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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Hi friends, welcome back to the second part of our Fall Into The Holidays series!  With the encouragement of our organizer Lisa from Shine Your Light, each week we're sharing simple ideas to get 4 rooms in your home holiday ready now, before the hustle and bustle of the season sets in.  Last week we shared kitchen related projects, and today we're working on ways to get our bedrooms in shape for the holidays.

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The goal of this series is to share fairly quick and easy ideas, and you can't get any quicker or easier than the project I'm sharing with you today!  Here it is... change your bed pillows!  Sometimes the things that need to be addressed and are right under my nose get neglected the longest in my home.  Case in kids have been sleeping on pillows as flat as pancakes, and our bed could use a new set too.  However, that's an "out of sight out of mind" need, and I never remembered to pick up new pillows when I was out.  Recently, when preparing for this post, I finally remembered!

We'll start with my bed.  I picked up a set these pillows from Homegoods.  This monogram might be 95% of the reason I picked these pillows.  ;)  Just kidding, but those little details don't hurt!

Even though we have a king sized bed, we really prefer sleeping on standard sized pillows rather than king size.  That creates an issue though when my sheets have king size pillowcases...they're too big!  I hesitated to share this because I thought this might be something everyone knows even though I didn't until recently.  But, maybe you don't know this trick either and it will be useful!  I actually learned it from my husband.

If you're using a standard size pillow with a king size case, insert the pillow all the way into the closed case.  There will be a lot of extra case on the open end.

Then, fold the top side of the case to the inside, between the outside pillowcase layer and the pillow form.  Start to smooth it out a little, but more smoothing will come later.

Now take the bottom side of the excess case and fold it up inside the section you were just working on.  Slide both hands inside and across pillow, smoothing out both ends of the case on the inside.

That's it, now you have a form fitting king sized case for your fluffy new standard sized pillow.

king size pillowcase, standard size pillow, bedding tips

While you're at it, toss a fun seasonal pillow on your bed for the holidays too!

I also got the kids all taken care of with new pillows on their beds.

My poor son- when I went in to change his I noticed he had sandwiched TWO of his pillows into his pillowcase, that's how flat they were!  Ha ha!  At least the boy's resourceful.  ;)   He's all set and happy now with a new plump pillow.

We don't have a guest room (or a need for one), but if you do, this is especially something you need to consider before the holidays.  Are the bed pillows comfortable and in good shape?  Are the sheets and blankets in good condition?  Do you have an extra blanket or two available if your guests need them?  Take a few minutes today to evaluate your bedrooms and make note of what items might need to be replaced or spruced up, and save yourself the rush in a few weeks when guests are on the way!

Yes, I just wrote an entire post about changing your bed pillows.  ;)  This is such a basic "maintenance" project, but it's one thing you can check on and cross off before the holidays get any closer!

Question for you-  I've never found a specific brand or type of pillow that we absolutely love and purchase repeatedly.  I'd love to know details if you have a pillow you love!!

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  1. Great tips! I'm going to fold in my pillow cases now! Ha! :)

  2. OMG i'm so excited to go home and fix all my pillow cases haha
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. We have My Pillow brand bed pillows. Just redid a guest room for friends coming to Ohio from South Carolina with new painted walls,new mirror,new drapes,new lamp,etc. Can't walk past this room without a touch up here or there. It was fun decorating.

    1. Oh, I actually looked at that one at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day! Glad to know you like that one!

  4. All of the beds in your home are so gorgeous!!! Genius idea on the king sized sham!

  5. You have totally blown my mind with that pillow case trick! First the Instagram stories "back" feature, and now this! You're amazing me this week Jennifer! I love your bedding so very much....and that kelly green headboard!!!!

  6. Haha, I just bought everyone all new pillows not long ago. Someone at our house resorted to stealing them from the guest room! :)

  7. I sleep with two pillows - one is memory foam and the other is bamboo! Love them both!

  8. New pillows always feel like such a nice treat to oneself - especially when you remember how much of an old pillow's weight is made up of skin cells and dust mite faeces and carcasses!! �� I also always use a fairly heavyweight pillow protector between the pillow and pillowcase which is much more hygienic and vastly improves the lifespan of one's new pillows!

  9. I am making a Christmas quilt, shams and valances to match and a decorative pillow. Hope to have it done before THanksgiving.

  10. thank you Jennifer for that pillow case trick, your husband had a great idea! We use My Pillows in our house, they were a gift, also use Pima Jacquard liners, they protect the pillows from stains.

  11. Great tip! All of your beds are so beautiful! Love how you mix all the different colors and patterns.

  12. Love your bedding! Great tips!

  13. You have everyone sold on the pillowcase trick- genius!! Love how you added the ornaments above your bed- that is TOO cute!!!

  14. What did you use to paint the trim on your doors gold in the kitchen picture? Thanks!

    1. I'm pretty sure I just used a metallic gold acrylic paint (the kind in the small plastic bottles at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars) and did 2-3 coats. If I were doing it now, I'd use the Martha Steward Liquid gold leaf (small jar at Michaels). It does pretty well with just one coat coverage.


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