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This has been such a fantastic week!  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the It's A Colorful Life Fall home tours.  Jewel and I always enjoy gathering this colorful group of bloggers together, if you've arrived here via PMQ for two, welcome!   All of these ladies have shown up to inspire us with loads of colorful style in each one of their homes!  Today I'm posting a tour wrap up, with a peek of each home on the schedule all in one spot.  Over the next few days, I hope you enjoy stopping by any that you might have missed this week!  





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Welcome to Part 3 of my 2020 Fall Tour!  Today I'll be showing you around my Dining Room and Breakfast Nook.  I hope you're all enjoying the "It's A Colorful Life" Fall tours this week!

Continuing with the more calm, natural vibe that I wanted inside for my Fall decor this year, the Dining Room got a bit of drama!  My Mother-in-law has a huge pampas grass plant in her yard and let me trim some plumes- it didn't even look like I had cut any after I took these!  They are so gorgeous and fluffy, I couldn't be happier with the statement they make as a centerpiece!  They're tall enough that they can stay put even when we're seated, so we can easily add some place settings or still sit and work at the table.  

Brass Wall Sconce  ||  Look For Less Sconces here or here  ||  Chandelier- vintage

If you're not blessed to have a Mother-in-law who allows you to freely cut whatever you want from her yard, plumes can be found here.

This spot is generally blog (for me) and school (for my daughter) work central right now, it's definitely a well used hard working space!

For the original Dining Room makeover with more details on this room, please see this post.  

So that's one eating area, let's move into our every day meal spot, the Breakfast Nook.  You'll often find us sitting here and the table gets used for multiple purposes every day, so here's the simple everyday Fall centerpiece-

Marble Lazy Susan- Marshalls  ||  Bamboo Vase- Hobby Lobby (not sure if current)

I had a little fun putting together a simple Fall tablescape-

Round Pedestal Table  ||  Gingham Bench- past season At Home Stores  ||  Pillows- Kate Spade discontinued fabric- sorry!  ||  Botanical Gallery Wall Tutorial

If you missed my other Fall tours, you can catch up on them here-

(that post has the It's A Colorful Life Tour schedule at the bottom if you need to catch up on those)

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Hello everyone!  I'm so excited to welcome you today as we kick off the It's a Colorful Life Fall 2020 Home Tours!  Jewel of Jeweled Interiors and I are always so excited to organize this tour, we have an amazing group of color-loving bloggers lined up to share their Fall tours with you for the next few days.  I know you'll soak up every bit!  Today I'll be sharing my Entry and Living Room with you, all cozied up for Fall.   (*This post contains affiliate links, including Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure policy here.)

Last year I used super colorful Fall decorations to go along with the rest of my house, but this year I wanted to tone it down a bit (believe it or not!) and stick with a touch more neutral Fall decor.  There's still plenty of color on everything else in my house, though!  I'm not going to do a lot of talking today, just let you take your time and enjoy the photos.  Drop a question in the comments if there's anything I can help you with! 

I wanted to concentrate on using more natural elements this year. Heirloom pumpkins, pheasant feathers,  and dried flowers were just the ticket for the look I wanted.  

Dresser- Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Similar Lamps hereherehere, or here

Rug here or here

Our home has a fairly open floor plan in the main living areas.  The Entry opens right into our Living Room, so let's tour there next.  As I said, plenty of color around the room so I kept the Fall decor more muted and simple this year.  If you saw my Summer tour, you might notice that I actually haven't switched out any of the pillows since then except for adding in the leopard.  I liked this mix so much I thought it still worked beautifully for Fall.  

So if you're familiar with my home, something new might have caught your eye!  When a friend with a killer sense of style texts you and says "I just want to get rid of this coffee table", you drop what you're doing and drive a ways to go get it!  I've kept an eye out for a glass and scalloped brass top table like this for years, and she knew I loved this style.  It was incredibly kind of her to offer it to me and I hope she knows I'll treasure it and take good care of it!  (If you loved my brass trunk coffee table don't worry... I do to... it got relocated to another room and isn't going anywhere!)

The trio of brass candlesticks are a recent estate sale purchase.  An elderly couple in our church was paring down the contents of their home and I fell in love with these.  They will always be a sweet reminder of the precious lady I bought them from... I'll never forget her welcoming us with a pan of brownies when we had just started at our current church 17 years ago (my husband is a minister).  

Similar Chambray Pillow  ||  Floral Kilim Pillows  ||  Pink Diamond Pillow (designer fabric has been discontinued- this is the only available pillow I see)-  Good alternatives here or here

I've been playing lots of musical furniture around here!  You might also notice that I slightly rearranged the furniture in the living room by swapping the pink chairs and the love seat around.  With the dimensions of our room the sofa always has to stay where it is, so this is about the only option I have for rearranging furniture in there.  It's nice to do occasionally for a change! 

If you've followed here for a looooong time, you might remember these DIY fur ottomans I did about 6 years ago.  They've been living in our Study/Bonus Room to prop our feet on in there, but I pulled them back in the Living Room to take the place of the green malachite stools for the season.  

But the green stools aren't going anywhere!  They just found a new home for a while flanking this vintage chest that I picked up out of my neighborhood on trash day.  

DIY Large Scale Artwork  ||  Similar Lamp here or here
Acorns- linked so you can see them but I think you'll have to check your local store.  Also spotted similar here.  (I painted mine of course!) 

I've been trimming the limelight hydrangea blooms from my backyard as they begin to fade, they dry so beautifully!  

On the mantel, I gathered some oak branches to put in a pair of blue and white vases, a recent Facebook Marketplace find. A few more pumpkins and some lanterns finish it off, along with a pheasant pelt that my neighbor gave me years ago when he heard I liked pheasant feathers.  The colors in the feathers are just exquisite! 

Even though I tried hard to stick with mostly natural, neutral Fall decorations, I couldn't resist popping in that little green gingham faux pumpkin that I painted last year.  

Can you even decorate for Fall without including some leopard print in the mix?  I think not.  😂

So that's it for today!  In my next post I'll be sharing a little more of my Fall tour with you... the Dining Room, Breakfast Nook, and a few other shots here and there around the house.  Be sure to subscribe to my blog by email so you never miss a post!  

If you're new here today or missed it previously, last week I shared my Fall Front Porch along with a quick tutorial of how I made this mini-pumpkin wreath, hop over and check it out!

For the next stop on today's tour, head over to Jeweled Interiors, I always soak in each and every space that Jewel shares.  She's incredibly talented at design and DIY!!  And you won't want to miss any of the other tours lined up for today and the rest of this week either, here's the schedule for what's coming up:





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