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Friday, January 26, 2018


Happy Friday!  I'm back with my new Friday series today.  Each week I'll be sharing 5 things that caught my eye, or that I've purchased and approve of and thought you might like too.  Fridays are always a day when weekend sales get kicked off, so I'll be watching for those super deals also to pass along to you.  (*Affiliate links used in this post.)

I've had this top for about a week and am starting to see lots of people sharing it, and for good reason!  Most of the time I don't like the length of Loft knit tops (usually a little shorter than I prefer) but this one is perfect.  The hem has side slits and the fabric is a super soft knit that's a nice weight and not clingy at all like some knits can be.  I love the fun full bell cuffs and since they're 3/4 length they don't quite get in the way as much as some full sleeve styles can.  It's hard to tell but the stripes are a dark navy, and this is going to be the perfect Spring/Summer top to pair with so many different colored pants and shorts.

I bought one pair of black Ugg boots years ago on major end of season clearance.  They are a bit of an investment but last forever, and nothing keeps my feet as warm as these in the winter!  I wear my black ones so much that I decided to treat myself with my Christmas money to a new signature chestnut colored pair.  I came across this style (on sale!) and was drawn to the versatility of them.  They can be worn tall, folded down slightly, or folded down to a short boot, so it's like getting 3 styles in one!  These boots feel like a warm hug on my feet... that sounds corny but they really do!  When it's really cold, I wear them all day long like slippers even if I'm never leaving the house.

Here's a tip:  In the few weeks since I've had these, I already dropped a fork full of salad on the toe of one.  Of course it left a dark greasy stain from the dressing that didn't budge with a damp rag.  After a frantic google search, most cleaning tutorials suggested wetting down the entire boot and continuing a certain cleaning process since water spots can stain the suede (don't just scrub the one spot).  I didn't want to do that to my brand new boots (FYI the method looked like it worked great for older, heavily stained boots), but I did see one idea that suggested covering oily stains with talcum powder and letting it sit.  I covered the stain with baby powder and let it sit for a few days, then brushed it off and rubbed the spot softly with an old toothbrush.  AND THE OILY SPOT WAS GONE!!!  It wasn't a tiny stain... probably about 1/2 dollar size... so I was thrilled and amazed that the tip actually worked!  Anyway, just thought that little side story might be a helpful suggestion for someone!

I've bought two different colors of this swing sweater this season.  I love the mock neck and wide sleeves (as shown here), but recently when I needed to wash dishes discovered that the sleeves are cute cuffed up, too!  I like the versatility that offers to pair it with a button up shirt, you can even fold the neck down a little if needed to make room for the button up collar.  I also appreciate that the bottom edge slopes slightly lower in back than the front, giving it a nice hemline.

I received this book before the holidays and have just recently had a chance to read through it.  I enjoyed it and think it's a good resource for teen girls as well as women.  Along with being a good fashion guide, it also addresses taking care of your skin, hair, body, and spirit with lots of practical tips throughout the book.

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it!  If you have teens that are crazy about Stranger Things, how fun are these shirts?  I got each of these for my kids at Christmas and they were a hit!

More Stranger Things T-shirts here

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  1. Always love your posts. You're one of my regular bloggers whose posts I look forward to. Thank you for that. :)

    Curious - do you have any references for books for boys, similar to the girl's book above? My oldest son is just going into puberty and I'd love a book to give him those growing up tips. Feels like the pendulum has swung a bit and we're very focused as a culture on supporting our girls (long overdue)...I just want to make sure we don't forget to nurture our boys as well.
    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    1. That's a great question, Rebecca. Let me think on that a bit and if I find something good I'll share it in another post.

  2. Oh so good to know about the little stain removal trick! Happy Friday

  3. I just listened to Candice Bure's interview on "The Happy Hour" podcast and she's so inspiring!

  4. I just ordered that adorable top. Bonus, it was 40% off


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