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Monday, October 16, 2017


I'm switching up my Fall decor a bit this year (finally getting around to decorating!).  Seeing a big trend with embroidery hoop floral wreaths lately, I thought this season was the perfect opportunity to try one out!

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This project could not be easier, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  I used an 18" hoop and you only need one of the two pieces, so save the other for another project or make this with a friend!  I also used some dried bundles of wheat and cotton, and a faux greenery bush that I liked the shape and texture of.  You'll also need some floral wire or pipe cleaners.

Separate bunches into smaller groups and trim the ends.  I didn't want my wreath to be too full, so just a few stems and sprigs were sufficient.

After wiring the wheat bunch together (those stalks tend to want to slip loose if you don't), wire it tightly to the hoop.

Keep layering and wiring tightly in an arrangement that pleases you.

When finished you'll have lots of wire wrapped around your hoop to keep everything secure.

I had a space left in the center where my bunches came together, so I covered it with a bow.  If bows aren't your thing, it would be nice to add a few mini pumpkins, acorns, or fall colored leaves.  If you don't want any extra adornment, just wire your bunches close enough together so there is no space left in the middle, layering pieces carefully so cut stem ends are covered.

I hung the wreath with fishing line, and since it's a little heavier on the side and tends to want to not hang correctly, I used a piece of sticky putty behind the left side to secure it and keep it from sliding around.

fall wreath, hoop wreath, cotton stems, wheat bundles, blue front door,

I'm getting the rest of my porch decorated, can't wait to show it to you this week!

Sherwin Williams Dignity Blue, Fall Wreath, hoop wreath, blue front door

hoop wreath, fall wreath, diy wreath, fall decorations, fall porch decorations

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  1. i love how this turned out- the modern shape mixed with the natural vibe and your signature touch of color and buffalo check!

  2. Great idea and perfect realization!

  3. So cute! I have to say that I LOVE the plaid pumpkin you showed on IG. Went right out and bought supplies to make one. Mine didn't turn out as cute as yours but it was a fun project. With all the "neutral lovers" out there, your happy, colorful house is always a joy to look at! Happy Fall...

  4. Jennifer, this turned out fantastic! I love the clean lines, and yet allows for all manor of adornment. I can see one for Christmas in our home. Thanks for continuing to inspire!

  5. Beautiful! I love the wreath. You did a fabulous job on it and it is definitely one of my favorites. Have a blessed day!


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