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Friday, September 3, 2021


Hello there friends, it's so good to be back with you for my Five Friday Favorites today!  Most of my "favorites" lately consist loads and loads of dorm and apartment things as we've moved both kids to school, but I'll share all of that next week.  Today, there's just the usual random things! Oh, and I also published a blog post very late in the day yesterday, hop on over and catch up if you missed it. 

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1.  As I mentioned, I've spent a lot of time shopping in recent weeks outfitting my son for his new apartment and daughter for her new dorm room.  While looking for some cheap affordable black and white pillows to spruce up her room, I came across these Stripe & Pom Pom Pillow Covers. They were darling so I picked up a pair, but also noticed they came in other colors and when I saw the pink and orange combo knew I had to try those too!  If I liked them in person I knew they would be so cute for Fall- you all know I love a pink and orange combo for the season- and I did like them and they're just as cute in real life!  I didn't end up using the black and white ones in her dorm room, but kept them anyway because I have a few spots around here where they will fit right in.  The pom pom detail is actually fairly flat and soft, so if you're leaning against them you don't feel like there are lumps pressing against your back. 

I stuffed some much too large inserts in for these photos because I didn't have the right size, but these down inserts are on the way. I've ordered the same brand in larger sizes in the past and am very happy with the quality.  Keep an eye out for these again in my Fall Tour later on! 

2.  I've enjoyed this Caftan Dress so much this Summer, I bought a second color too!  

Here's the other color that I wore to our annual Summer swim get-together with some of Ray's family-

My favorite part is the little bit of elastic at the waist, it gives just the right amount of shape to an otherwise boxy- but wonderful!- dress.  One thing to note- it is completely polyester so while a dream for  your budget and traveling with it's totally easy wash and wear care, it can be a little sticky on super hot days!  That's not even really a negative, just something I noticed over the Summer, but it's such a great piece don't let that factor in to deciding to try it.  It's the perfect errand dress, elevated but still super comfortable outfit, perfect for a swim cover up too.  I'm really having to restrain myself from buying the lighter color version as well, can you have too much of a good thing?  😉

3.  I shared this designer inspired bag strap last year and it's often out of stock, but I recently noticed it's available again so I thought I'd remind you about it! I have had multiple perfect strangers stop me (even some men, ha!) and compliment this combo, probably thinking it was the real designer piece.  I shared with one stylish lady that it was all from Amazon and she was absolutely shocked! 😁The bag is the perfect size for an everyday crossbody.  It's small but has some depth so it's easy to fit your wallet, sunglasses, phone, and several other necessities.  It's what I currently carry almost all the time now. 

cross body purse, affordable purse, amazon fashion finds, designer handbag dupe

These are a few of my favorite straps but there are multiple other color choices within each one of these listings.  The camel/pink/white strap goes perfectly with the camel ("brown 2") version of this little crossbody, I gave the combo to a family friend and she loved it.  I also love the black and white strap with the hot pink bag, so cute! 

4.  I bought these slim boyfriend jeans a few months ago but it's been so hot I just wore them for the first time this week.  I totally forgot to take a still photo while I was wearing them, but here's a fuzzy screenshot from a video I recorded reviewing them on Instagram.  You can see that in my stories today if you follow along there.  (And yes I did absolutely cropped my head off because I couldn't get a screenshot from the video where my face didn't look ridiculous paused mid-word!)😂

Amazon Fashion Finds, cheap jeans, comfortable jeans, slim boyfriend jeans, levis jeans

They're my new favorite pair and best of all, they're under $25!  If you view the link, they actually come cuffed at the bottom.  However, I popped the stitch on each side of the cuffs so that I could wear them straight- and I'm so glad I did.  I love the slightly cropped length and that they are a straighter cut at the ankle rather than a tight ankle fit like skinny jeans.  And, since I do still like to wear my jeans cuffed at times too so I can just roll them back up when I want them cuffed and they'll stay.  

Affordable jeans, stretch jeans, distressed boyfriend jeans

They have a great amount of stretch in them for a super comfortable fit but even after I wore them all day they had not relaxed or stretched out, so they keep their shape well.  I also like that the distressed spots don't actually go all the way through.  There's a patch behind them to reinforce them and then they are stitched so they won't rip more and make bigger holes like completely ripped jeans tend to do.  I liked these so much after I wore them earlier this week that I ordered the regular, non-distressed pair yesterday.  I think they'll be great this Fall and pair nicely with flats or booties.  I found them true to size, but I often go in between 2 sizes in jeans and sized down for these and am glad I did.

5.  I've been away from home 7 times since the Spring, and in my travels was reminded how invaluable this shower cap is.  After our first girls' trip earlier this year my friend asked about it, she ordered it too and is also a huge fan!  It's a generous fit and the thick terry cloth liner helps maintain your curls for days, even if your shower has plenty of steam.  I've had mine for years and it was starting to get a bit tired so I recently ordered a new one, but I keep my old one in my travel bag just in case I forget it somewhere I still have a back-up!  

That's it for today, I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend and I'll see you next week as I share a tour from Emily's dorm room! 

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Amazon Fashion Finds, slim distressed boyfriend jeans, caftan dress, designer inspired bag, affordable cute pillows, dry bar shower cap

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  1. Been a follower for so long and love your style --- I love color and pattern and wish I could do it as well as you! I'm getting there! Wondered if you could share the brand/info on the great sandals you're wearing in the photos with the jeans you love. They're great and look comfy!! God bless you! Diana

    1. Hello Diana, thank you for your kind remarks! Those are Coach sandals that I got at Von Maur two Summers ago. I don't know the style and am sorry I can't find them online. Good clearance find!


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