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Thursday, February 17, 2022


I've had this post on my to-do list for a long time and am so excited to finally be sharing this pillow source guide with you today!  I'm asked often where to find pillows that I use in my home, I thought it would be helpful to round them all up into one post so that there will be a one-stop-shop place to point towards when the question arises.  You might know that I make the majority of my pillows, but I've worked to do the best I can at finding the same pillow (or as similar as possible if no longer available) pre-made for you if you prefer not to sew your own. 

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These are the pillows in my home that are still currently available to shop (or a near exact substitute to mine).  Click item to shop or more links are below-

Important Note- all of the sources I'm sharing are here are for the pillow cover only.  You'll need the inserts too if you don't have them.  I prefer down inserts, I've ordered several sizes of these and they are fantastic!  These are a good option for a down alternative synthetic insert.  I generally recommend an insert that's 2" larger than your pillow measurements for a full, fluffy pillow (ex. use a 22" insert for a 20" pillow cover).  My favorite throw pillow cover sizes are 20" or 22". 

One other pillow insert budget friendly tip... scour the clearance pillows at Homegoods or your favorite home store.  Don't pay attention to the cover, just look for the size you need (unzip the cover if possible, the insert should have a tag in the seam on one of the sides that states its size).  You can usually tell with a quick squeeze if the insert is down filled, that's what I'm always looking for.  I've found several inserts on the cheap by shopping the clearance aisle like this.  If you're a thrifter you can even shop for down inserts second hand, run them through the washer and dryer and they're as good as new! 

I rounded up some photos from my home over the years with the pillows that I'm asked most often about.  I'm no longer able to source some pillows shown due to discontinued fabrics or colors, but I was able to find some very similar options to share with you.  If exact pillow is no longer available, similar options are linked below each photo.

Similar Multicolor Chinoiserie Prints:

(More details about this vintage black toile fabric here, extremely hard to find)

Similar Multicolor Toile Pillows:

Striped Pillow here (in its original state)- sharing more about this next week!

Chambray Pillow  ||  Gorgeous Kilim Floral Pillows- most one of a kind, follow on IG for notice of new shipments! 

Similar Pink Geometric Pillows:

Fabric used to make this pillow- fantastic quality and great deal for yardage
Set of (4) 18" covers with this fabric- crazy good deal! 

This fabric is no longer available, but I found several cute options in the same colorway.

Similar Pink and Red Pillows:

Similar Leopard Print Pillows  ||  Similar Hot Pink Pillows here, here, or here  ||  Similar Dot Euro Shams 

Leopard Print- The fabric shown is discontinued but I found some that are super similar with a variety of sizes available, including a smaller lumbar size like these.  And, they're really affordable!  I made the pom poms on mine with pink and orange yarn and added them to the corners.  

Similar Green Lattice Pillows:

Similar Green Leopard Pillows:

Similar Multicolor Floral Pillows:

Similar Hot Pink Pillows here,  here, or here  ||  Palm Leaf Pillow here, here, or here  ||  Black and White Spotted Pillow here or here

Black and White Striped Pillow here or here

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  1. I love all of your ideas. Where id you get the pagoda lanterns? Love them.Suzanne

    1. Thank you Suzanne! I got the larger black one at Homegoods several years ago and others from At Home a few years ago. Nothing that I can source for you now, I've scoured the internet! Sorry!

  2. I stare at your photos at least 3 times a week. I just love the colors and how you put things together. You're such an inspiration!!!

  3. I can't imagine anyone walking into your home with all of it's fun color combos, and not getting a happy feeling. It really is always a delight to see what new decorating ideas you have.

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