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Saturday, September 11, 2021


My post was delayed yesterday, so here are this week's Five Friday Favorites... on a Saturday! (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  Read my full disclosure policy here.)

1.  My birthday was a few weeks ago and I asked my parents for a few more jade colored scalloped salad plates like the ones I shared in this post.  They fulfilled that request, but also added these cute Salt and Pepper shakers to my gift!  The tops are exactly the same with no indication of which is salt and which is pepper, so I put a tiny white and black paint pen dot on the top of each one.  You could easily mark the bottom as well if you don't want anything to show, or just take your chances and guess which one you're shaking!  😂

A few more cute S&P sets...

2.  I shared these furniture slipcovers when I showed you Emily's dorm tour this week.  But, I've been so pleased with them they're worth a highlight here today! We actually just bought another one.  My son came home for the holiday last weekend and spotted a chair and ottoman on our neighbor's curb and picked it up (I've taught him well...ha!). 

You can't see here but the corners are very frayed, so it definitely needs to be recovered but otherwise was in good shape.  He said it's much more comfortable than the chairs in his apartment and he has the space in his room for it, so we picked out a gray slipcover and it arrived before the weekend was over.  

Chair + Cushion Slipcover  ||  Cushion only cover that we used for small ottoman

There are ottoman covers also available, but this ottoman was rather small and I had a feeling that a single cushion cover that can be purchased separately would be a better fit.  It was perfect!  

The chair has a pretty slim profile so since the cover was designed for more of a padded club chair it was still a little roomy, but that's the beauty of the stretch fabric and we were able to make it look nice from the front.  The back will be against a wall, so a little extra bulk there won't matter.  

Not perfect, but hey... for a college boy's apartment it's great!  He happily carted his "new" chair back to school and I'm sure it will get many more days of good use. 

3.  I've never been a big Loft shopper but after I saw my friend wearing some cute cropped jeans I tracked her down and asked her where she got them... Loft!  So, I stopped in the store and found these  high rise kick crop bootcut jeans with a frayed hem that I love!  They have a slimmer leg and more tailored feel than wide leg jeans, but the flared hem adds some interest.  I love this length for Fall until it gets really cold... it works with sandals while the temps are still mild, wedges, flats, mules, or booties! I'm also a fan of the stretch in the fabric content- just enough to be comfortable but not lose their shape- and the frayed edge hem which will be more apparent after a few washes.   I wanted a pair of white ones too but they didn't have them in stock in my store, but when I was looking up the dark ones to share with you I found some online, and they're really marked down! I'm in the "wear white jeans year round" camp, so I expect to get lots of wear out of these now until I wear them again in the Spring.  

Cropped Flair Jeans (white on clearance!)  ||  Leopard Flats  ||  Glasses- Blue Light or Readers- here or here  ||  Initial Necklace Set  ||  Top- too old to link! 😂

While we're at it since they're in the photo too, let me tell you how comfy these cute leopard shoes areReally comfy!  They are cushioned on the bottom and the material has a slight stretch to them.  Often ballet style flats don't hit me right across the top of my foot and hurt, but I wore these all day long and they were fantastic.  I just noticed there's a camo pattern available too, those would also be great for Fall... all on sale today for around $20!  (These seem to be dupes for Rothy's, so that's a steal!)

And, I'll share this necklace set again.  $13, hasn't turned one bit after wearing it for over 6 months, my daughter and I both are big fans!  It's a perfect gift too... I just ordered one for a friend's birthday. 

4.  I recently received a question on Instagram that reminded me I never shared these with you all.  I saw these saddlebag sand weights at a friend's house and thought it was so smart!  We get super strong winds here in OK that can tend to occasionally send patio furniture tumbling, so these weights are brilliant.  

And there's also a peek of these trashcans(!) in the photo, they make such cute planters!  She just has a few bricks in the bottom and then keeps her plant in the original plastic pot so she can remove it to water since there are no drainage holes in the bottom.   They're a good quick and easy alternative to the DIY black and white striped pots that I made years ago.  It comes in some other really cute patterns too if the black and white stripe doesn't work for you, and this separate listing has a pretty marble version and even more patterns and colors. 

5.  Some incredible bargains when you take AN EXTRA 50% OFF OF CLEARANCE PRICES with code EXTRA50!  I ordered a couple of pairs of those cute embroidered flip flops and several sets of the gold bead bracelets, such a deal! 

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