved this exact kind for years, and just found this darling rainbow colored set!  They're inexpensive, the lead doesn't break easily, and they last a while.  

Colorful Tassel Keychain- clipped on a purse, lamp switch, beach bag, basket... I have two of these and have used them so many ways.  They are a very generous size, lots of bang for your buck! 

Apollo Bust and Diana Bust- definitely a staple in my home, either on the mantel, Entry table, or a table- they're always out somewhere! 

The Chronicles of Narnia Boxed Set- I'm not sure how but I never read this series until I was an adult after a friend gave it to our son as a baby gift.  I was immediately captivated with it and it is definitely an all-time favorite.  Last week I just finished a companion book or sorts (sharing it on my next book review post) and it reminded me of how fond I am of this series, I'm ready to read it again! 

Small Crossbody and Striped Strap- An accessory I mention often, but it's worthy!  I switch between a few straps depending on my outfit, but this is my most used.  And, I get compliments on the combo every time I'm out from people who think it's a designer bag (I tell them it's not and they can't believe it!). 

Bamboo Flatware- Affordable, dishwasher safe, easy to use on casual or more formal tables... I use mine every day! 

Zenni Glasses- This company offers a huge selection of glasses and the prices can't be beat!  It's the only place I buy prescription glasses from and I've been so pleased, and on the occasion I wasn't happy with what I selected they have a fair return policy.  My daughter just needed her first pair of prescription glasses so we found her some cute little frames, and my most worn are these Oversized Cat-Eye Frames and these Square Frames that I just recently got and am really enjoying. (They offer a virtual fit feature where you can see the frames on your face, but I find the sizing to be a bit off on that.  I just use it for a general idea of frame shape on my face, then compare the glasses measurements to a pair I already have to get an idea of what the size will be.)

Layered Initial Necklace- I have one and have purchased several for gifts, they're always a win! My daughter has the round circle style and wears it almost every day.  We've had these for well over a year and they haven't turned color one bit!

Palm Leaf Cosmetic Bag- I replaced my worn out travel cosmetic bag with this one a few years ago and I love it.  It zips all the way around so it lays flat when open, with multiple zippered clear compartments for sorting all of your makeup and beauty products.  Super cute pattern, too! 

Gingham Button Up Shirt on sale!- probably the most worn shirt in my closet, tied with a classic button up denim shirt! 

Pillows (Buffalo CheckLeopard and Chiang Mai Dragon shown here)- I just wrote a post about all the pillows I've used in my home, but I couldn't possibly leave them off of my favorites list!  

Urban Garden Prints on sale!- I have a variety of these prints in my home and I'm so pleased with them.  The selection, color choices, and quality can't be beat!  Use code WOWWALLS for 25% off.

Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof E-Reader- I never thought I'd go over to the side of e-readers, but I've had this one for over a year now and I'm a huge fan!  I still love a turn-the-page real book, but for travel, poolside, or bedtime reading this is now my fave.  

Chippendale Planters- These are the perfect size to drop in a hanging basket pot, fern, or faux topiary. Such a classic flanking the front door, lining a porch, or I keep ferns in mine on each side of our back gate all through the Summer. 

Super Stay Lipstick- this has been my everyday go to for years.  I probably have 10 different colors and never wear a single one by itself, I like to layer them depending on what I'm wearing.   

Wireless Speaker on sale!- I have two that I use every single day... one in my bathroom that I pair with my ipad to watch shows while I'm getting ready, and one on the kitchen counter to pair with my phone for music, podcasts, or audiobooks.  Makes routine daily tasks so much more enjoyable!

Blue and White Porcelain (Large Centerpiece Bowl on sale! and Ginger Jar shown)- another obvious thing to include on my list!

So there you go- my top 22!  I hope you enjoy this fun made-up holiday today, ha!

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