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Saturday, October 28, 2017


Well I've painted gingham walls and pumpkins, but chargers??? This is definitely a "why didn't I think of that?" project!  Love this colorful table setting from Ariel at PMQ for Two.

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I think I'd be brown-bagging it every day if the kitchen in my studio office looked like Jenny's.  This fridge makeover is incredible, you won't believe how she made the "brass" handles!  I seriously thought they were high-dollar hardware!

After posting my Halloween Table, someone requested that I do a round-up of sources for good striped taper candles.  Honestly, they're hard to find, even online!  I've stumbled across the few boxes I have at Homegoods or TJ Maxx, and this time of year with the holidays approaching is an especially good time to look.  Here are a few that I've come across while searching online. If anyone has a good source I'm sure everyone would love to know!

Oh good.  According to One King's Lane I'm officially on trend with all of my ginger jars. Whew.  ;)

I had lunch with some friends this week and our hostess made this dish.  YUM!  I'm not in the habit of making acorn squash but I'll definitely be adding this recipe to our menu!  (She topped hers with parmesan rather than goat cheese and I don't think she added the squash seeds, just as scrumptious!)

I think I'm the last person on earth who has ever tried this brush, but just in case I'm not... GET ONE NOW!  My daughter has been wanting one and I picked one up for myself too.  Ahhhh, it does not hurt to brush out my long hair ONE BIT, wet or dry!  It's different than similar styles of brushes I've used in the past.  Truly, it's the best brush I've ever had, and she loves hers too.  Try one for yourself, especially if you have little ones with tangles.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. i just bought acorn squash to do a whole 30 variation of a stuffed one and i can't wait! happy weekend!

  2. I just spray painted candles for a black and white stripe look. I wrapped white candles with frog tape. Used all purpose black spray paint. Amy -

  3. I just made my first roasted acorn squash. Yum! Thanks for the recipe, I am now going to try it more often!


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