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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Happy Wednesday everybody!  I'm locking myself in the house today and getting some chores done that have been SO neglected...piles of laundry (all clean, just need to be folded and put away), shuffling tables, putting away stains and poly and supplies, and getting my kitchen under control.  Does everything around your house go crazy when you're in project mode too?  Thank goodness my sweet family doesn't bat an eye.

But first, I have a quick, fun craft project to share with you.  If you've spent any time in blogland at all, you know that gold foil prints are all the rage.  Stephanie Creekmur makes some especially fun ones.  I think we all fell for her "Hey Y'all!" print when Kristin showcased it so beautifully in her Room Service Atlanta project.  I wanted to order one, but had a specific frame that I wanted it for, and it was an odd size.  I also didn't want to use glass, so I needed something heavier for the frame.

I already had all of the supplies, so I got out some scrap white mat board and cut it to size.  After playing with a few fonts on the computer, I printed out the words I wanted, sized to fit the frame. Apparently I had a random scrap piece of paper in the printer...but it didn't matter.  (If you want to download those cute gift tags, click here.) 

Then, I used this super tip from Makely and some newspaper to transfer an outline of the words to the mat board.

Finally, I used Krylon's gold leaf pen to fill in my letters.  I found that long straight strokes worked best.

After mounting the mat board with some trusty glazier points, it was ready to go!  

Not as pretty as the original, but it works, and fits just right in my fun frame.  

You might remember that I picked this up from the same place I bought my new nightstands while going on a Craiglist run.  We think maybe it used to have a clock face in it, it's not really a typical photo frame.  And, as hard as I've tried to weed out the red from my decor over the past few years, this guy was begging for a glossy red paint job. 

I added it to my chalkboard wall in the kitchen, and am working to add a few more things to make that little space function better.  Hope to show you more soon!

This was a really fun project, and I've already got my eye on my oval antique gold frame for another DIY print.

If you love the original and want to purchase a print ready made, visit Stephanie's store.  I especially love this dad used to say it all the time.

Stephanie Creekmur

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  1. I adore that little tool! It's worth it's weight in gold!!!!

  2. So fun! I'm sure it makes you smile every time you pass by!

  3. I love how yours came out, especially in that frame!! And I say Hold Your Horses all the time too, I think your dad and I would get along just great :)

  4. Cute Jennifer :) Fun to see how you copied that print! Good idea! xo Kristin

  5. LOve it all. The frame and color is amazing too!

  6. This is genius. I loved it when I saw it on Kristen's blog. Looks great!

  7. So fun! I love anything high gloss and that frame is perfect in red!

  8. Looks fantastic! Of course, I LOVE the red frame. I have one of these prints and will show you where I hung it soon. :)


  9. So cute. I love those gold leaf pens. Yes, my home gets trashed when I work on a project. Oh well!

  10. seriously awesome! love the glossy red frame against the chalkboard wall and love the lettering!

  11. This is so cute! Love the red framing around it!

    House Envy

  12. Why haven't I ever heard of this Krylon Gold Leaf pen before!?! I Love the gold quote prints that are popping up and I love that you used a clock frame...So pretty!


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