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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


My blog friends Pam of Simple DetailsLisa of Shine Your LightKris of Driven by Decor and I are back today (and the first Tuesday of every month) for this month's feature of My Favorite Five.  Today we're sharing our favorite ways to decorate for Spring.

This month we're so happy to have Sherry from Design Indulgence with us as our guest host.  I've been following Sherry's blog for years...  I just might want to be a "real" designer like her when I grow up.  ;)  Her Dining Room from last year's One Room Challenge was absolute perfection.  Be sure to visit Sherry and learn her favorite ways to decorate for Spring today, too!


Every Spring I itch for the day that the ferns come in at Lowe's.  Even if it's technically too early to be safe from a freeze,  I leave them in their plastic pots for now and just drop them in the container.  That way, if I need to pull them in at night if a freeze is possible, it's easy to do that and bring them back out the next day.  There's nothing better than instant green at the front door!


Fresh flowers are a sure thing for Spring decor, but I also like to use budding branches.

And it's ok to use a few faux stems if you don't have access to pretty budding branches... I won't tell!  Mixing in some real branches from your yard with them will give a more realistic appearance.


I like to change up the plates on display in my china cabinet seasonally.  The Blue Willow feels fresh and happy for Spring and Summer.


This one made an appearance in last month's My Favorite Five as well, but I love to put out big bowls of fresh fruit for Spring.


It's a no brainer, but how could I not include switching out pillows for Spring? I tucked away the black and white and the leopard pillows and rotated in bright and cheery for the season- or at least for this week.  ;)

What are your favorite ways to decorate for Spring?  I'd love to know in the comments!  Be sure to head over to Simple DetailsShine Your LightDriven by Decor, and Design Indulgence to check out their 5 favorite accessories too!

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  1. Looks like we both have the same ideas:) I just threw away my dead ferns at the front door yesterday.....hahaha

  2. All are gorgeous. Love those ferns and of course all your fabulous pillows. Can't wait to see your Spring Tour

  3. spring branches are always my favorite!

  4. Your home lends itself so well to spring decorating! Those bright and cheery colors and the green that you gravitate towards are perfect! Great idea to mix faux branches in with some real ones....I will definitely do that.....not much is blooming in my yard quite yet!!

  5. Girl, your photography is amazing - I was drooling over each and every photo! And I'm so loving your tip about mixing in faux with real branches - I found some inexpensive curly willow branches out and about last week but didn't pick them up because I wanted something with flowers mixed in. I'll have to go back and get them and try your trick!

  6. Spring branches are one of my faves too, and ours aren't budding yet, so the mixing in faux tip is perfect! Those pink candelabras look so pretty against the green in your gorgeous dining room! :)

  7. OHMYGOSH!!! That long pillow is FAB!!! You don't know how many of your pillow pics I have pinned!

  8. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for the tips!!

  9. Great tips Jennifer. Your home just pops with cheer and joy!

  10. Jennifer, can you tell me what the paint is for the blue birds and elephant? You may have mentioned this in a previous blog, but I'm a recent follower. Something to think about--Just getting a design degree/"pedigree" doesn't necessarily mean you have talent or "the eye." What a person may lack is study as to design theory/history, etc. But, you can be self-taught, especially when you soak in all design related info like a sponge and with the internet making everything you want to know available. I was told this by a published, known designer when I worked for him. He even said I had "hands-on" experience in most every part of design, something he didn't have. It was high praise for me. You are very talented and certainly capture the design hearts of many!

  11. I always love seeing all your color. The blue willow in the china cabinet is just gorgeous and those ferns on the porch are fabulous! I have to use your idea of mixing in live branches with the artificial. I never thought to do that. Great tips!

  12. Looking nice. I like this decorations. Thank for your ideas.

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